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Minimalist vs Maximalist Jewellery

Minimalist vs Maximalist Jewellery

After covering watches, we now extend our debate to minimalist vs maximalist jewellery. Jewellery poses a whole new set of challenges than watches, in that it comes in so many different forms. As a result, this only muddies the water of an already complicated dispute. So to overcome this, today, we will directly compare maximalist pieces to their minimalist counterpart. But first of all, what’s the difference between the two? 

Maximalist Jewellery 

Characterised by the principle of excess, maximalist jewellery is unmissable when worn. Be it through their size, colour, or just sheer abstractness, maximalist pieces can instantly transform the tone of your look. They’re perfect for making a statement or brightening up a simple outfit, as well as encouraging experimentation with your style. 

Whilst maximalism has no set roots in history, its often thought to be a retaliation against the constraints of minimalism. As a result, maximalism really can take any form. 

Minimalist Jewellery 

Both the definition and origins of minimalism are more rigid than those of maximalism. Rooted in the 1930s, minimalism hit peak popularity in the 1960s and is orientated around the “less is more” mantra. However, this principle is not as limiting as you may assume. Historically, these parameters have pushed designers to think even further outside the box to create stylish functionality. 

Although minimalist jewellery doesn’t create the same impact as maximalism, this is part of its beauty. Minimalist pieces are great for elevating an outfit without overwhelming or detracting from it. In this way, minimalist jewellery is the perfect versatile accompaniment to a whole host of styles. 

Now that we have reinforced this distinction, let’s get stuck into our Minimalist vs Maximalist Jewellery breakdown. 

Minimalist vs Maximalist Jewellery


Minimalist vs Maximalist Jewellery

Maximalist: Buddha To Buddha Multi Chain Nathalie Bracelet Silver 124 Size E 001J011240105

Trendy Buddha to Buddha is renowned for its spiritually-motivated and unapologetically bold designs, and this 32mm Nathalie bracelet is no exception. Embodying a sense of interconnectivity, the bracelet features seven stylish link chains layered together into one maximalist design. All the chains are of varying weights and styles, which gives the bracelet its effortlessly contemporary look. At the back, they fasten securely with a box lock that features the brand’s logo. Made completely from sterling silver, the Nathalie is incredibly durable and perfect for everyday wear. 

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance and layered maximalist look, then the Nathalie is a clear winner. Moreover, as all Buddha to Buddha products are handmade in Bali, no two products are identical. As a result, the bracelet you will receive will be completely unique to you.  

– VS –

Minimalist: Olivia Burton Gold-Plated Pearl Cluster Bracelet 24100069

Up against Buddha to Buddha’s Nathalie is this dainty Olivia Burton piece. Inspired by vintage heirlooms, this more minimalistic bracelet features a singular gold-plated chain. Adding some subtle ornamentation to its delicate chain are three pearl clusters. Each cluster features a trio of petite shining pearls, which beautifully balances out the lightweight design. As a result, it’s the perfect versatile piece that is bound to elevate any outfit. 

In terms of finishing touches, it fastens with a spring ring but its size is adjustable through a sliding closure. Although unusual, this hybrid of clasps is incredibly convenient. Unlike just having one or the other, you can take your bracelet on and off without losing your preferred size. The perfect well-designed touch to a beautifully elegant piece, there is lots to love about this Olivia Burton. 


Maximalist: Thomas Sabo Royalty Stars Gold Plated Necklace 40-45 Cm KE2118-963-7-L45V

Next up is our minimalist vs maximalist necklace showdown. Representing the maximalist side is this gorgeous Thomas Sabo. Its cosmically beautiful design features seven dazzling star-shaped pendants, the largest of which sits at the centre. Each one is handcrafted and exhibits a variety of sparkling stones, from deep blue sandstones to purple cubic zirconia crystals. In addition to the main pendants, there is also an embellished star disc on the necklace’s extension chain.

Beneath the maximalist centrepiece of the design is a dainty gold chain. It’s made from sterling silver with 18k yellow gold plating, making the piece both visually impressive and incredibly high-quality. Moreover, for added size versatility, the necklace can be fastened at 40, 42.5, and 45 cm. As a result, you can create an endless amount of looks with this necklace!

– VS –

Minimalist vs Maximalist Jewellery

Minimalist: ChloBo Delicate Cube Chain Sunflower Necklace Sterling Silver SNDC3200

Its opponent is this blossoming ChloBo necklace. Along its delicate 925 sterling silver cube chain is a graceful sunflower charm. Upon closer look, it boasts an incredible amount of detail and captures the bud blooming. With its summery undertones, the pendant is quintessential for the warmer months. 

Our favourite thing about ChloBo jewellery in general is its spiritual meaning. Designed to rest upon the heart, the sentiment behind this piece is to remind you to ‘live freely’. With its heartwarming meaningfulness, this ChloBo only demonstrates how jewellery doesn’t have to be loud to hold a sense of power. In addition to its significance, its minimalism also makes it very versatile. Dress it up or down, wear it layered or alone, it’s the perfect accompaniment to enhance any look. Summery, symbolic and subtly stunning, this ChloBo is bound to win hearts.


Minimalist vs Maximalist Jewellery

Maximalist: Fossil Ring Watch (15mm) Rose Gold Dial / Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Band ES5247

Now we make our way to the battle of the rings! In the maximalist corner, we have this intriguing Fossil piece. Bridging the gap between watches and jewellery, at the centre of this ring is a fully functional watch face. 

Framed by a serrated bezel, the watch features the same all-over rose gold colour scheme as the ring itself. Upon it are small baton indices as well as matching hour and minute hands. It rests on a chunky rose gold-tone stainless steel band, which is adjustable to fit any ring size. Also available in silver and gold, we think this Fossil piece is paving the way for a more mainstream ring watch trend to come. It’s unlike anything we have seen before, so there really is no better way to make a maximalist jewellery statement. 

– VS –

Minimalist: IBB 9ct Yellow Gold Wave Ring 0.016ct Diamond Chip Ring 1.84.417Y

To contrast it, our next Minimalist vs Maximalist jewellery contender is this wavey ring. Crafted from 9k yellow gold, its high-quality build is just one of its many attractions. It puts a contemporary twist on the classic minimalist gold band by incorporating a wave texture. To form its centrepiece, one of the waves features 0.016ct round-cut diamonds to give the ring its dazzling finish.

Minimalist through and through, its warm tone and shimmering focal point make it the perfect piece to complement any of your other everyday jewellery. We really love the subversion of the classic diamond ring and the level of attention to detail this piece exhibits. 


Maximalist: Swarovski Florere Stud Earrings Asymmetrical Design Flower Pink Gold-tone Plated 5650561

Last but by no means least, we have our earring round. Being so close to your face, earrings are the perfect piece of jewellery to make an unmissable statement through. And, in particular, we think these Swarovski earrings are up to the task. 

Set with an array of pretty pink Swarovski crystals, each earring features a flamboyant two-piece design. Both pieces resemble the shape of a petal, with the front piece sitting on top of the lobe and the back piece behind the ear. Secured to the ear with a post and pushback closure, these earrings are brilliant for adding a touch of maximalist luxury to your style. 

– VS –

Minimalist vs Maximalist Jewellery

Minimalist: Skagen Women’s Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Drop Earrings SKJ1212998

Our final minimalist counterparts are these beautiful two-tone Skagen earrings. With their drop-style design, they demonstrate how jewellery can retain its minimalist principles whilst also making a statement. Moreover, it exemplifies the genius level of design skill required for minimalist pieces. Composed of just one piece of wire-shaped stainless steel, the design thread effortlessly through the ear. For some added dimension, the front part has a peachy rose gold-tone coating, whilst the portion behind the ear remains silver. 

At 36.5mm in length, each earring is the perfect size to create an elegant yet understated impression when worn. Classically beautiful, we love how such a simplistic design can contribute so impactfully to your look. 

So, now we come to the important bit. What’s your verdict on the Minimalist vs Maximalist Jewellery debate? Is there a clear overall winner for you? Let us know below!

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