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Garmin Releases tactix® 7 AMOLED Edition

Garmin Releases tactix® 7 AMOLED Edition

Complete with a specialised adaptive colour display, the Garmin tactix 7 series returns with an all-new AMOLED edition! Practical and functional, the rugged tactix 7 is ideal for those who lead a dynamic and adventurous lifestyle. With its premium GPS and extensive multisports capabilities, the model has long been a favourite amongst outdoorsy types. Now, following the popularity of the standard and Pro, and Pro Ballistics editions, the new AMOLED tactix 7 fuses the well-loved features of its predecessors with an even better quality display. Read on for more about the improved features of the new Garmin tactix® 7 AMOLED Edition releases. 

Garmin Tactix 7 AMOLED Edition Black Nylon Silicone Strap (010-02931-01)

Garmin Releases tactix® 7 AMOLED Edition

Dial and Case

Garmin Releases tactix® 7 AMOLED Edition

Of course, the stand-out feature on this new model is its 1.4” adaptive AMOLED display. Like the other tactix 7 models, it’s accompanied by traditional button controls in addition to its touchscreen display for even quicker access to different selections. But, it comes equipped with night vision compatibility as well as a red shift mode. So, if you’re out adventuring, this latter mode changes the display’s tones to red to acclimatise you to darker conditions. Additionally, on a daily basis, this can reduce sleep-cycle disturbance for better quality rest too. If that wasn’t enough, the AMOLED screen’s brightness is easily adjustable to a level that’s most comfortable for you. 

In classic tactix style, this new piece excels durability-wise. Offering maximum protection to the display is a mighty fibre-reinforced polymer case with a titanium rear cover. Additionally, a titanium bezel encircles the display and offers another shield against accidental damage. But don’t just take our word for it. The watch actually meets the MIL-STD-810 military standards for thermal, shock and water performance. 

Garmin Releases tactix® 7 AMOLED Edition

Functions and Finishing Touches 

In addition to its new display, the tactix 7 AMOLED has lots to offer functionally. For instance, advanced training and performance tracking, stamina metrics, comprehensive health monitoring and a multitude of built-in sports applications all allow you to keep a close eye on your fitness journey. But more impressively, as well as all your classic sports attributes, the tactix 7 AMOLED boasts an abundance of unique military-inspired abilities too. These include stealth mode, which stops sharing your GPS position, and even a kill switch to wipe your device of all data when under security threat. The Applied Ballistics® solver also comes pre-installed and can be activated through the  AB Synapse™ smartphone app. Moreover, extra tactical features like the green and white LED flashlight, dual-position location formatting, projected waypoints, hunt activity and the jumpmaster mode further extend the watch’s ability to keep you vigilant. 

Thanks to its high-precision multi-band GPS, this new model also benefits from state-of-the-art navigational functions. Its preloaded TopoActive maps help you traverse foreign territory, whilst the SatIQ technology maintains outstanding positioning accuracy without sacrificing battery life. Meanwhile, golf maps and SkiView maps mean you can even benefit from the tactix 7’s GPS functionality during your leisure time. 

This piece is also a great everyday partner. In smartwatch mode, its battery lasts up to 31 days. With the help of its inbuilt Power Manager, the watch also optimises its performance in relation to its battery capacity. As a result, it opens up space for other daily utilities like smart notifications and GarminPay. 

Finally, an ergonomic black nylon and silicone strap tops off the design and is perfect for everyday comfort. 

Impressed with the new Garmin tactix® 7 AMOLED Edition releases? Let us know below!

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