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How to Create a Layered Anklet Look

How to Create a Layered Anklet Look

Anklet season is nigh! Whether you’re having a staycation or on a sunny beach this August, there’s no better time than now to experiment with your anklet look. Ideal for a summer holiday, layered anklets are the perfect way to give your summertime look a beachy and bohemian vibe. But, if you’re unsure of where to start, don’t worry. Today, we have put together a guide of tips and tricks on how to create a layered anklet look. 

Our Quick Tips and Tricks on How to Create a Layered Anklet Look

1. Combine different styles using a base piece as a guideline 

Anklets are one of the most playful pieces of jewellery, so don’t be afraid to mix different styles together! To start, we recommend building outwards from a centrepiece anklet. This could be a bolder piece with charms and more extensive detailing, or just your favourite chunky design. Either way, it’s far easier to have a base in mind before starting to find complementary pieces. 

Now that you have done the hardest part, it’s time to have fun and pick your supplementary pieces. But don’t be fooled into thinking they have to resemble the style of your base. Whilst matching the styles of your anklets does create a cohesive look, it can be limiting. Besides, it’s always best to be experimental and branch out of your comfort zone for a jewellery look that stands out. Combine gold and silver, coloured beads with plain metal, snake chains with cable chains… there’s no rule book! In fact, the more experimental you get with style combinations, the more dynamic the resultant look will be. All you have to do is ensure that it feels right to you and brings out the best in your centrepiece. 

2. Less is more 

That being said, our only word of warning is to not get carried away with lots of different pieces. Generally speaking, a two or three-piece look is definitely the sweet spot, but stick to four as the absolute maximum. With any more pieces, the look can become oversaturated and turn into a pulp of colour and metal around your foot. If you’ve invested time and money into your anklet journey, this would be a particular shame as the individual pieces would not be as visible.

How to Create a Layered Anklet Look

3. Find your perfect fit

After you have your curated anklet selection, it’s now time to consider how they will fit. Some people prefer a tighter-fitting anklet that stays put. On the other hand, some prefer a loose anklet that grazes the top of their foot. We recommend trying both out, as you might find some of your styles work better tighter and others looser. The good thing is that most anklets are adjustable, which gives you the flexibility to change your look whenever you please. You just have to make sure it’s comfortable for you!

In terms of ordering the pieces on the ankle, again, there are really no set rules. Particularly as every anklet and intended look is different, trial and error is the best protocol for determining your order. However, for those opting to wear heavier pieces loosely, it’s advisable to put them at the bottom of the stack. This is because its weight will pull it down further than others, potentially causing it to eclipse other pieces. So, just be careful with those heavier pieces!

4. Don’t neglect the practicalities!

Our last tip is a more practical one. Just like with other jewellery, it’s important to consider your anklets’ metals in relation to when you will wear them. Many metals, particularly alloys, don’t survive well on the beach due to the corrosive nature of seawater. Although more resistant, even higher quality metals like silver and gold aren’t advisable to wear for swimming in the sea. This is because, with repeated exposure to saltwater, soft metals like silver and gold can age and dull quicker. Consequently, it’s best to take them off before swimming or opt for a more durable metal instead. 

But, if you’re not an avid open-water swimmer, silver and gold are good options for everyday wear. Additionally, they will retain their colour far better than alloys, so your layered anklet look can last you summer after summer. 

Now that you know how to create a layered anklet look, here are some recommendations to start you off with your anklet sourcing process.

How to Create a Layered Anklet Look

Three Look Recommendations 

Look 1: ChloBo Positive Vibes Anklet Gold Plated Sterling Silver GAN800 with Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charming Blue and White Beaded Anklet AK0039-775-7-L27V

How to Create a Layered Anklet Look

Gold and blue is a classic combination, so we love this gold ChloBo piece in conjunction with the blue-beaded Thomas Sabo. 

Along its 18-karat gold-plated chain, the ChloBo anklet features gold beads and assorted charms. To completely balance you spiritually, each charm has a different motif to reflect each of the seven chakras. At the back, it has a lobster clasp fastening and an extension chain for added size versatility. A beautifully bohemian piece made with high-quality materials, this ChloBo is definitely one of our favourites.  

To complement it, this Thomas Sabo is the perfect piece. Threaded onto it are petite sea blue, turquoise and white beads to inject some oceanic colour into your anklet look. If you’re not sure what size anklet you need, the sizing is also very versatile. The anklet itself measures 27cm in length but is adjustable to various points between 22cm and 27cm. All in all, this anklet is simply a gorgeous companion to any gold piece. 

Look 2: Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charming Double Chain Crystal Set Anklet AK0040-051-14-L27V with ChloBo Calming Sun Peach Moonstone Anklet SANPM

For a more silver-tone look, we also love this Charm Club and beaded ChloBo coalition. 

How to Create a Layered Anklet Look

The first piece, the Thomas Sabo Charm Club anklet, is made from sterling silver. Its double-chain design automatically gives you a layered look, so it’s an ideal piece to be worn alone too. Along the first chain, there is a petite cubic zirconia-set charm, as well as a heart. The same charms feature on the second chain, but this time the heart is also set with a white crystal. Like its predecessor, it also is adjustable between the lengths of 22cm to 27cm and fastens with a lobster clasp. With its subtle but dazzling appearance, this piece will look beautiful in the summer sun. 

We then recommend pairing it with this beautiful peach moonstone anklet from ChloBo. Interspersed with textured silver beads, the warmth of the peach moonstone beads introduces a beautiful contrast to its silver base. Whilst we love it with silver pieces, the beauty of its contrasting colours is that it’s easily pairable with gold too. 

Look 3: James Moore TH Silver Rolo Bead Chain Anklet G1365/10 with ChloBo Mixed Metal Dainty Mini Disc Pumpkin Anklet GMANMDP and with James Moore TH Silver Flat Snake Chain Anklet 10″ G1384/10

Our final look suggestion is for those who want a more metallic-based look. Combining three anklets this time, we love this James Moore and ChloBo hybrid look. 

How to Create a Layered Anklet Look

Timelessly beautiful, the first piece of the look is this James Moore piece. Made with shining sterling silver, it features petite rolo beads along its delicate chain for added dimension. At the back, it fastens with a secure spring ring. A simplistically stylish piece with a textured edge to it, it’s a great supplementary piece to a whole range of anklet styles. 

Second up, we have this dual-tone ChloBo anklet. Along its chain are gold pumpkin beads of various sizes which gives it its beachy bohemian feel. Although it’s predominantly made from 18-carat gold-plated sterling silver, it also has silver bead detailing. As a result, we think it beautifully ties in the silver of the other two pieces in the look. 

Lastly, this James Moore piece demonstrates how anklets don’t always have to be dainty. Its flat snake chain is both comfortable to wear whilst making an unmissable statement when worn. Additionally, its chunky appearance adds a refreshing contemporary edge to the classical delicate beaded anklets. The ideal focal piece of any look, this James Moore is bold without being overbearing. 

And that rounds up our guide on how to create a layered anklet look for today. We hope that our tips and tricks helped you out!

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