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Why Buy Platinum Jewellery?

Why Buy Platinum Jewellery?

Amid the gold vs silver jewellery debate, we raise you platinum jewellery! A naturally occurring white metal, platinum has a distinctive and highly desirable white lustre. Its widespread use in jewellery was only popularised in the late 19th century, mainly by jewellers like Tiffany and Cartier. As these latter names may imply, platinum has historically been expensive. In fact, primarily due to its purity and weight, it’s even more expensive than gold. However, even though it has many redeemable qualities, many customers are immediately put off by the hefty price tag. So, why buy platinum jewellery? And is it worth it? Today we have condensed the advantages of platinum jewellery into three principal reasons why platinum is a worthwhile jewellery choice.

Three Reasons to Buy Platinum Jewellery

1. It’s rarer than gold

In fact, it’s 30 times rarer than gold. Although it may seem irrelevant, its rarity is a very good reason why platinum is worth it. After all, it’s only human nature to want to stand out from the crowd and own something extra-special. As platinum pieces are harder to come by, the jewellery will feel even more beloved when you do have it. In turn, this only adds an extra layer of sentimentality. Be it a gift to a loved one or a gift to yourself, the loving gesture of gifting a more uncommon type of jewellery only makes an already valuable piece even more valuable.

2. Its ages beautifully

Platinum is actually one of the stronger precious metals. In comparison to gold, it’s very dense and therefore much more durable. To this end, platinum’s strength also makes it an ideal choice over gold for setting crystals onto a piece.

Having said that, just like the other precious metals, it is quite soft. On the Mohs hardness scale, it’s only 3.5. This does mean that it is susceptible to scratches. However, for many, these scratches give the jewellery a desirable vintage look. Indeed, many agree that platinum looks better with this wear and this aged patina is very sought after.

Moreover, it’s worth pointing out that when platinum is scratched, it does not lose any metal and the existing metal is simply moved. Additionally, even with this wear, you can take your piece to a jeweller to restore it to a ‘newer’ appearance.

3. It’s hypoallergenic and purer than other precious metals

Did you know that 14-karat gold is actually only 58.3% actual gold, and 18-karat gold is only 75%? Anything above these karats becomes tricky to work with jewellery-wise, particularly in relation to gemstone settings. This is because solid gold is too soft and therefore relies on being mixed with other metals to strengthen it. Often, gold is alloyed with less precious metals such as copper, nickel, iron and zinc. Against platinum’s impressive 90%-95% purity, gold’s value certainly pales in comparison. So, even though it may cost more upfront, you are getting more precious metal for your money with platinum.

But the advantage of having a higher purity goes beyond just being a point of principle. For example, many people have a sensitivity to nickel, a metal commonly alloyed with gold. So, wearing a gold ring alloyed with it can severely irritate the skin beneath and make it uncomfortable to wear. Whereas, thanks to its significantly higher purity, platinum does not contain any nickel. Consequently, platinum is definitely an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or known allergies.

If we have convinced of why you should buy platinum jewellery, check out some recommendations we have already picked from our website for you below.

Our Platinum Picks

Pre-owned Tanzanite & Diamond Three Stone Platinum Trilogy Ring J97765

Why Buy Platinum Jewellery?

For a beautiful pop of colour, our first suggestion is this pre-owned platinum ring. Forming the centrepiece of the design is the violet-blue tanzanite stone. Even rarer than diamonds, tanzanite is highly sought after and has a stunningly mysterious lustre to it. In this piece, it sits beautifully between two round-cut white diamonds which only enhance its deep violet-blue hue. The three stones are then set onto a slim platinum band that will ensure the ring can be passed down for generations. Made to fit a ring size of G or H, this one-of-a-kind piece would make the most treasured gift for a special someone.

LM Platinum Half Eternity 0.25ct Diamond Ring SL9563

Simplistic yet effortlessly elegant, this platinum half-eternity ring is one of our favourite understated platinum pieces. It’s set with petite diamonds across its front half, so the ring gently glistens in the light. The slim build of the band means it’s not overbearing on the hand, but exudes a quietly confident glamour instead. In this instance, we also particularly love the use of platinum. After all, what’s more symbolic of eternal love than a ring that will last for an eternity?

James Moore TH 20″ Platinum Women’s Curb Chain CP105/20

Why Buy Platinum Jewellery?

For more of an everyday platinum staple, we recommend this James Moore chain. Curb chains feature flattened links, meaning that they are slim and very easily pairable with other necklaces and pendants. This particular necklace measures a versatile 20 inches in length, which should sit in the middle of the chest. Indeed, the beauty of it is that it can withstand much more wear than an ordinary silver or gold chain. So, whether you pair it with your favourite pendants or leave it as a minimalist piece, this platinum curb chain is a worthwhile investment which is sure to outlive many of your other favourite pieces.

LM Platinum Diamond 2.96 Total 3 Row Baguette And Round Ring SL9044(PT)

The final one of our favourite platinum picks is definitely the showstopper. Set with three rows of diamonds, this ring will become an unmissable part of your jewellery look. The first and third rows each feature several classic round-cut diamonds. Meanwhile, the second row is slightly recessed and features baguette-cut diamonds instead, adding depth to the design. To support the design, a thick platinum band ensures that the ring sits firmly and proudly on the hand. With its striking sparkle and bold appearance, this beautiful piece is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

And so, that concludes our list for today. We hope our reasoning behind why you should buy platinum jewellery helped you make your decision. However, if you would like to browse even more platinum pieces, check out our full range here.

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