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Introducing Buddha To Buddha to First Class Watches

Introducing Buddha To Buddha

Here at First Class Watches, we are excited to announce that we will now be stocking a new jewellery brand. Introducing: Buddha to Buddha!

Buddha to Buddha is a Dutch jewellery brand based in Amsterdam. For 25 years, the brand has specialised in creating premium jewellery using the highest quality materials. In particular, Buddha to Buddha specialises in chunky chain pieces, designed for both men and women. Each piece is hand-crafted, which takes anywhere from one to three days. Although this seems lengthy, the brand seeks to prioritise quality and soul over quantity. Indeed, in a world full of mass-produced products and next-day delivery, this commitment is certainly a refreshing take.

The Story of Buddha To Buddha

The brand’s story begins in South East Asia, where founder Batul Loomans was embarking on a meditative journey. In 1997, Loomans began sketching out ideas for solid chain bracelets. He sought to bring something to life that would represent a meaningful connection between two souls, as well as something that had a heavy weight to “ground” its wearer. Taking these sketches to a local silversmith, Loomans birthed both the brand and its first-ever product. This bracelet is still in Buddha to Buddha’s portfolio today, and is known as the ‘Batul’.

However, Buddha to Buddha is more than just a jewellery brand. It also intends to inspire a lifestyle that embraces consciousness and goes against the grain of fast-paced living. The time taken over each handmade piece reflects this, whilst also intending to break the cycle of instant gratification. Moreover, by being hand-crafted with an abundance of passion and skill, the brand believes each piece is given its own soul.

Buddha To Buddha’s Premium Quality

Part of Buddha to Buddha’s philosophy is creating high-quality jewellery, so every piece uses either 925 sterling silver or 14-carat gold. 925 sterling silver is often referred to as ‘pure silver’, but it’s actually even better. Actual pure silver is 99.9% silver, which is very soft and therefore not ideal for everyday wear. The name ‘925’ sterling silver refers to the fact it’s 92.5% pure silver, which has been strengthened with another metal. So, 925 sterling silver is the purest form of silver that is durable enough to weather everyday wear. As a result, you can be guaranteed you will receive an incredibly high-quality product.

Already a huge hit abroad, we predict that Buddha to Buddha’s popularity will soon skyrocket here in the U.K too. Today, we will be introducing Buddha to Buddha and taking a look at some of our favourite picks from the brand.

Our Recommendations

From pendants to chunky chains, there is a Buddha to Buddha piece for everyone. To give you more of a visual introduction to the brand, we have put together this varied list of recommendations.

Introducing Buddha To Buddha

The Ultimate Chunky Chain Bracelet: Buddha To Buddha Nathalie Bracelet Sterling Silver 210 Size F 001J012100102

Starting off strong with a signature Buddha to Buddha chain bracelet, this is the Nathalie. Bracelets in the brand’s collection come in several sizes, which start at C for a wrist circumference of 14cm, up to a G for a wrist circumference of 21cm. Part of the Heritage collection, this Nathalie comes in a size F, but we also stock other sizes too. This is the Nathalie Small’s bigger cousin, but we particularly like this one for its bold and unapologetic 25mm width. Both smooth and tough, the bracelet’s distinctively woven links are solid 925 sterling silver. Fastening it to the wrist is a box lock, which ensures it stays secure. The lock is also engraved with the brand’s logo as an added detail. An unmissable statement piece, the Nathalie will look stunning both on its own and with accompanying pieces.

A Beaded Bracelet For Inner Healing: Buddha To Buddha Spirit Bead Mini Onyx Bracelet Sterling Silver 189ON Size E 001J011891505

For a less weighted piece of wristwear, we also recommend this Spirit Bead Mini Onyx bracelet. It takes its inspiration from prayer beads, reimagined to fit Buddha to Buddha’s iconic style. Made from Black Onyx, the bracelet’s gemstone beads are both aesthetically versatile and symbolic. Black Onyx is said to provide support and strength in the face of adversity, helping you to persevere through it. For added stylistic flair, interspersing the Black Onyx are sterling silver beads, which match the sterling silver fastening. Both subtle but stunning on closer inspection, this Black Onyx piece is a standout for us.

Introducing Buddha To Buddha

The Buddha to Buddha Basic: Buddha To Buddha Buddha XS Pendant Only Sterling Silver 662 001K096620000

Our Introducing Buddha to Buddha list would not be complete without an actual Buddha pendant. To add to an existing necklace you have or, preferably, a classic Buddha to Buddha chain, we recommend the Buddha XS pendant. Measuring 10.5 mm in length and 13.5mm in width, this jolly Buddha embodies the essence of the brand. Although it’s petite, the pendant is 925 sterling silver to ensure that you can wear it every day. To give the pendant its charming minute details, it features oxidised contouring. Oozing happiness, joy and positivity, the Buddha pendant is the ideal companion to any chain.

Sleek, Strong and Striking: Buddha To Buddha Ketting Essential Mix Silver and Leather Necklace Black 691 60cm 001J046914000

A chain that would pair perfectly with the Buddha pendant is this Ketting necklace. We particularly like it for its straight-to-the-point design with a contemporary edge to it. The centrepiece of the design is the 925 sterling silver portion, which rests on the chest when worn. Around a third of the way up the necklace, the chain changes to a woven black leather design. The dual-tone design makes it a real eye-catcher that is bound to stand out in a layered necklace look. Moreover, its versatile 600mm length means that it suits any gender. However, due to the leather used in the design, the brand does note that it can be a little stiff to start with, which is why pairing it with a pendant is perfect to keep it hanging in place.

Introducing Buddha To Buddha

Effortlessly Edgy: Buddha To Buddha Triple Mini Necklace Sterling Silver 450 001J044500100

Last but by no means least is the Triple Mini necklace. Expertly curated by the brand’s finest designers, this necklace combines different weights to create a hassle-free accessory look. The 925 sterling silver necklace combines three of the best-selling Buddha to Buddha chains, namely the Barbara, the Ellen, and the George. For the sake of ease, these chains all join at the clasp and fasten as one. Gorgeous with an everyday look, we love this Triple Mini piece for its dynamic look and easy locking mechanism.

As a newly official retailer of Buddha to Buddha jewellery, we have an even larger selection of pieces to browse here.

After introducing Buddha to Buddha to our website, we want to hear which of its pieces has caught your eye. Let us know your favourites in the comments below!

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