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Men’s Jewellery for Summer Styling

Men's Jewellery for Summer Styling

Men’s summer fashion can be quite repetitive and hard to personalise. However, jewellery is a very easy way to add a personal touch to any look. Summer is a great time to experiment with your style. This time of year, many people are beginning to add more colour and elaborate details to their look. Whether you are a seasoned accessory wearer or a jewellery novice our Men’s Jewellery for Summer Styling will help you to find the perfect pieces for the upcoming season.

Men’s Jewellery for Summer Styling Top Picks

Men's Jewellery for Summer Styling

Thomas Sabo Rebel At Heart Bracelet Black Cat Green Bead Sterling Silver A1778-530-6-L19

Gemstones are becoming an increasingly popular element in men’s jewellery and this Thomas Sabo bracelet captures this trend perfectly. The bracelet is made using malachite beads. Malachite is a unique green gemstone best known for its eye-catching banding. A single intricately carved black obsidian bead is positioned at the centre of the bracelet, adding a bold detail to the accessory. A sterling silver bead is also featured on the bracelet, adding a finishing touch of luxury.

Emporio Armani Stainless Steel Men’s Logo Cufflinks EGS2917040

If your style is more clean, classic and traditional then cufflinks may be the perfect summer accessory for you. Add a personal touch to your look, whether it be for the office or a party, with these modern Emporio Armani cufflinks. Made from stainless steel to ensure for longevity, the cufflinks feature the brand’s iconic eagle logo at their centre.

Men's Jewellery for Summer Styling

BOSS Jewellery Men’s Mattini Necklace Gold IP Stainless Steel Chain 1580452

A white t-shirt is the ultimate summer staple, so why not dress it up with a bold gold chain? This necklace from BOSS exhibits a modern asymmetrical design, ensuring it will make a statement. Crafted from gold ion-plated stainless steel, the warm tone of the chain will stand out no matter what colour shirt it is paired with. The BOSS brand is best known for its air of confidence and refinement, and this chain captures this perfectly.

James Moore TH 9ct Yellow Gold Oval Hollowed Signet Ring Size K RN950/K

Signet rings are a timeless component of men’s jewellery styling. This classic accessory dates back centuries and were originally used to mark and deal documents by creating a print in wax. Nowadays, signet rings scream classic style. This ring is crafted from 9-carat yellow gold to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting finish. The oval feature of the ring has the potential to be engraved with a crest or personal design to add a unique edge.

Elements Silver Oxidised Inset Silver Pattern Ring R3481

Men's Jewellery for Summer Styling

If silver is more your colour, then this Thomas Sabo ring could be your new summer accessory. Made entirely from sterling silver, this ring gives off an air of luxury with a modern design. The ring features a bobble textured detail through the centre of the band. This detail is finished with an oxidised effect, enhancing the texture of the design. Due to the minimalist style of this ring, it would work perfectly as part of a ring stack.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Bangle Stainless Steel Brown Braided Leather 2790489

Unusual combinations of textures and materials have been a notable trend in recent months. This Tommy Hilfiger bangle takes inspiration from this trend and combines leather and stainless steel. The contrast between natural and man-made materials creates a bold juxtaposition on the wrist. The base of the bangle is crafted from stainless steel to create a long-lasting, masculine appearance. A braided brown leather inlay features across the centre of the open bangle. To enhance the fashion heritage behind the accessory, the iconic ‘TH’ initial logo is featured at the centre of the bangle.

What do you think of our Men’s Jewellery for Summer Styling? Are you planning on adding any new accessories to your wardrobe this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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