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Best Thomas Sabo Charms for Summer

Best Thomas Sabo Charms for Summer

A brand you can always rely on for adorable charms is Thomas Sabo. It all started when the brand launched its Charm Club range back in 2006. With the endearing wealth of detail on each charm design, it was immediately a hit. Even today, both Thomas Sabo and its fans continue to cherish the collection. In addition to the charms themselves, the collection also boasts a broad range of high-quality necklaces and bracelets to pair with them. These range from classic silver chains to more contemporary half-and-half designs. Whether you have multiple charms or just one, the beauty of the Charm Club is that it gives you the opportunity to curate your own unique jewellery. Moreover, from flip flops to polar bears, there really is a charm for every mood and occasion. Today we will focus on the best Thomas Sabo Charms for Summer.

So that each charm looks pristine for a long time to come, all Thomas Sabo charms are made from sterling silver. This means you can wear your charms every day without worrying about damaging them. Moreover, it also means they can easily be cleaned should you need to.

Additionally, the best part of Thomas Sabo charms is how easy they are to switch around on your jewellery. Each charm features a simple lobster clasp that can easily be hooked onto the links of a bracelet. So, you can give your jewellery a quick charm refresh as often as you like. Without further ado, let’s tuck into some of the best Thomas Sabo charms for summer.

Best Thomas Sabo Charms for Summer

Best Thomas Sabo Charms for Summer

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Pink Enamel Ice Lolly Charmista 1999-041-7

The ice lolly is of course the staple symbol of summer. And this 925 sterling silver and enamel ice lolly design is super sweet. At the top, there is a section of cubic zirconia stones set into the tip to make it look like it has been bitten. The ice lolly is then frosted with cold pink enamel until the bottom, where the underside layer of cream enamel shows through. Garnishing the design are dainty silver sprinkles. A tiny lollipop stick completes the design. Perfect for a standalone statement charm or combined with other themed charms, the ice lolly is an amazing opener to our best Thomas Sabo Charms for summer list.

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Blue Enamel Flip Flop Silver Pendant 2025-914-7

Another summer staple is this blue enamel flip-flop charm. The charm is made from sterling silver with cool blue enamel on the base of the flip-flop. However, it’s the extreme attention to detail that really stands out on this charm. On the sole of the flip-flop, there is a flamingo motif and grip detail to make it look like a real shoe. The strap of the flip flop also has a woven detail as well as three colourful stones to accessorise it. With its adorably attentive design, the flip-flop charm would make a great addition to any fashionista’s charm collection.

Best Thomas Sabo Charms for Summer

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Yellow Gold Plated Sun Pendant 2024-413-39

Looking for a bit of warmth in your own Charm Club collection? Look no further than this yellow gold-plated sun charm. With petite triangular rays and a swirl pattern at its centre, this sun is full of summery charm. Moreover, the charm is designed with comfort in mind. For instance, the soft and rounded shape of the rays means that the pointed edges won’t dig into your skin. Versatile to any charm bracelet theme, the sun is a lovely little addition to any collection.

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Stone Set Orange Enamel Flower Pendant 2029-041-8

For a bright pop of colour, this orange enamel flower charm is the perfect choice. The orange against the silver creates a beautiful contrast which is sure to stand out on your jewellery piece. Featuring rounded petals filled with pastel orange enamel, the centrepiece of the design is a deep orange gemstone. As an added detail, this also has a sterling silver frame. Beautiful against any skin tone, we highly recommend this orange enamel pendant.

Best Thomas Sabo Charms for Summer

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Pink Enamel Sunglasses Silver Pendant 2027-041-9

Sassy but sweet, these pink cat eye sunglasses are the quintessential summer charm. Whilst the frame of the folded glasses is made from sterling silver, the lenses are made from textured shimmery pink enamel. As with the other charms, the attention to detail on this charm is also immaculate. Next to each lens on the edge of the frame is a tiny crystal-set flower detailing, which gives the glasses some added flair.

Thomas Sabo Red Cocktail Glass Charm Gold Plated Sterling Silver Enamel and Crystal 1931-565-9

On the subject of sassy charms, our next contender is this cocktail charm. The base of this charm is gold-plated sterling silver, but there are silver details like the stem of the glass. Filling the glass is a hot pink enamel cocktail complete with an enamel lemon slice on the rim. The margarita glass itself also has some feminine flair to it with a cubic zirconia set rim. With its warm and vibrant colour scheme, there is no better reminder of that holiday feeling than this cocktail charm.

Best Thomas Sabo Charms for Summer

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Pink Enamel Scooter 1992-007-9

Next up is this adorable pink enamel vintage-style scooter. With a baby pink body, the scooter features minute sterling silver details like the headlights, handlebars, and racing stripe down its middle. Underneath, it also features small black enamel tyres. Reminiscent of moped drives along the beach, the pink scooter would make an iconic addition to any charm collection.

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Shell & Pearl Sterling Silver 1891-082-14

Bringing the beach to your bracelet is this silver shell charm. It is twisted to replicate a sea snail shell and features texture to imitate the shell’s form. Moreover, reinforcing its oceanic feel is the addition of a freshwater pearl at the mouth of the shell. Subtle but gorgeous, this sea snail shell charm would look great alongside other coastal-themed charms or even alone as a necklace pendant.

Best Thomas Sabo Charms for Summer

Thomas Sabo Passport Charm Turquoise 925 Sterling Silver Cold Enamel 1233-007-17

Let this charm be a reminder to never forget your passport at the airport! Made from sterling silver, this passport charm features small lettering to mimic a real passport. At its centre, there is a tiny silver and shimmery enamel globe with a banner that reads ‘THOMAS SABO’. But, the real catch of this charm is that the passport actually opens. Whether you use it as a locket to store some sand from your favourite holiday, or just as a fun little novelty, this passport is both adorable and amusing.

Thomas Sabo Cactus Charm Gold Plated Sterling Silver Enamel and Crystal 1928-471-7

The final contender is this cactus charm. With its bright and summery colours, there is no better charm to round off the list with. At the bottom is a gold-plated sterling silver pot, which has multi-coloured cubic zirconia stones to decorate it. Sitting within it is the cactus. Its green enamel body features two arms and gold-plated detailing to form the ‘spikes’. But don’t worry, the spikes on the design have been replaced with small dot detailing so that it’s safe to wear on your wrist. The cactus is also flowering, so completing the design is a small pink cubic zirconia-set flower. Creating a bold statement on your piece of jewellery, this cactus would look great both with other charms or even on its own.

And that concludes our best Thomas Sabo charms for summer list! Although these are some of our favourites, there are plenty more to choose from here. If you have a particular favourite or have any questions about our Thomas Sabo range, feel free to leave us a comment below.

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