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Nomination Charms for Wedding Season

Nomination Charms for Wedding Season

Having covered various gift guides for the upcoming wedding season, there is a common denominator among them: Nomination jewellery. As one of the most beloved charm bracelet companies of the 21st century, a Nomination charm is always a reliable gift choice. The brand is notorious for its extensive charm portfolio, with many event-specific options available. So, in preparation for the months ahead, we bring you this short and sweet guide to Nomination Charms for Wedding Season. From wedding gifts to anniversary gifts, we have you covered!

Our Favourite Nomination Charms for Wedding Season

Nomination Charms for Wedding Season

The Pre-Prepared Present: Nomination Composable MR & MRS Rose-Gold Bracelet (3 links + Stainless Steel Rose Gold Base Bracelet) MR&MRS-NOM

Struggling to find something in time? For a hassle-free wedding gift for your loved one’s big day, we recommend one of our pre-made bracelets. On our website, we offer two wedding-themed pre-composed Nomination bracelets with three charms included. However, the beauty of these bracelets as they still leave plenty of room for personalisation. A fresh bracelet is a perfect way to start your loved one’s fresh chapter as a spouse. Moreover, the blank links give them the opportunity to document the journey of their married life. But, above all else, the gift of a Nomination bracelet leaves the door open for quick future gift ideas for you!

The specific bracelet we have picked out is this rose gold MR & MRS themed bracelet. Curated by our team of expert jewellers, the bracelet features a heart, a Mr & Mrs, and a tied knot charm. The base bracelet is rose gold-tone stainless steel and has 19 links (17cm). Each of these links is easily replaceable with charms using the brand’s ingenious spring link mechanism.

Set onto a stainless steel link, the heart charm features a raised 9k rose gold heart. As an added detail, a cubic zirconia crystal sits on the top right-hand side of the heart. Next to the heart charm is the custom engraved Mr & Mrs plate. Similarly to the heart charm, the base link is made of silver stainless steel and is overlaid with the 9k rose gold engraved plate. The final charm is very symbolic of the sanctity of marriage and features a crystal-set knot motif. In line with the theme, this is also 9k rose gold and sits on a silver stainless steel base link. Want to add these to an existing bracelet? All of these charms are also available individually on our website too.

However, if you’d prefer something more minimal, we also have this all-over silver Nomination Composable Wedding Day Bracelet (WEDDING-NOM).

Nomination Charms for Wedding Season

Conventional but Classic: Nomination COMPOSABLE Classic DAILY LIFE In Stainless Steel With 18k Gold Wedding Rings 030109/21

Although it may seem a conspicuous choice, we love this double wedding ring charm. It’s a very tastefully minimalist design, featuring two yellow gold bonded rings that overlap one another. The shape created by the rings is also very sentimental by representing the overlapping of two different people’s lives. However, at the same time, it looks very subtle on the bracelet with no specific indications of marriage. Particularly against a silver bracelet, the rings will give your loved one’s bracelet a beautiful pop of gold. Understated but stunning, this charm would make the perfect heartfelt gift to remind your loved one of their special day.

Thoughtful and Peculiar: Nomination Composable Classic STONE SYMBOLS In Stainless Steel And 9k Rose Gold Flower In LILAC MOTHER OF PEAR 430510/09

Sometimes, part of the appeal of Nomination charms is their open-endedness. Depending on how they are gifted, they can mean something different to everyone. Even the most generic charms can feel incredibly personal. For instance, for many, this lilac flower may just be a decorative flower charm. But, you can make this personal by gifting the bride-to-be a flower charm that reflects the colour scheme of her wedding.

We would recommend this lilac flower charm as a gift to those planning a lilac-themed wedding. Set onto a stainless steel base link, the petite flower is made of gorgeous lilac mother-of-pearl. Forming the centre of the flower is a bonded rose gold dot which gives the design an elegant finish. The same design is also available in other classic wedding colours, such as sage green (430510/10) and white (430510/02). Perhaps a more niche wedding gift, this would be great for those who want to give something a little more outside of the box.

Nomination Charms for Wedding Season

A Cute and Custom Anniversary Keepsake: Nomination COMPOSABLE Classic ENGRAVED SIGNS In Stainless Steel With 18k Gold CUSTOM Anniversary With Wedding Rings 030121/32

With wedding season also comes anniversary season! Why not let your loved one how much you still treasure the day you shared together with this custom anniversary charm? Made with 18k gold, the charm features the word ‘anniversary’ at its centre. Above, the lettering is accompanied by a small pair of wedding rings to add a decorative element to the charm. Simplistic but sentimental, the charm will certainly unlock all the happy memories of the big day as if it were yesterday.

Symbolic and Sweet: Nomination Composable Classic RELIEF SYMBOLS Stainless Steel And Gold 9k Infinity 430106/03

Perfect for both anniversaries and weddings alike, this infinity charm is a beautiful representation of everlasting love. Although simplistic, the infinity sign is powerful in its reflection of the sentiment of marriage. The symbol on the charm is made from bonded rose gold and the base link is made from stainless steel. Easily paired with a bracelet of any colour scheme, the Nomination infinity charm will tug on anyone’s heartstrings.

Nomination Charms for Wedding Season

Match your Maids: Nomination Composable Classic PLATES (IC) Steel And 925 Silver Bride To Be 330111/07 and Nomination Composable Classic PLATES (IC) Steel And 925 Silver Team Bride 330111/08

Nothing strengthens a bond better than matching friendship bracelets! Plus, there’s no better time to co-ordinate with your best girls than at a wedding. Whether you’re a maid of honour buying for a bride, or a bride buying for your bridesmaids, there’s a charm for everyone in the bridal party.

Made from stainless steel, the ‘Bride to Be’ charm features the phrase in engraved and oxidised looped lettering. Completing this design are tiny sunburst details to add a joyful touch to the design. To match, the ‘Team Bride’ charm features an engraving in the same font. The ‘i’ of ‘bride’ is also dotted with a tiny heart, giving the charm a cutesy and playful finish. A souvenir specific to the special day, each charm would hold precious memories and unite its wearers.

Nomination Charms for Wedding Season

For the Wonderful Wife: Nomination Composable Classic SYMBOLS And Steel And 18k Gold Wife Heart 030162/42

Whether it’s her first time hearing herself be called your wife or her 1000th, what better way to show your appreciation for your wife than through this personalised charm? Enclosed in a luxurious 18k gold heart, there is a ‘Wife’ engraving at the centre of the charm. The design rests on a classic stainless steel link, meaning it’s aesthetically compatible with any style of Nomination bracelet. For newlyweds, this makes the perfect honeymoon gift to mark the start of this exciting new chapter together. And, for those celebrating anniversaries together, it makes the perfect way to reaffirm your love after all your years.

That concludes the list of our favourite Nomination Charms for Wedding Season. We hope that our guide helped. However, if you didn’t find what you’re looking for, don’t panic! As an official Nomination retailer, we have plenty more love and wedding-themed Nomination charms available here.

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