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Nomination Charms for the Coronation

Nomination Charms for the Coronation

Nomination jewellery is the go-to brand for adorable themed charms for any occasion. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, new job, or anything and everything in between, Nomination has the charm to celebrate. If you are searching for a unique way to celebrate the upcoming coronation of King Charles III, keep reading for our guide on Nomination charms for the coronation.

Our Top 5 Nomination Charms for the Coronation

Nomination Composable Classic King Charles Coronation Double Link 330711/15

Nomination Charms for the Coronation

The first charm in our guide is a special edition created by Nomination specifically to celebrate the coronation. This charm is a double-length model, ensuring it will be the focal point on any bracelet. The charm is crafted from stainless steel. It features an elaborate engraved design, including the King’s cypher and the date of the momentous event of his coronation.

Nomination Composable Classic FLAGS Stainless Steel Enamel Sterling Silver Great Britain 330207/04

For those patriots, this bold Union Jack charm could make a lovely choice. This flag charm is a more subtle nod to the coronation whilst celebrating the country. The charm is made from stainless steel with a sterling silver plate across its surface. The Union Jack design is created using white, red and blue enamel to ensure a vibrant and eye-catching finish.

Nomination Charms for the Coronation

Nomination Composable CL OXIDISED PLATES In Steel Enamel And 925 Silver King Hearts 330208/28

If you are looking for a way to remember the coronation without being too overt, this playing card-inspired design could be a perfect choice. The charm is made from a combination of stainless steel and sterling silver to create a beautifully polished and long-lasting finish. The charm features a ‘K’ reminiscent of those found on Kings in a pack of cards. The letter is accompanied by a red enamel heart which adds a pop of colour to the design.

Nomination Composable Classic Symbols In Stainless Steel With 9k Rose Gold And CZZ Crown With White CZ 430305/24

What is a coronation without a crown? Make yourself the king or queen for the day with this playful Nomination crown charm. Crafted from stainless steel and rose gold plating, the charm exhibits an on-trend and versatile two-tone design. A rose gold crown design stands out from its silver backdrop due to the colour contrast and three-dimensional detailing. A single white cubic zirconia gemstone is set at the centre of the crown to add a touch of that signature royal sparkle.

Nomination Composable Classic King Charles Coronation Link 330111/40

Nomination Charms for the Coronation

This charm is a smaller alternative to the first one mentioned in this guide. Its small size makes it easier to slot into a pre-existing Nomination bracelet. A simple silver colour palette means that the charm is a discreet, but impactful, nod to the coronation. Crafted from Nomination’s classic combination of stainless steel and sterling silver, this charm exhibits a perfectly polished finish. The surface of the charm of engraved with King Charles III’s cypher along with the date of his coronation.

What do you think of these Nomination charms for the coronation? How will you be marking the coronation of King Charles III? Let us know in the comments!

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