New MeisterSinger Bell Hora Enamel Edition Watch

New MeisterSinger Bell Hora Enamel Limited Edition Watch

MeisterSinger has announced the launch of its new Bell Hora Enamel Edition watch. This new watch builds upon MeisterSinger’s existing portfolio of highly technical watches that celebrate historical watchmaking. With only 50 pieces available, the model is an extremely exclusive extension of the brand’s existing Bell Hora line.

New MeisterSinger Bell Hora Enamel Edition Watch

MeisterSinger Edition Bell Hora Enamel Edition ED-BHO913E

The Hourly Chime

Characterised by their hourly chime, the Bell Horas are fitted with a “sonnerie au passage” complication. This is a special feature that gently alerts the wearer to the passage of time by chiming delicately on the hour. Over the course of 60 minutes, the watch will conserve energy to strike the mechanism’s sound fork on the hour. This is what produces the melodic chime for each o’clock. Nevertheless, this feature can easily be turned off and on if you need silence. Indicated through the black marking on the dial, you can put the watch in silent mode by pulling out the pusher.

New MeisterSinger Bell Hora Enamel Edition Watch

The Dial and Case

The Enamel Edition Bell Hora model echoes many traditional watchmaking techniques and styles in its aesthetic design. The dial mirrors that of a traditional 18th-century pocket watch and is enamel. Meticulously crafted during a several-day process, the enamel dial is a symbol of expert craftsmanship. In fact, the complexity of this process often means there are more rejects than successful outputs. Against its other industrially produced competitors, this attentive design makes the limited edition Bell Hora stand out from the rest.

A defining attribute of MeisterSinger watches is their one-hand design. As on a normal watch, the indices encircle the dial. Between the hour indices on a MeisterSinger there are markings to indicate five-minute intervals. This means that the hand only completes one full cycle of the dial every 24 hours, instead of one every hour like a typical modern timepiece. Echoing early watch designs, the singular hand solidifies the brand’s long-standing watchmaking expertise. Although it may take time to adjust to it, this ingenious mechanism allows the wearer to read the watch far more efficiently.

Accessorising the white enamel dial are finishes that reinforce the watch’s sophistication. The Arabic numeral indices’ fine serif typeface gives the watch its classic feel, whilst the red and blue accents add dimension to the dial design. At the centre of the watch face, MeisterSinger’s hallmark single hand has been heat-treated to give it a blue tone. Longer than a traditional hand, the singular hand has a tapered tip for extra precision.

New MeisterSinger Bell Hora Enamel Edition Watch

The case itself measures 43mm in diameter and is stainless steel. On the reverse side, a sapphire glass exhibition case back offers the wearer a view into the movement. Six screws fix this window to the watch.

New MeisterSinger Bell Hora Enamel Edition Watch

The Movement and Finishing Touches

Ticking underneath the stunning enamel dial is the model’s Swiss-made mechanical movement. As with the rest of the Bell Hora collection, the MS Bell movement is based on the Sellita SW200 movement. This boasts a power reserve of 38 hours and is easily viewable through the watch’s case back.

To finish the classic design, securing the watch to the wrist is a luxurious leather strap. The strap is brown in colour, with crocodile texture for added attention to detail.

What do you think of the highly exclusive new MeisterSinger Bell Hora Enamel Edition Watch? Will you be buying one? Let us know in the comments.

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