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Top 10 Men’s HUGO Watches

Top 10 Men's HUGO Watches

HUGO is part of the long-standing and iconic Hugo Boss brand. The brand is best known for its modern and stylish clothing, accessories and fragrances. However, the brand’s watches have also become a staple in HUGO’s portfolio. The brand’s watches all have a unique aesthetic that takes inspiration from contemporary fashions and HUGO’s timeless style. If you are drawn to the modern style of this brand, keep reading for our top 10 men’s HUGO watches.

Top 10 Men's HUGO Watches

HUGO Men’s #IMPRESS | Black Dial | Black Stainless Steel Bracelet 1530296

The sleek all-black design of this timepiece gives it a distinctly modern look. The black dial features small, yet bold, pops of red for an eye-catching look. The dial is detailed with three sub-dials and black hour markers. The second hand is designed in a vibrant red colour, making it easy to track around the dial. The dial is framed by a black stainless steel case which houses the quartz movement that powers the watch. This model is completed with a stylish black stainless steel bracelet.

HUGO Men’s #SHRILL | Blue Dial | Blue Stainless Steel Bracelet 1530310

The unique square shape of the case on this watch ensures that it will stand out on the wrist. Unusual case shapes provide a futuristic look to timepieces, meaning that they can be worn for many years without going out of style. Every element of this watch is designed in a chic grey-blue shade for a versatile look. The grey-blue dial exhibits simple baton indices and hands making it easy to read. A timeless stainless steel bracelet secures this watch on the wrist.

Top 10 Men's HUGO Watches

HUGO Men’s #VISIT | Black Dial | Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet 1530304

Gold and black is a timeless colour combination. The stark darkness of black provides a pleasant contrast to the warmth of gold. This combination is perfectly executed in the design of this wristwatch, making it a great contender in our top 10 men’s HUGO watches. The black dial exhibits gold hour markers and hands, alongside a date display at 6 o’clock. A black bezel and gold-toned stainless steel case frame the dial. The gold case matches the gold tone of the stainless steel bracelet to create a sleek, cohesive style. In addition, this model is water resistant up to 5 bar, making it a practical choice for daily wear.

HUGO Men’s | REAL | Gift Set | Wallet | Black Dial | Black Leather Strap 1570139

The HUGO brand is known for its fashion accessories that extend beyond wristwatches, making this gift set a lovely choice for fans of the brand. The set includes an elegant wristwatch and a matching black leather wallet. The sleek wallet is detailed with the HUGO logo to emphasise the fashion heritage of the accessory. The watch exhibits a textured black dial that features three sub-dials and bold red details. A stainless steel case houses the quartz movement that powers the watch. This timepiece is finished with a black leather strap to match the wallet.

Top 10 Men's HUGO Watches

HUGO Men’s #FRESH | Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet | Blue Dial 1530287

Blue dial watches came into style a few years ago and are still showing no signs of going anywhere. This model exhibits a blue dial with three sub-dials alongside luminous hands and indices. A blue bezel and stainless steel case frame the dial, enhancing the on-trend colour. The case measures 44mm in diameter to create a comfortable, yet eye-catching, appearance on the wrist. Secured using a chic stainless steel mesh bracelet, this watch can easily be styled for everyday wear.

HUGO Men’s #FRESH | Green Leather Strap | Black Dial 1530286

The unique green leather strap that secures this watch provides a stylishly pre-worn aesthetic to the timepiece. The texture of the leather used gives the watch an on-trend vintage look whilst maintaining a brand-new quality. The strap is embossed with the HUGO logo to reference the heritage of the brand. This timepiece exhibits a black dial that is framed by a gunmetal-tone stainless steel case. This case measures 44mm in diameter for a bold look on the wrist. In addition, this watch is water resistant up to 50 metres.

Top 10 Men's HUGO Watches

HUGO Men’s #ADVISE | Blue Dial | Two Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet 1530235

Two-tone timepieces have become a very notable style in recent months. They are often favoured as the mixed metal finish allows them to be worn alongside almost any other accessory in a collection. The silver and gold-toned stainless steel bracelet of this watch is paired with a classic silver stainless steel case to provide a modern twist to a classic design. The metal components of the watch surround a striking blue dial that is detailed with two sub-dials. Gold hands and hour markers complement the gold-toned elements on the bracelet for an elegant and cohesive finish.

HUGO Men’s #FIRST | White Dial | Blue Leather Strap 1530245

The clean white dial of this timepiece gives it a very classic and timeless look that ensures it can be worn for any occasion. The stark white dial is detailed with blue baton indices and blue-tipped hands that stand out from their pale backdrop. A stainless steel case frames the dial to continue the pale colour palette. This case provides a secure housing for the quartz movement that powers the timepiece. To provide contrast to the pale tones of the dial and case, the design of this timepiece is finished with a deep blue leather strap.

Top 10 Men's HUGO Watches

HUGO Men’s #EXPOSE | Black Dial | Stainless Steel Bracelet 1530242

This HUGO watch is designed especially for weekend warriors. With a weekday display that is unmarked apart from the ‘weekend’, this timepiece will help you to count down to those precious days off. This display is positioned at the top of a black dial that also features a date display in its bottom half. A matching stainless steel case and bracelet add an elegant and timeless edge to this playful dial design. With a water resistance rating of up to 5 bar, this model can safely be worn every day.

HUGO Men’s | Black Chronograph Dial | Black Leather 1530263

This minimalistic timepiece proves that chronograph designs can be sleek and simple. The black dial is adorned with three sub-dials that are all also black in colour to maintain a clean aesthetic. The only colour on this dial is found in the white tips of the hands and a red HUGO logo. A stainless steel case frames the dial and houses the quartz movement that powers the watch. A black leather strap secures the watch on the wrist and completes the clean and elegant minimalistic design.

What are your thoughts on our top 10 men’s HUGO watches? Did any of these models catch your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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