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Swarovski Statement Jewellery for Spring

Swarovski Statement Jewellery for Spring

As the warmer weather slowly creeps in, many of us are looking to brighten up our jewellery collections in preparation. Moreover, with the holiday season on the horizon, it only makes sense to indulge in some colourful pieces in advance, right? Expressive and daring, Swarovski‘s recent collections of statement jewellery offer the perfect means to do so. If you’re looking to break out of your minimalistic shell this spring, read on for the best Swarovski statement jewellery for spring. 

Not long ago, Swarovski appointed their first-ever creative director, Giovanna Engelbert. Through a rebranding under Engelbert, the brand has broken away from its classic designs to proceed in a more contemporary direction. Trading in its traditional blue for candy shop colours, Swarovski has rejuvenated its packaging, logo and image to keep up with the younger market. The iconic swan logo is now framed by a ‘candylike octagon wrapping’, reminiscent of a faceted crystal and a nod towards the idea of transition and rebirth. Diving into more daring waters, the brand’s portfolio has evolved accordingly to incorporate more playful and geometric designs. Self-describing its recent collections as ‘striking expression[s] of joyful extravagance’, Swarovski pieces will set the perfect tone for your spring. 

Swarovski Statement Jewellery for Spring 2023

Swarovski Orbita Asymmetrical Square Cut Earrings 5600522

Swarovski Statement Jewellery for Spring

Part of the Orbita collection, these earrings are multifunctional. Their chunky square-cut design gives them a 1960s feel to them, which is modernised by their asymmetry. One has a yellow crystal as the stud with a yellow drop pendant, and the other has an ivory stud pendant with an ivory drop pendant. But, the excitement of these earrings doesn’t stop at the bold colour scheme. In an innovative twist on regular earrings, the double-sided pendant means that there are multiple ways to wear this set. Leaning into the asymmetry of the piece, the wearer can pair an ivory pendant with the yellow stud just by turning the lower square pendant around. To tie the set together each earring is framed by blue crystals, which are set into a gold-plated case. A bold and quirky design, these would be the perfect accompaniment to a warm weather look. 

Swarovski Gema Drop Earrings Gold-Tone Plated Yellow and White Crystals 5652802

Oozing radiance and springtime joy, these earrings belong to Swarovski’s nature-inspired Gema collection. A bouquet of mixed-cut yellow crystals is arranged into a flower shape, which sits on the ear. The mixture of sizes and hues of the crystals creates an energetic and dynamic formation, which will look stunning in the sun. Below, more yellow crystals gently drizzle the design out to form an elegant silhouette. Striking yet delicate, these earrings are the perfect springtime statement piece. 

Swarovski Millenia Green Octagon Crystal Ring 5619626

Bring a contemporary touch to any springtime look with the stunning geometric elegance of this Millenia ring. On one side of the design sits a rectangular cut crystal, which is mirrored by a smaller square-cut crystal on the other. Invigorating and luscious, the green hue of the crystals is complementary to any skin tone and style. To give the ring a stylish edge, the design is paired with a yellow-gold plated open-style band. A simple yet impactful statement ring, its clean design makes it easily paired with other pieces to build a bright springtime look. 

Swarovski Florere Cocktail Ring Gold-Tone Plated Pink Crystals Size 55 5650564

Swarovski Statement Jewellery for Spring

For a blossoming addition to your ring collection, this Florere ring is the budding choice. Part of Swarovski’s Florere line, a garden-inspired collection which intends to foreground the faceted and floral. Luminous light pink crystal petals are arranged around a central fuschia crystal and are held in place by a gold-tone setting. Set into the central stone and encased in a gold-tone metal is a white crystal as a focal point. Supported by a double-shanked band, this piece is the perfect match for the fearless and feminine.  

Swarovski Gema Multi Green Crystal Necklace 5613735

Versatile and vivid, this Gema piece can be worn as a stand-alone statement or with other necklaces for a layered look. Set into a gold-tone chain, an assortment of green crystals give the necklace an abstract glamour. Comprised of different hues and cuts, these gems are expertly curated to create a cohesive but playful overall design. A lobster clasp secures the necklace at the back, where the extender is finished with green crystal detailing. Size-wise, the necklace measures 36 cm to 40 cm in length and 2.1 cm in width. With its vivacious nature, this piece is bound to breathe life into any outfit this spring. 

Swarovski Florere Necklace Gold-Tone Plated Yellow Crystals 5650570

A quintessential springtime piece, this striking necklace is unapologetically feminine. Following the recent trend of large pendant necklaces, the focus point of this piece is its characterful chunky pedant. On the necklace’s pendant, yellow crystals take the form of a flower in bloom. Paired with a yellow gold-tone chain, the chain measures 42 cm in length and is fastened with a spring ring. The warm and sunny feel of this piece will surely brighten up even the greyest of the April showers.

Swarovski Lilia Butterfly Bracelet Rose Gold 5636430

Swarovski Statement Jewellery for Spring

Adorned with pavé butterfly motifs, this piece is perfect to inject the natural beauty of spring into your look. The design is set onto a rose gold-tone bangle, which is finished with a chain for seamless size adjustment. To fasten the piece, there is a simplistic sliding ball mechanism at the end of the chain. Easy to wear as an everyday piece of an elegant accompaniment to a more formal look, the dazzling crystals will certainly make you stand out. 

What do you think of these Swarovski statement jewellery pieces? Are you a fan of the Swarovski rebrand? Let us know!

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