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Nomination Charms for Easter

Nomination Charms for Easter

The unique concept of Nomination Composable jewellery makes it the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. The brand creates a vast collection of charms that can be combined to make a personalised bracelet. Although Easter is an occasion that is not typically celebrated with jewellery, Nomination makes this a possibility with its wide array of charm designs. If are interested in celebrating springtime with Nomination charms for Easter, keep reading for our top recommendations.

Nomination Charms for Easter Recommendations

Nomination Charms for Easter

Nomination COMPOSABLE Classic FRUITS STRAWBERRY in Stainless Steel with Enamel and Bonded Yellow Gold 030215/11

What better way to celebrate the start of spring than with this adorable strawberry charm? Crafted from a combination of stainless steel and bonded yellow gold, the charm has a modern mixed metal aesthetic. This means that it will slot seamlessly into any Nomination bracelet combination. The strawberry is created using bonded yellow gold that is detailed with dots of red enamel and a green enamel stalk.

Nomination Composable Classic Symbols In Stainless Steel With 9k Rose Gold Crystal Flower 430302/25

A beautiful crystal-set flower is the centrepiece of this charm, making it the perfect focal point for a Nomination charm bracelet. The charm is made from robust stainless steel, making it suitable for everyday wear. A rose gold flower is found at the centre of the charm. This design is detailed with a green crystal to create a leaf and purple and orange crystals to create a sparkling flower.

Nomination Charms for Easter

Nomination Composable Classic PLATES Steel And Silver 925 Rabbit Flowers 330111/20

When many of us think of Easter, one of the first things to come to mind is bunny rabbits. These adorable creatures are often born at this time of year, and so have come to symbolise the Easter season. This adorable charm features a rabbit at its centre. The animal is surrounded by a floral design that has been etched into the sterling silver surface of the stainless steel charm.

Nomination Composable Classic SYMBOLS In Stainless Steel Sterling Silver And Stones April DIAMOND 330505/04

Those with a birthday in April are very lucky to have the beautiful diamond as their birthstone. If you or your loved one is celebrating their birthday around Easter this year, then this simple and elegant charm could make a thoughtful gift. This charm features a durable stainless steel base with a polished sterling silver surface. This is engraved with the word ‘April’ so it represents the birth month of the wearer. A round-cut diamond gemstone is set into this charm to add a touch of luxury.

Nomination Charms for Easter

Nomination COMPOSABLE Classic AIR ANIMALS In Stainless Steel With Enamel And 18k Gold Dragonfly 030211/19

Easter and springtime often come with a burst of wildlife into nature. This elegant dragonfly charm embodies all of the beauty and wonder that nature has to offer at this time of year. A bold blue enamel dragonfly is positioned at the centre of the charm to create a striking appearance. The dragonfly is outlined and contrasted with bonded yellow gold. All of these details are set onto a classic stainless steel Nomination charm.

Will you be celebrating with Nomination charms for Easter? Are you a Nomination charm collector? Let us know in the comments below!

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