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Introducing Philipp Plein to First Class Watches

Introducing Philipp Plein to First Class Watches

In very exciting news, Philipp Plein is now available at First Class Watches! By introducing Philipp Plein to First Class Watches, we are welcoming a quirky fashion brand is best known for its unique aesthetic. Often featuring oversized chandeliers, diamond skulls and bold combinations of gold and marble, the brand definitely has a signature style. With stores across the world and a fascinating origin story, this brand is undoubtedly one to watch. If you are hunting for your next bold and unique timepiece, keep reading to learn more about Philipp Plein.

A Brief History of Philipp Plein

Despite having no background in the fashion industry, Philipp Plein has become one of the most influential names in contemporary fashion. Best known for his opulent and extravagant fashion shows, the philosophy behind the brand is certainly ‘more is more’. Plein does not believe in doing anything without fanfare and is determined to gain attention for his brand in the most unrestrained ways.

Philipp Plein was born in Munich. He was on the path to becoming a lawyer when he left school to pursue a career in fashion. An initial investment from his father, a heart surgeon, was the thing that started the brand that exists today. Plein began his foray into the world of fashion by making luxury dog beds. This quickly led to the design and manufacture of luxury designer furniture.

Plein’s work was spotted by the famous champagne brand Moet and Chandon. The brand requested that he create an installation in 2003 and in exchange, Plein could promote his furniture at the event. In order to best advertise the array of leather and colours he could offer for the furniture, Plein created handbags as unique and playful swatches. Many people at the event requested to purchase these bags, leading Plein to realise that his design talent could extend far beyond furniture. He went on to create one of his most iconic products: crystal-set vintage military jackets. This product spread his name far and wide, allowing the Philipp Plein brand to be born.

Philipp Plein Recommendations

Introducing Philipp Plein to First Class Watches

Philipp Plein QUEEN $Treet Couture Pink Dial | Stainless Steel PWDAA0321

Perfect for any woman who loves to make a statement, this timepiece features a unique chain detail around the dial. This texture draws the eye to the centre of the timepiece, revealing a soft pink dial that is also detailed with a honeycomb texture. Crystals are used as substitutes for more traditional hour markers, adding an extra touch of glamour to this timepiece. A 36mm stainless steel case provides secure housing for the quartz movement that powers this watch. The timepiece is finished with a classic stainless steel bracelet.

Philipp Plein THE $KELETON High-Conic Automatic Black Dial | Black Strap PWBAA0221

All-black timepieces are always a staple in any collection. This bold shade is versatile and will match any outfit it is paired with. However, this Philipp Plein watch will not blend into the background. The skull-adorned semi-transparent black dial reveals the precise automatic movement within, giving this timepiece an industrial aesthetic. A uniquely tonneau-shaped black PVD-plated case frames the dial and adds another layer of interest to this eye-catching model.

Introducing Philipp Plein to First Class Watches

Philipp Plein THE $KULL High-Conic Black Dial | Black Strap PWAAA0221

Gold skulls are an intrinsic part of Philipp Plein’s brand identity. This watch captures the essence of the brand perfectly by placing a statement faceted gold skull at the centre of the dial. This bold detail is contrasted by a black background and complemented by a gold-toned stainless steel case. The bezel is textured to match the skull and the brand’s logo features on either side. This watch is secured using a black plastic strap detailed with the iconic skull emblem.

Philipp Plein PLEIN POWER Hyper $Port White Dial | White Silicone Strap PWKAA0121

If a sportier aesthetic is more your style, then this could be the watch for you. With a textured silver dial that is adorned with rainbow hour markers, this timepiece is not going to go unnoticed. This multicoloured feature adds a sense of playfulness to this bright white timepiece. The watch is powered by a reliable quartz movement that is housed in a white plastic case. To ensure the wearer’s comfort, the design of this watch is finished with a white silicone strap.

Introducing Philipp Plein to First Class Watches

Philipp Plein THE $KULL GENDERLESS HIGH-CONIC | Green Dial Two Tone Steel PWNAA0622

Green dial watches have been a notable trend in recent months, and this model captures this fashion perfectly. The green dial is adorned with a gold skull and matching gold hour markers. A gold-tone bezel frames the dial and a stainless steel case surrounds it. The gold touches are continued onto the bracelet which features gold links running through the centre of silver-toned stainless steel ones. This creates a modern and on-trend two-tone look that will pair well with any other accessories in a collection.

If you are interested in Philipp Plein watches, click here to browse the full range on our website.

Are you excited that we are introducing Philipp Plein to First Class Watches? Which of the timepieces has caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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