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Ball Launch Doolittle Raiders Series

Ball Launch Doolittle Raiders Series

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid, Ball Watch Company have announced a new line in their Engineer Master II collection. The Doolittle Raid took place on 18th April 1942, during the Pacific War of World War II. Led by Lieutenant Colonel Doolittle of the US Navy, the air raid intended to strike Japan. Although the raid caused minimal physical damage on the ground, it did expose Japan’s vulnerability to air strikes. As a result, the operation was a significant morale booster. The limited edition Doolittle Raider series intends to honour those who endangered and lost their lives in the air raid.

The new series includes two lines of automatic watches and one of manual watches. Each line is limited to 999 pieces, meaning that you will have to act fast to get your hands on one of these stunning watches. To add to the exclusive feel of this collection, it’s also expected that a special box-set edition will be released. This will include a complimentary 1:72 scale B25 plane, paying homage to the 16 B25 bomber planes flown by the Doolittle crews. These models have been created especially for this series.

The New Engineer Master II Doolittle Raiders Series

Ball Launch Doolittle Raiders Series
Ball Launch Doolittle Raiders Series

Doolittle Raiders 40mm Automatic

The first line in the range is the 40mm line. With its 40mm stainless steel case, this Doolittle Raider line is powered by the brand’s BALL RR1103 automatic movement. Ball consistently prioritises the durability of its watches, and this series is no exception. The 40mm models feature a mu-metal shield, which gives the model outstanding anti-magnetism. In addition to 100m of water resistance, the model also boasts anti-magnetism to 80,000A/m and shock resistance to 5,000Gs. This Doolittle Raider is also highly capable, and its functions include hours, minutes, sweep seconds and a magnified date display. To protect these functions, the dial is enclosed by a sapphire crystal. The crystal is also anti-reflective for improved readability in harsh lighting.

However, the standout characteristic of the watch is its attention to detail. At the centre of the dial, there are two emblems. Opposite the date display, the yellow Raiders’ emblem sits proudly. The emblem’s bright colour deliberately contrasts the dial’s other features, drawing attention to its motto which reads ‘Ever into peril’. In line with the watch’s aviatic roots, there is also a small silver pilot badge at the 6 o’clock position.

The rest of the model’s appearance is also very visually appealing. Providing the buyer with plenty of variety, there are three colours to choose from in this range. The dial comes in either black (NM3000C-S1-BK), blue (NM3000C-S1-BE), or green (NM3000C-S1-GR), and features luminescent baton indices and hands. As with other Ball models, these luminescent features are made from 15 micro gas tubes. For an extra decorative touch, three of the six models in the 40mm range come with rainbow indices (NM3000C-S1-BKR, NM3000C-S1-BER, NM3000C-S1-GRR). Each coloured dial is paired with a stainless steel bracelet, which fastens with a folding buckle. On the right-hand side of the case, there is also a screwed-in crown.

Doolittle Raiders 45mm Automatic

Ball Launch Doolittle Raiders Series

The 45mm Automatic Doolittle Raiders range shares many of the same features as the 40mm series. Similarly to the 40mm models, the 45mm watches have hour, minute, and sweep seconds functions. The dial is also laid out in the same way, with the yellow Raiders badge, the pilot motif, and the date display at 3 o’clock. Moreover, these models are water resistant to 100m and shock resistant to 5,000Gs too. The 45mm models are anti-magnetic to 4,800A/m.

However, one of the principal differences is its size. The stainless steel case measures 45 mm in width and 14.65mm in height, making more of an impression on the wrist. With a 54-hour power reserve, the model features Ball’s RR1108 automatic calibre which can be seen through the sapphire crystal exhibition case back.

The 45mm model is also available in the same colour options as the 40mm. The black (NM3500C-S1-BK), blue (NM3500C-S1-BE), and green (NM3500C-S1-GR) models also have the same rainbow luminescent counterparts (NM3500C-S1-BKR, NM3500C-S1-BER, NM3500C-S1-GRR). These are made from 14 micro gas tubes.

Ball Launch Doolittle Raiders Series

Doolittle Raiders 46mm Manual Series

The last range in the new Engineer Master II Doolittle Raiders release is the 46mm manual series. Equipped with a manual BALL RR2102 calibre, this watch is suitable for those who prefer a more traditional movement. Crafted from stainless steel, the case measures 46mm in diameter. Although wider than the others, it is the slimmest of the three lines and measures just 12.35mm in height. Like the 45mm, the 46mm range also features a sapphire crystal case back.

Giving you plenty of choice, the six models in this range come in three different dial colours. There is a black dial option (NM2638C-L1-BK), a blue option (NM2638C-L1-BE) and a green option (NM2638C-L1-GR). Each of these models comes with luminescent hour and minute hands, as well as luminescent baton indices. To inject even more colour into your watch, there is also a rainbow luminescent option for each of the dial colours (NM2638C-L1-BKR, NM2638C-L1-BER, NM2638C-L1-GRR). Instead of a stainless steel bracelet, finishing each of the 46mm models is a brown calf leather strap. A pin buckle secures this strap to the wrist.

Whilst the dial comes in the same colour variations as its counterparts, the dial itself features a different layout from the rest. Replacing the date display at the 3 o’clock position is the yellow Raiders emblem, with the silver pilot badge remaining at 6 o’clock. To the left of the dial is a small subsidiary seconds sub-dial, which adds elegant character to the timepiece. The final detail on the watch face is the push-in crown, which sits on the right.

What do you think of the new Ball Engineer Master II Doolittle Raiders Series? Will you be adding one to your watch collection? We want to hear your opinions in the comments below.

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