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Upcoming Watch Trends for 2023

Upcoming Watch Trends for 2023

For those people who love to follow fashion, staying on top of every trend is very important. Fashions are constantly changing, affecting each and every element in a wardrobe. We have curated this selection of upcoming watch trends for 2023 to help you to find your horological style this year. Fortunately, most trends work in a cyclical nature and are likely to return to the height of fashion within a few years, so it is always worth hanging on to high-quality pieces. Many watch trends remain relatively constant, allowing classic designs to reign. However, there are always a few stand-out trends each year that are easy to implement in any collection.

Top 5 Upcoming Watch Trends for 2023

1. Unisex Styles

Upcoming Watch Trends for 2023

Experts are predicting that unisex watch styles are going to be a big trend in the upcoming year. It has been noted by many brands that often women are choosing men’s styles to achieve an oversized or more classic look. Men’s watches are often larger with cleaner designs so it is understandable that many women would prefer this aesthetic. However, some men are also opting for women’s timepieces. Gemstones and feminine touches have become more prevalent in men’s fashion throughout recent years, and this trend has finally found its way into horological fashion.

Junghans Men’s Max Bill White Dial Beige Leather Watch Sapphire Crystal 41/4562.02

Neutral tones are set to be a trend that will continue long into 2023 and this watch makes use of them in every element of its design. The comfortable leather strap is crafted from beige leather and is detailed with beige topstitching. This versatile colour palette ensures that the watch can be worn with any outfit. The clean white dial is framed by a stainless steel case. This case measures 38mm in diameter to create the perfect unisex fit. It will be slightly oversized on a woman or create a classic look on a man. This model is powered by a battery-powered quartz movement to ensure a high level of reliability.

2. More Sustainability

Sustainability has been a huge buzzword in the past year, and it is only going to become more prevalent. A move towards more sustainable and eco-friendly accessories is a positive and vital shift. As people learn more about what they can change to help this important cause, it is predicted that they will begin to change their shopping and accessorising habits and start buying from brands that are trying to lessen their environmental impact.

Bering Pebble | Polished Blue | Blue Case | Recycled Blue Strap 18034-397

This bold timepiece is designed in a vibrant shade of blue to create a truly eye-catching look on the wrist. The watch exhibits a unique pebble shape that makes it an unusual piece to have in a collection. The dial is adorned with a pair of silver hands so as not to detract from the minimalist design. A blue-plated stainless steel case frames this dial and houses the quartz movement that powers the watch. The strap of this watch is made using #tide recycled ocean plastic. #tide is an organisation that takes ocean-bound plastic and recycles it into material that can be used in the creation of new products.

3. Retro Styles

Upcoming Watch Trends for 2023

Styles always come back around, and the current trend for vintage and retro aesthetics proves this. Many people are opting for retro styles for both fashion and sustainability reasons. Many watch collectors are turning to pre-owned models to find the perfect balance between a stylish vintage aesthetic and an environmentally friendly choice.

Casio Vintage | Silver Bracelet | Digital Dial | A700WE-1AEF

Casio’s iconic Vintage collection perfectly captures a distinct retro aesthetic. This watch has a clear and easy-to-read digital display as well as the capability for alarms, an LED backlight and a stopwatch function. Digital watches were incredibly innovative when they were first launched, and this history continues to give them a futuristic air. This model exhibits a retro-inspired rectangular case that houses the quartz movement that powers the watch. A modern and timeless stainless steel bracelet secures the watch on the wrist.

4. More Colour

Each year, a new colour enters into horological fashion. First, blue took centre stage, and most recently green has become a firm favourite. Although the shades seem to change with the season, colour itself is not going anywhere. Experts have predicted that watch trends are going to favour bold colour palettes and dial designs.

Michael Kors Camille | Red Chronograph Dial | Red Stainless Steel Bracelet MK7304

The bold red shade used in the design of this Michael Kors timepiece is sure to turn heads. The vibrant red dial is adorned with rose gold details alongside three sub-dials. A red-toned stainless steel case frames this dial, continuing the striking colour palette. The watch is finished with a red-toned stainless steel bracelet that perfectly complements the red shades used in the other elements of the timepiece. In addition, this watch is water resistant up to 5 bar, making it a practical choice for everyday wear.

5. Simplicity

Upcoming Watch Trends for 2023

Experts are predicting that the classic dress watch is set to make a comeback in 2023. Despite the trend of colourful designs, clean dials are always going to be a staple in watchmaking design. The elegance of the dress watch is unmatched and can be easily styled by both men and women. It would seem that this year is leaving busy dials and excessive complications behind and instead opting for a clean slate.

Rotary Men’s Ultra Slim | Black Dial | Black Leather Strap GS08013/04

The timeless black and gold colour palette of this Rotary watch means that it can be paired with almost any look. The timepiece’s fairly affordable price tag makes its classic design accessible to most watch collectors. The watch exhibits a textured black dial that is adorned with gold baton indices and matching hands. A date display is positioned at 3 o’clock to keep the wearer well-informed. A gold-plated stainless steel case frames the dial. An ultra-slim case depth, measuring just 5.7mm, means that the watch is comfortable and lightweight. This timepiece is secured using a classic black leather strap.

What are your thoughts on these upcoming watch trends for 2023? Which of these predicted fashions are you planning on incorporating into your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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