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Magical Disney Princess Jewellery

Magical Disney Princess Jewellery

We could all do with an extra touch of magic in our lives, especially during the cold winter months. We have put together a selection of our most magical Disney Princess jewellery to help you add an extra sparkle to your everyday look. The Disney Princesses have become an international symbol of playfulness and elegance. This makes them a great inspiration for beautiful jewellery that can be worn everyday. Many of the Princesses have become brilliant role models for the younger generations due to the admirable strength and courage they display throughout their stories. This makes Disney Princess jewellery a meaningful gift to remind the recipient that they too and strong and beautiful.

Disney Princess Jewellery Recommendations

Magical Disney Princess Jewellery

Disney Crystal Set Heart and Rose Pendant C902770TZWL-P.PH

This stunning two tone necklace takes inspiration from the story of Beauty and the Beast. In the tale, the rose is enchanted. It ends up becoming a symbol of the love found between Belle and the Beast. The heart-shaped necklace is created in a striking silver tone that is sure to stand out from any outfit it is worn with. The swirling outline of the heart is set with sparkling crystals to add a little touch of magic. The rose detail is designed in a feminine shade of rose gold, providing a stunning contrast to the silver heart pendant and chain.

Disney Gold Tone Coloured Pumpskin Carriage Pendant N903223YZBL-18

The beautiful gold tone of this necklace ensures that it is very on-trend. Gold tones are often favoured due to their slightly vintage and luxurious feel, and this fits perfectly with the adorable carriage design of this necklace. A dainty pumpkin carriage-shaped pednat hangs from the centre of the delicately bobbled gold-tone chain. The carriage is taken from the story of Cinderella who escapes the ball in a carriage that was magically created from a pumpkin. To add a pop of colour to this accessory, a small blue crystal charm also hangs from the chain. The particular shade of blue is reminiscent of the blue dress Cinderella wore to the ball.

Magical Disney Princess Jewellery

Disney Mermaid Silhouette Pendant Necklace N900528SL-18.PH

Mermaid and beach-themed jewellery is set to be a huge trend again this summer, so why not get ahead with this adorable Ariel-themed necklace. Entirely designed in a subtle shade of silver, this necklace will be a more discreet nod to your favourite underwater Disney Princess. Ariel’s silhouette is intricately carved, showing her bold red hair flowing in the water. The pendant hangs from a delicate silver-toned chain for a modern and cohesive finish.

Disney Crown Gold Tone Plated Pendant N903220YZPL-18

Every princess wears a crown, and now you can give one to the little princess in your life. The adorable sclaed-down crown pendant on this necklace is intricately detailed to provide a realistic and practically royal finish. The necklace is created in a stunning shade of yellow gold for a classic and elegance aesthetic. The pendant isset with dainty pink crystals to add a touch of that signature princess sparkle to this stunning accessory.

What are your thoughts on our magical Disney Princess jewellery? Which princess is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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