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October Birthstone Gift Guide

October Birthstone Gift Guide

Birthstone jewellery is always a beautiful piece to gift a loved one. Many jewellery wearers enjoy wearing their birthstones as a way to add an extra personalised touch to their daily accessories. This October birthstone gift guide will explore some of our best recommendations of opal jewellery that will make the perfect present for those with an October birthday. Opals are coveted for their mystical play of colour that is entirely unique to the gemstone. There are several colour variations of opal, but the most well-known is the classic white colour. This gemstone pairs perfectly with a range of metal tones, allowing it to be worn by every jewellery collector.

Our October Birthstone Gift Guide

Elements Gold 9ct Yellow Gold Opal Diamond Twist Bail Pendant Only GP2233W

This beautiful pendant can be added to any chain to create a totally unique look. The pendant would pair well with any style of chain, whether delicate or bold. The pendant features a stunning round opal gemstone at its centre. This stone has been precisely cut to ensure that it captures the beautiful play of colour that the gem is so well known for. This opal is set at the centre of a cushion-shaped setting. It is framed by petite, sparkling diamonds that enhance the colours within the opal. The setting of this pendant is crafted from 9-carat yellow gold for a warm-toned and luxurious finish. The bail of this pendant has also been precisely designed. It is twisted, adding an extra flair to this stunning accessory.

Nomination Composable Classic STONE OF MONTH In Stainless Steel And 9k Rose Gold October WHITE OPAL 430508/10

Nomination charms are a lovely present to give for any occasion. The brand creates adorable stainless steel charms that can be linked in various combinations to create entirely personalised designs. This charm is a perfect gift for someone with an October birthday as it is detailed with their birthstone and birth month. The stainless steel charm features a rose gold plate at its centre. This plated is engraved with the abbreviation ‘Oct’ alongside a shimming opal gemstone. The charm can be added to any existing Nomination composable bracelet or gifted alongside a starter bracelet.

James Moore TH 9k Yellow Gold Diamond Opal Ring RD299O

This beautiful ring is crafted from 9-carat yellow gold. Yellow gold has become a popular choice of metal in recent years due to its warm tone and vintage style. The design of this ring emphasises the vintage essence of the metal tone due to its classic style. An oval-cut opal serves as the centrepiece for this stunning ring. This cut emphasises the unique iridescence of the gemstone. The central stone is framed by four leaf-like shapes. Each of these is set with dainty, sparkling diamonds to ensure that this ring catches the light from every angle.

Olivia Burton North Star & Moon Opal Silver Stud Earrings OBJCLE55

If you are searching for opal birthstone jewellery on a budget, these Olivia Burton earrings could be a perfect choice. The earrings exhibit an asymmetrical design, making them perfect for a follower of contemporary fashion. One of the earrings is shaped like a crescent moon and the other is an eight-point star. Celestial-themed jewellery has been a huge trend in recent years with many choosing it for its mystical vibe. Each of the earrings is set with sparkling crystals which surround an opal-effect stone at the centre.

Nomination Composable Classic Hard Stone Stainless Steel Rich Silver 925 Setting RED OPAL 330503/08

Opals can come in a huge range of colours outside of the iridescent white that they are best known for. Grey and green opals also occur fairly frequently in nature, and many other colours also occur more rarely. Black opals and fire opals are amongst some of the most coveted forms of the gemstone due to their striking tones. This Nomination charm features a red opal gemstone at its centre. The vibrant hue of the gemstone is detailed with spots of blue and green to create a unique and eye-catching effect. The stone is set into a charm that is crafted from sterling silver and stainless steel. It can be added to any other Nomination charms and starter bracelets to create a personalised look.

What do you think of our October birthstone gift guide? Did you find the perfect gift for your loved one? Let us know in the comments!

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