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Luminox Launches Limited Edition Master Carbon Seal Watch

Luminox Launches Limited Edition Master Carbon Seal Watch

Today, Luminox launches a limited edition Master Carbon Seal watch. This model is named ‘No One Left Behind’ as an ode to the age-old Navy SEAL’s sacrament. This new launch reimagines the Master Carbon SEAL in an updated and unique way. The watch is limited to just 888 pieces worldwide, making it an incredibly collectable item for fans of the Luminox brand. This watch is the latest in a line of many Navy SEAL watches, with the first having been released 30 years ago. It carries the same ethos of reliability, versatility and strength as every model that has come before it.

The New ‘No One Left Behind’ Watch XS.3805.NOLB.SET

The design of this latest limited edition watch from Luminox was created to encourage comradery and strength. These characteristics are an integral part of being in the Navy SEALs and Luminox has taken care to instil them into the timepiece. To emphasise the importance of the ‘No One Left Behind’ motto, the phrase is inscribed into the case back of each model. The watch is built to withstand even the most perilous quests, whether it be swimming through the night or embarking on a rescue mission. Luminox believes that wearing this watch is a reminder to encourage and uplift teammates to work together and defeat obstacles.

The Dial

This watch exhibits a mostly black colour palette with small touches of gold. This gives the watch a very striking look on the wrist, making it perfect for any occasion. The black dial is adorned with black Arabic hour markers and black hour and minute hands to provide the dial with a clean and minimalist finish. The dial is also detailed with gold brushed second hand and a date display at 6 o’clock. ‘No One Left Behind’ features at the bottom of the dial and is highlighted with gold brushed finish.

Many of the vital features of the dial are equipped with Luminox Light Technology. This technology uses gas tubes to ensure the dial is readable in the dark for up to 25 years. The dial and its features are protected by sapphire glass, providing this timepiece with a good level of durability. The glass is treated with an anti-reflective coating, meaning that the time can be read clearly in any type of light.

The Case, Movement and Finishing Touches

The case of this model is made from black Carbonox. This material is unique to Luminox and provides the timepiece with a very lightweight, yet durable, finish. This is vital in such a timepiece as it makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time whilst ensuring it can withstand any environment. The case houses the reliable quartz movement that powers the watch and is detailed with a black Carbonox bezel. The watch is provided with two straps which can be changed according to the wearer’s needs, style and preferences. The first strap is made from black rubber and the second is made from black webbing. The rubber strap will be more suited to underwater missions, whilst the webbing may be more comfortable on dry land. Additionally, this limited edition timepiece is water resistant up to 300 metres, ensuring it is suitable for most water-based activities and diving.

What do you think of the Luminox launch of the limited edition Master Carbon Seal watch? Would you add this watch to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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