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5 Reasons to Buy a Baume et Mercier

5 Reasons to Buy a Baume et Mercier

Baume et Mercier is one of the lesser-known brands in the horological industry. However, avid watch collectors ought to pay the brand more attention. Baume et Mercier is a luxury watch brand that places a huge amount of focus on using high-quality materials and movements to build luxurious timepieces that are sure to last for generations. The brand’s watches are built to last, making them brilliant investment pieces. In this exploration of 5 reasons to buy a Baume et Mercier watch, we hope to introduce this brand to watch collectors and offer some recommendations for those who are new to the brand.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Baume et Mercier

1. The brand has a long history.

5 Reasons to Buy a Baume et Mercier

The Baume et Mercier brand dates all the way back to 1830. Two brothers started the business in the idyllic setting of the Swiss Jura mountains. The brand rapidly grew, but always stayed true to the motto of “accept only perfection”. These high standards have allowed the brand to become a hugely respected name in the watch industry. Over 180 years of history give the brand a tremendous amount of experience in building high-quality and stylish timepieces. This means that a collector can be assured that every Baume et Mercier timepiece is reliable and long-lasting.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic Burgundy Red Gradient Dial M0A10699

The bold red tone of the dial of this watch ensures that the wearer will stand out from the crowd. This watch is perfect for those who enjoy decorating themselves with statement accessories and playing with colour. This model comes from the brand’s Clifton Baumatic collection which is a family of watches that have been designed for the modern gentleman. The vibrant dial features silver baton indices and hands alongside a date aperture. This dial is protected by sapphire glass and framed by a stainless steel case. This model is secured on the wrist using a timeless black leather strap. The standout feature of this timepiece is its movement. The watch is powered by a COSC-certified automatic movement that provides up to 120 hours of power reserve. This means that the watch is one of the most precise models on the market.

2. The watches are built to a very high standard.

When the brand was founded, the Baume brothers developed the philosophy of “accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality”. Baume et Mercier has managed to remain incredibly faithful to this ideology. Each of the brand’s timepieces is built using high-quality materials to ensure for a long-lasting and durable finish.

Baume & Mercier Riviera Black Plated Skeleton Dial M0A10617

The all-black design of this watch gives it a distinctly modern edge. This elegant design means that the watch can be paired with any outfit for any occasion. The black dial is semi-transparent, exposing the automatic movement within. This allows the wearer to observe and enjoy the elaborate mechanics that keep their watch ticking. A signature feature of the Riviera collection is the dodecagon-shaped bezel. This is made from black stainless steel and is detailed with four decorative screws. The case of this model is crafted from black stainless steel and features an exhibition case back. The design of this model is completed with a black rubber strap that will be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

3. Baume et Mercier creates a range of designs.

5 Reasons to Buy a Baume et Mercier

When searching for their next investment timepiece, most collectors appreciate a wealth of styles to choose from. Baume et Mercier certainly provides these options with its extensive catalogue of timepieces. A range of styles ensures that there is a perfect watch for every collector and that there will be a watch to suit any style.

Baume & Mercier Classima Diamond Set Automatic Watch M0A10633

This watch is the epitome of luxury. It is designed with a beautifully shimmering mother-of-pearl dial that will perfectly catch the light with every turn of the wrist. The dial is also set with eight diamond hour markers, adding an extra touch of elegance to the watch. This model also features a moonphase complication. This complication is hugely desirable and relatively rare. It is often favoured by watch collectors for its ethereal feel. The automatic movement that powers the watch is safely housed within a stainless steel case. This model is finished with a blue leather strap that perfectly complements the blued steel hands at the centre of the dial.

4. Baume et Mercier is a lesser-known brand.

Watches are like art. It is best to invest in a brand, or artist, before they become too popular. This ensures the best price and provides the opportunity to boast about an incredible wristwatch from a brand that is relatively unheard of. Everyone loves an opportunity to be the first among their family and friends to discover something. Investing in a Baume et Mercier will provide the perfect opportunity.

Baume & Mercier Classima Brown Leather Silver Dial Automatic M0A10524

Baume et Mercier’s Classima watches are the perfect choice for a modern professional. Each of the timepieces in this collection exhibits a clean and classic silhouette. This watch exudes elegance with its traditional design. The dial exhibits an opaline finish and features a guilloche design at its centre. A cut-out is positioned just below 12 o’clock, exposing the movement that can also be viewed through the case back. The watch is powered by an automatic movement that provides up to 38 hours of power reserve. This movement is housed within a robust polished stainless steel case. This model is secured on the wrist using a dark brown leather strap which creates a truly timeless look.

5. Each of the brand’s watches is built with a high-quality movement.

5 Reasons to Buy a Baume et Mercier

The movement of a watch is perhaps the most integral element. The movement is the heart of a timepiece and is what keeps it ticking. When purchasing a luxury timepiece, collectors expect the best movements, and Baume et Mercier will not disappoint. Whether is it mechanical or quartz, a Baume et Mercier movement is sure to be of the highest quality.

Baume & Mercier Women’s Hampton Orange Leather Strap M0A10628

The bold orange strap of this model adds a modern touch to the classic design. The watch is a brilliant choice for those who love to play with colour. This timepiece exhibits a white rectangular dial which provides the timepiece with a distinctly vintage feel. The dial is decorated with rose gold baton and Arabic indices. The dial is protected by sapphire glass and framed by a rose gold-toned stainless steel case. The case is also rectangular, emphasising the unusual shape of the dial. This watch is completed with a vibrant orange leather strap that adds a sense of playfulness to the design. This model is powered by a quartz movement, ensuring optimal reliability.

What are your thoughts on these 5 reasons to buy a Baume et Mercier? Do you have a Baume et Mercier watch in your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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