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Must-Have Disney Jewellery

Must-Have Disney Jewellery

Do you still believe in fairytales? Well even if you don’t, there’s something to be said about keeping the magic of childhood alive. Disney‘s continued popularity amongst not only children but adults as well is a testament to the power of keeping one’s playfulness even well into becoming a “grown-up”. To many people, Walt Disney‘s iconic characters and unforgettable movies are connected to happier memories of simpler times. Many children fall in love daily with princesses and princes, while their parents reminisce over their own youth. Though childhood doesn’t last forever you don’t need to let go of your child-like spark. Let yourself and your child enjoy the joys of Disney with these must-have Disney jewellery pieces.

Disney Necklaces

Disney Mickey and Minnie Intertwined Pendant N902594TL-18.PH

Must-Have Disney Jewellery

Classics are classic for a reason. This Mickey and Minnie necklace would be a great gift for anyone who’s grown up on this most iconic Disney character. The necklace has a simple design. The Mickey and Minnie Mouse silhouettes are interlocked. The Minnie charm has a 3D rose-gold toned bow.

Disney Gold Tone Coloured Pumpkin Carriage Pendant N903223YZBL-18

Must-Have Disney Jewellery

Make your wishes come true and feel like a real Disney princess with the Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage. The chain and carriage are yellow gold-toned. The pumpkin carriage charm has been made with great attention to detail and it also features a small heart where the doors should be. Additionally, for a bit of added glam, the necklace also has a vibrant blue crystal charm.

Disney Stitch | Lilo and Stitch | 3D Pendant C902913SL-P

lilo and stitch stitch pendant

This Stitch necklace captures the alien’s charming personality perfectly. The detailed pendant features Stitch, from Lilo and Stitch sitting down with his ears up in his “dog” form rather than his full alien form. The character is also pictured with a cheeky sweet smile. The pendant is 3D and silver-coloured.

Disney Maleficent Stone Set Gold Toned Pendant N903087YZML-18

maleficent necklace

We can’t talk about must-have Disney jewellery without including the villains. One of Disney’s most notorious villains, the powerful Maleficent is the inspiration behind this necklace. Whether you’re a fan of the original Sleeping Beauty or the live-action Maleficent movie, this necklace is undisputedly gorgeous. The character is most well known for her iconic black horn headdress, black and purple cloak and staff. The pendant is attached to the yellow gold-toned chain by a pair of horns. The headdress is set with white crystals and it features a black polished marble.

Disney Purple and Black Shell Pendant C902875YZML-P

Must-Have Disney Jewellery

Another greatly feared iconic villain is Ursula, the sea witch that took Ariel’s voice in return for a pair of human legs. The pendant is modelled after the shell necklace which the character herself wears. The pendant and chain are made of yellow gold-toned metal. The pendant’s bail is set with white crystals. In addition, the nautilus shell is set with dark purple crystals, an homage to Ursula’s character colour palette.

Earrings and Studs

Disney Fairy and Stars Stud Earrings Set S901065TL.PH

Must-Have Disney Jewellery

The magic of fairies never needs to fade when you’re wearing these Disney Tinker Bell and Star studs. This earring set is made up of two sets of earrings. The first set depicts three five-point stars in yellow gold-tone plating. The stars are a nod to the way to get to Neverland “second to the right, and straight on till morning”. They also invoke the image of pixie dust.

The second set of earrings is silver-toned. The studs depict Tinker Bell, perhaps the most famous fairy of all. She is Peter Pan’s companion and friend and later the main character of her own movie. The silhouette shows her recognizable iconic bun and pom-pom shoes.

Both sets of earrings can be mixed and matched for a unique look every day.

Disney Pooh and Piglet Enamel Stud Earrings E906335YL

winnie the pooh earrings

If you’re after a piece which would be immediately recognisable, we suggest you go for the Pooh and Piglet mismatched earrings. These studs show Disney’s most lovable bear and anxious piggie preparing for an embrace. The earrings are made of yellow gold-toned metal. Detailing is added with coloured enamel, yellow and red for pooh and pink for Piglet.

Must-Have Disney Jewellery

Disney Seashell Faux Pink Pearl Stud Earrings E905290SMPL

The Disney Seashell earrings are another subtle way to show your love for Disney. The earrings are inspired by The Little Mermaid. The silver-toned earrings are in the shape of seashells. A single faux pink pearl is set at the base of the stud. The earrings secure with a push back closure.


Disney Mickey Mouse Crystal Set Bracelet B901553RZWL-75.PH

 Micky Mouse crystal bracelet

With this Mickey Mouse crystal set bracelet, you can add a touch of Disney charm and glamour to any occasion. Each link of the bracelet consists of three white crystals set into a Micky Mouse silhouette. The achieved effect is subtle yet distinctly Disney and instantly recognizable upon a closer look. The bracelet secures with a catch-style clasp.

Disney Minnie Mouse T-Bar Closure Bracelet B901804TL-72.PH

Must-Have Disney Jewellery

The Minnie Mouse T-bar bracelet is the perfect subtle accessory. For those who would like to show their love for Minnie or Disney, the design of this piece allows for the bracelet to be worn daily and on most occasions. The chunky chain style of the bracelet adds to its fashionable look. The closer of the bracelet is a t-bar. Attached to the closure ring is a simplified Minnie Mouse charm. The charm is a flat disk with a 3D rose-gold toned bow.

What is your favourite Disney movie? Which of these must-have Disney jewellery pieces is you most tempted by? Let us know in the comments below.

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