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A Deep Dive into Squale

Deep Dive into Squale

Squale is one of the most influential and innovative dive watch brands in the market, yet the name is relatively unknown. A deep dive into Squale will introduce the brand to many watch lovers whilst providing fans of the brand with more information about this well-respected watch manufacturer. Squale is a brand that is often underrated. The brand is spoken about far less than other big names in the industry, despite producing incredibly high-quality and functional dive watches. The brand prides itself on creating reliable and professional diving watches for underwater enthusiasts worldwide. Squale does not discriminate between amateur enthusiasts and working professionals, so their high-tech watches are suited to any kind of diver.

The brand’s history spans over sixty years, giving Squale decades of watchmaking expertise. It is one of few Swiss manufacturers that are still family-owned. This has allowed it to stay very true to its founding philosophies and manufacturing standards. Square has a philosophy of integrity, professionalism, experience and passion. These characteristics are instilled into each and every timepiece that the brand creates, ensuring every watch is of high quality and sure to last. This deep dive into Squale will tell you everything you need to know about this innovative brand.

A Brief History of Squale

The Early Years

In 1959, Hélène and Charles Von Buren opened a watch factory in the town of Neuchatel in Switzerland. The pair managed to trademark and obtain a patent for the manufacturing of a diving watch case. This allowed them to start the production of what would become one of the most iconic diving watches in the world. The Von Buren’s produced watches with a Squale branded dial for other brands for some time. This continued until the official Squale brand was founded. One of the brand’s first launches was the ‘Master’ 1000 meters diving watch. This was incredibly groundbreaking at the time and had forged the way for almost every diver watch produced since. To prove the capabilities of this timepiece, the brand began to sponsor world record divers.

A Time for Innovation

Squale entered the 1970s by becoming a supplier to Italy’s Folgore Brigade as well as the Italian Navy’s Diving Corps. This showed the world that Squale watches were suitable for even the most professional divers, demonstrating the impressive functionality of these timepieces. The brand’s links with diving sports were strengthened when Jacques Mayol broke the freediving world record whilst wearing a Squale watch. This association has been a significant pillar of the Squale brand since it was founded, and has continued into the modern day.

During the 1980s the Maggi family took ownership of the Squale brand. However, this did not mean that the roots of the brand were forgotten. The Maggi and Von Buren families would spend plenty of time together through this era on the island of Giglio, Italy. The families would enjoy leisure and work time in this beautiful location and take the opportunity to put the latest timepiece to the test. Also during the 1980s, the brand would release the innovative Squale Rambo which featured a compass.

Squale in the Modern Day

The 1990s and 2000s proved to be some very successful decades for Squale. In these years, the brand launched the “Argonaute” watch as well as the first black diamond diving pro watch. The brand has also celebrated its 60th anniversary. To mark this momentous occasion. Squale launched an anniversary edition of the SUB-39 as a limited edition model. In more recent years, the brand has moved its headquarters from Milan to Switzerland in order to place more focus on its heritage. Whilst maintaining strong links to its history, Squale continues to optimise the design, management, production and distribution of its timepieces.

Squale’s Collections


Deep Dive into Squale

The 1521 collection is perhaps the most iconic Squale collection. It is named after the original production reference that Von Buren gave the case in the 1960s. This is just one way that Squale manages to incorporate elements of its history into the design of its most recent watches. The watches in this collection remain faithful to the original models that were first built when diving watches first appeared on the market. These models have 50ATM pressure resistance and each feature a crown at 4 o’clock.

Squale Men’s Automatic 1521 Militaire Mesh 1521MILIT.ME20

This model features a black dial that is adorned with bold, luminous indices alongside luminous hands. These features ensure that the dial is easily readable whilst diving to rather deep depths. The dial is protected by sapphire glass, giving the watch a good level of durability. A black bezel surrounds the dial. It exhibits features that are distinctive of the collection such as 120-clicks and a non-slip ridged edge. The automatic movement that powers this model is housed safely within a stainless steel case. This model is finished with a classic stainless steel mesh bracelet that makes this timepiece very versatile. The watch will pair just as well with a shirt and tie as it will with a wetsuit.


The watches in this collection are the most sought-after by underwater enthusiasts. These timepieces have high functionality with cutting-edge production techniques. This means that they will meet the needs of even the most demanding divers. The watches in this collection all have applied indices alongside the iconic Squale case back. The dial of each model is protected by domed sapphire glass and each watch is water resistant up to 60ATM.

Squale MATIC LIGHT BLUE LEATHER | Automatic | Blue Dial | Brown Leather Strap MATICXSE.PTC-CINU1565CM

The bold blue dial of this model will ensure that it stands out on the wrist. The dial features bold indices and hands with a vibrant orange minute hand. A date aperture is also included on the dial to ensure that the wearer is well informed. The bezel that surrounds the dial is half blue and half white, making its movement easier to track. This is an important feature for divers as it will help them to keep track of their time underwater. The watch is powered by an automatic movement that is held within a stainless steel case. This case measures 44mm in diameter, meaning that the dial will be easy enough to read at a glance. This model is secured on the wrist using a perforated brown leather strap for a comfortable fit.


Deep Dive into Squale

The watches in Squale’s 2002 collection are capable of guaranteeing water resistance to 1000 metres. This is incredibly impressive and not a feat that many other brands have managed. The 2002 watches are suited to diving enthusiasts who are searching for the most technical products on the market. These timepieces are characterised by important collaborations with working and sporting professionals. Each model in this collection is equipped with a helium valve. This feature provides better safety for professional divers.

Squale 2002A Blue-Red | Steel Mesh Strap | Blue Dial B083401-CINSS22

This watch exhibits a bold silver, red and blue colour scheme that makes it a true statement accessory. This will mean that the watch is perfect to wear both in and out of the water. This model is equipped with several features that make it the perfect choice for professional divers. The blue and red bezel has a push-to-release system. This means that the bezel can only be rotated after light pressure has been applied. This will help to avoid any accidental movements of the bezel. Additionally, the helium release valve enables the release of gas and pressure that builds up during deep-sea diving. The design of this watch is completed with a classic stainless steel mesh bracelet which provides a comfortable and versatile finish.


The SUB-39 collection a created to celebrate 60 years of the Squale brand. This occasion was a huge cause for celebration and the launch of these watches will forever commemorate it. The collection was first introduced in 2019 and began with an official limited edition anniversary model. This model was limited to just 150 pieces, making it a brilliant collector’s item for true fans of the brand. The SUB-39 watches are all inspired by the past. Each model measures 39mm in diameter and features a box-shaped sapphire crystal.

Squale 60 Years Blue | Sub-39 | Blue Leather Strap | Blue Dial SUB39BL-CINSQ60BL

The design of this watch was inspired by the original model. This timepiece has a distinctive vintage charm to allows it to be worn for any occasion and any dive. The watch exhibits a deep blue dial that is adorned with bold baton and number hour markers alongside a date display. A black unidirectional bezel frames the dial to give the watch an iconic divers watch look. This timepiece is powered by an automatic movement meaning that the wearer should never be left without time. This movement is housed within the 39mm stainless steel case. This watch is secured on the wrist using a strap that is made from blue Italian leather to create a bold finish. Additionally, this watch is water resistant up to 300 metres.


Deep Dive into Squale

The watches in the T-183 collection have a rather different look from the other models in the brand’s portfolio. They are made using forged carbon fibre. Forged carbon fibre is an incredibly strong variant of carbon fibre. It is created using small fragments of carbon fibre that are placed in moulds with resin and then compressed and ‘forged’ at high temperatures. This manufacturing process means that the carbon flakes are placed at random to create entirely unique patterns. The case of each watch is machined from cubes of forged carbon.

Squale T-183 Forged Carbon Black & Blue T183FCBL-CINLEATHBL

This watch features a black dial that is adorned with bold luminous baton indices. Additionally, the hands of the watch are also treated with a luminous substance. The hour and second hands are grey whilst the minute hand is blue, making it easy to track around the dial. The bezel of this watch is black, ensuring for a sleek and cohesive design. The case of this model is crafted from forged carbon, meaning that it is both incredibly strong and very lightweight. This makes it a perfect material for diving. The automatic movement that powers this watch is housed within the forged carbon case. The watch is secured on the wrist using a black leather strap, creating a classic look that means the watch can be worn every day.

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What did you learn from this deep dive into Squale? Would you consider adding a Squale watch to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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