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Oris Release Updated Cotton Candy Watches

Oris Release Updated Cotton Candy Watches

In exciting news, Oris release updated Cotton Candy watches. The Oris Cotton Candy collection has been revamped with some brand new designs. The brand first launched this collection last year in an effort to add some brightness and colour to a dark time. The previous models offered a moment of cheerful escapism for many, and Oris is trying to continue this feeling of optimism in its latest launch. The updated Cotton Candy launch has been released following the success of last years models. The bright, pastel dials were an unexpected design from a traditional brand such as Oris, but people worldwide fell in love with the playful colour palette. The news that Oris is releasing updated Cotton Candy watches will please watch collectors everywhere.

The New and Updated Models

The most notable change in the design of the Cotton Candy watches is that they are now secured using a recycled Perlon strap. The previous iterations of the design used bronze and leather straps. However, this update adds a more playful and colourful twist to the vibrant design. Each of the three watches in this launch is designed using the classic Oris Divers Sixty-Five shape, meaning that they have the same durability and reliability as Oris’s most famous timepieces.

The Dial and Movement

The launch consists of three models which are each designed in a different colour palette. The watches are available in Sky Blue (01 733 7771 3155-07 3 19 02BRS), Wild Green (01 733 7771 3157-07 3 19 03BRS) and Lipstick Pink (01 733 7771 3158-07 3 19 04BRS). The dial of each model is designed in its unique Cotton Candy shade to create a bold look on the wrist. Each dial is adorned with Superluminova hands and indices. These details ensure that the dial can be read easily in the dark or underwater. A date aperture is also included on the dial. It is positioned at 6 o’clock. The dial is protected by domed and anti-reflective sapphire glass. These watches are each powered by an automatic movement. The movement will provide the watch with up to 38 hours of power reserve.

The Case, Strap and Finishing Touches

The cases of these watches are one of the things that make them so unique. Each watch has a case that is crafted from bronze. Bronze is an unusual material as it develops a patina as it is worn. This means that over time, each individual timepiece will develop a unique look that is personal to the wearer. The patina will be affected by how and where the watch is worn. The case measures 38mm in diameter and features a bronze bezel with a minute scale. This case size ensures the watch will be comfortable to wear for long stretches of time. Each timepiece is secured using a recycled Perlon strap in a bold colour to precisely match the shade of the dial. The straps are secured using a luxurious bronze buckle. Additionally, the watches are all water resistant up to 10 bar. This is aided by a screw-in crown.

What are your thoughts on the Oris release of updated Cotton Candy watches? Which of the colours is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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