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Nomination: The Original Italian Charm Bracelet

Nomination: The Original Italian Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets have been a huge trend in recent months. Summer styling has seen many people turning to the trends of the late 90s and early 2000s for inspiration. This has reminded many of the charm bracelet trends of their youth. Nomination: the original Italian charm bracelet has had a huge resurgence in popularity due to this. Nomination charm bracelets allow a wearer to build their own entirely unique bracelet using the brand’s stylish charms for a personalised look. This style of bracelet has gained attention across many popular social media platforms with many wanting to reintroduce this accessory back into their daily styling. Why not invest in the best and personalise your accessories with Nomination: the original Italian charm bracelet?

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Nomination: The Original Italian Charm Bracelet

Nomination Composable BEST FRIENDS Gold Bracelet BFF-NOM

If you are a brand new collector and have learned about Nomination jewellery through the resurgence of the trend, then this starter bracelet could be the perfect choice for you or your loved one. This bracelet uses one of the brand’s gold-toned stainless steel base bracelets to create an on-trend look. Gold has been a big trend in recent years and many favour it for its warm tone and slightly vintage feel. Three Nomination charms are positioned at the centre of this bracelet. The first features a smiling daisy that is crafted using coloured enamel and gold detailing. The central charm exhibits a gold plate that is engraved with an illustration of two hands making a pinky promise. The final charm features a simple gold plate with a small red heart at its centre. More charms can be added to this bracelet as the wearer continues to build their collection.

Nomination COMPOSABLE CLASSIC Coloured Base Bracelets Branded Rose Gold (13 links) 030001/SI/011-13

If you would prefer to build your Nomination bracelet from scratch, then this is the best place to start. A Nomination base bracelet is the perfect first building block when starting a collection. From this point, a collector can select charms that represent their style or important milestones in their life to build a totally unique piece of jewellery. This base bracelet is in a stunning rose gold colour, providing a stylish base for any charms that it is paired with. Rose gold looks great with both silver and yellow gold, making it a brilliant versatile option for the beginnings of a Nomination bracelet. However, the base bracelets are available in a range of metal tones so each collector can build an accessory that is totally tailored to them.

Nomination: The Original Italian Charm Bracelet

Nomination Classic Five Pearl Dropper Charm Stainless Steel 030609/01

Nomination charms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colours. This is perhaps one of the most glamorous in the brand’s portfolio. The charm is crafted from stainless steel. This material gives it a perfectly polished finish and long-lasting nature. Five pearl charms hang from the centre of this charm. One of the pearls is larger than the others which are all the same size. The detail on this charm means that it will catch the eye every time the wearer moves their wrist. This glamorous and feminine charm will make the perfect focal point in any Nomination charm bracelet.

Nomination Classic Wish Dandelion Double Link Steel & Bonded Rose Gold 430710/19

This charm is a beautiful example of one of Nomination’s double-length charms. These charms are twice the length of a standard Nomination charm. This makes them great centrepieces on a bracelet, or a quick and striking way to fill up a bracelet. This charm is crafted from a sturdy stainless steel base that has a rose gold plate across its centre. The rose gold-tone gives this charm a stylish look that will ensure it pairs well with any other charms. A dandelion is engraved into this charm along with the phrase “wish”. This charm would be a beautiful gift for any loved one who collects Nomination charms.

Nomination: The Original Italian Charm Bracelet

Nomination Composable Classic PLATES Steel And Silver 925 MR & MRS Flower 330111/15

Many Nomination collectors use the brand’s charms and bracelets to signify important moments and milestones in their life. The brand creates charms for many occasions including birthdays, weddings and new babies amongst many others. This charm would be a beautiful addition for any newly married couple. The charm is made from a combination of stainless steel and sterling silver to create a perfectly polished look. The charm is engraved with the phrase “Mr & Mrs”. The phrase is surrounded by a detailed floral design.

Nomination Composable CL SYMBOLS Steel Cz And Silver 925 RICH RAINBOW Flower 330322/05

Nomination has many charms that will ass a touch of playfulness and sparkle to any bracelet. Many of the brand’s charms are detailed with gemstones, crystals and enamel to create a sparkling and colourful design. This charm is set with a rainbow of cubic zirconia crystals to create a bold, eye-catching look. The rainbow design also means that this charm can be paired with any other charms in a collection without fear of clashing. The crystals are arranged in the shape of a flower to give the charm a fun and feminine feel.

What are your thoughts on Nomination: the original Italian charm bracelet? Do you already collect these unique charms or are you just beginning your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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