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Hamilton Release New PSR

Hamilton Releases New PSR

Today, Hamilton releases the new PSR. The PSR is one of the brand’s most popular models, and the launch of this latest variant has been long awaited by many fans. The new launch features a green hybrid LCD-OLED display. This green and silver colourway has been long awaited by fans of the PSR design and will make many collectors very happy. The PSR was the world’s first digital watch. Its original launch disrupted the market with its revolutionary design characteristics. Previous iterations of the Hamilton PSR have included red displays, black PVD and solid gold watches. However the striking green dial has never been seen as part of the brand’s core collection. The Hamilton release of the new PSR is one of the most eagerly awaited this year and will make a bold addition to any collection.

The New Hamilton PSR

The brand new design for this watch reflects the pioneering and forward thinking era of space design that inspired the original PSR model. The latest launch continues to fulfill the legacy of the PSR by combining groundbreaking technology with a futuristic aesthetic. The new watch is a dynamic take on the 1970s version, using the same avant-garde case design. This distinctive style has become an iconic piece within Hamilton’s portfolio with many celebrities, including Elvis Presley, sporting the style.

The Watch H52414131

The dial of this new model features vivid green numbering in a hybrid LCD-OLED display. The numbers can be seen clearly, but the brightness can be increased using the PSR’s signature button. This display is protected by sapphire glass that has been treated to be anti-reflective. This treatment means that the time can be read clearly, even under bright lights. A robust and durable stainless steel case frames the display. It is designed with an unusual shape that has become an iconic and defining feature of the PSR design throughout the decades. This case measures 40.8mm in width and 34.7mm in height to create an eye-catching look on the wrist.

This model is powered by a digital quartz movement, ensuring for a high level of precision and reliability. This is essential as the PSR made history as the world’s first digital watch, paving the way for how people would keep time in the future. The timepiece is secured on the wrist using a classic stainless steel bracelet that gives this unique watch a versatile style, ensuring it can be worn every day. Additionally, the new PSR is water resistant up to 10 bar, making it a practical, as well as stylish, choice.

What are your thoughts on the Hamilton release of the new PSR? Would you consider adding this iconic watch to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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