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Celebrate Festival Season with Swatch

Celebrate Festival Season with Swatch

Festival season is the season of bright colours, bold patterns and vibrant accessories. You can celebrate festival season with Swatch and its Flower Power collection this year. Festival fashion is every style lover’s annual opportunity to break boundaries and adorn themselves in floral, floaty, brightly coloured clothing. Swatch has captured this style’s essence in its latest launch of watches. Each of the models in this small collection takes inspiration from the 1960s and 1970s ‘summer of love’ style and captures its feeling in the design of four timepieces. Each of the watches in this collection is designed in a different design with the same signature array of bold colours. If you are searching for your perfect summer accessory, look no further and celebrate festival season with Swatch.

Swatch’s Flower Power Watches

Celebrate Festival Season with Swatch

Swatch Flower Power GROOVY LOVE Bioceramic Watch SO31S100

This vibrant watch is designed in a rainbow of colours that will make it a brilliant accessory for both festival season and any Pride events you may be attending this summer. The dial is decorated with a rainbow heart design that radiates out from the centre. It is detailed with just a pair of white hour and minute hands that are easy to see against the vibrant background. The pale grey case of this watch is made from bioceramic. This is a material that Swatch created. It combines bio-sourced plastic and ceramic to create a luxurious, yet very affordable material. This simple case design allows the vibrant dial to take centre stage. The radiating rainbow pattern is continued onto the silicone strap of the watch to ensure it truly stands out on the wrist.

Celebrate Festival Season with Swatch

Swatch Flower Power GO WITH THE ‘BOW Bioceramic Watch SO31B101

The rainbow elements of this watch are made to truly stand out by the black case and strap. The dial of this model is entirely adorned with a rainbow design in a graduation of colours. The date aperture is replaced by the word ‘peace’ on a yellow backdrop, giving this model a very 1960s feel. The case that frames this dial is entirely black in colour, ensuring the rainbow dial is very eye-catching at the centre. This case is made from bioceramic to provide a long lasting and luxurious finish. This model is secured on the wrist using a black silicone strap. The strap is decorated with brightly coloured illustrations, including a peace sign and a camper van. This watch captures the essence of festival life and translates it perfectly into a stylish wristwatch design.

Celebrate Festival Season with Swatch

Swatch Bioceramic Flower Power FLOWER HOUR Watch SO32M104

The delicate pink and white colour palette used in the design of this model gives it a playful and feminine edge. The white dial features a large pink flower at its centre. The petals of the flower extend to the outer edges of the dial and a yellow circle it positioned at its centre. The words ‘flower power’ feature within this yellow circle to emphasise the theme of this entire collection. The dial is adorend with bold white hour, minute and second hands to perfectly match the colour palette of this timepiece. The bioceramic case of this watch is white in colour. It houses the reliable quartz movement that powers this model. This watch is completed with a silicone strap. The strap exhibits a gradient design with a colour shift that moves from pure white to bold pink.

Celebrate Festival Season with Swatch

Swatch Bioceramic Flower Power POWER OF PEACE Watch SO32W107

This watch is one of the most playful designs in the collection. The dial exhibits a white background with the phrase ‘flower power’ featured across it in shades of pink and blue. A pastel coloured gun design also features on the dial. A white bioceramic case frames the dial, allowing the fun pastel designs to take centre stage. The strap that secures this model is made from white silicone. It is covered with whimsical designs and illustrations in a rainbow of pastel shades. This will ensure that the watch is truly eye-catching, no matter what it is worn with. The watch is powered by a famous Swatch quartz movement and is splash resistant. These features make it a stylish and practical choice for everyday wear.

What do you think of Swatch’s latest models? Will you celebrate festival season with Swatch? Let us know in the comments!

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