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Making Your Style More Sustainable

Making Your Style More Sustainable

With the rise in awareness of worldwide environmental issues, sustainable style has become a popular topic. Making your style more sustainable may seem like a huge step at first. However, with gradual additions to a pre-existing collection, it can be a very manageable task. One of the biggest pillars of sustainability is making use of items that you already own. Therefore, making your style more sustainable does not need to cost a fortune. It is always a treat to add new pieces to a collection, so this guide will offer tips alongside some recommendations for more sustainable accessories.

How To Make Your Style More Sustainable

Invest in High-Quality Items

High-quality items are a worthwhile investment when aiming to make jewellery or watch collections more sustainable. These accessories will come with a higher initial cost, but they will last long into the future. This means that each item will get far more wear, bringing the cost per wear down to a very affordable price. If you invest wisely, the item may retain its value or even increase in value over time. A high-quality piece of jewellery will also make a beautiful heirloom piece to be passed down through generations of a family.

Making Your Style More Sustainable

Elements Gold 9ct Yellow Gold T-bar Chain Necklace GN354

A simple gold chain will always be a key element in any jewellery collection. This accessory will pair perfectly with any outfit and any other items of jewellery it is worn with. A gold chain can be used to accessorise a simple combination of a t-shirt and jeans but would be equally beautiful with a formal dress. This chain has an unusual appearance, using a combination of long links and smaller, round links. The chain is completed with a T-bar detailing to create a focal point at the centre of the necklace. This chain is crafted from 9-carat gold to provide a perfectly polished and very long-lasting finish.

Choose Classic Style Over Trend-Led Pieces

It is fun to follow trends, but the rapid pace of fashion can mean that these pieces quickly become redundant. Accessories work in a similar way as clothing in this respect. The fashion can pass as quickly as it came, and a selection of brand new pieces is unlikely to be worn again. This can be avoided by curating a core selection of jewellery. This selection should be high-quality and each piece ought to have a simple and classic design. This will mean that the jewellery can be worn for any occasion and will pair well with an occasional trend piece.

Thomas Sabo Women’s Glam And Soul Small Hinged Hoops Silver CR608-001-12

A simple and chic classic hoop is a great piece to add to a curated jewellery collection. Silver hoop earrings look very stylish and elegant when they are paired with any type of outfit for any occasion. The clean and polished finish of the sterling silver used in these earrings will allow them to be paired with a range of other jewellery pieces. These earrings feature a hinged fastening, making them easy to put in and remove. The hoops measure approximately 1.5cm in diameter meaning that they are not too big or too small. They are sure to be noticed but will not overpower an outfit.

Choose Items That Are Made From Sustainable Materials

In order to make a watch collection more sustainable, it is best to select pieces that are made from sustainable materials. This means that the impact that the creation of the product has on the environment is minimised. One of the most popular sources of sustainable materials is #TIDE. This organisation saves ocean-bound plastic and uses it to make plastic that can be used to manufacture clothing and accessories among other items.

Making Your Style More Sustainable

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Quartz #TIDE Upcycled-Plastic White/Light Blue AI2008-AAAA1-3A0-0

The case of this Maurice Lacroix watch has a case that is made of #TIDE plastic that has been mixed with glass fibre. This material is very durable, so its sustainable nature does not compromise on quality. The material also has a much smaller carbon footprint than virgin plastic, making it a great choice when making your collection more sustainable. This model has a bright blue dial that is sure to be eye-catching on the wrist. The dial is detailed with diamond-set hour markers to give the timepiece an extra touch of luxury. This model proves that sustainability does not mean a lack of style or luxury. This watch is secured on the wrist using a white rubber strap that will remain comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Buy From Brands That Have a Positive Environmental Impact

By supporting sustainable brands, you have a positive impact on the environment whilst shopping. some watch and jewellery brands are making a significant effort to become more eco-friendly in their production. It is vital that customers support this effort as it forces other brands to make similar choices. Some brands are doing this by opting for vegan materials rather than leather. Other brands are partnering with environmental organisations to create change. No matter how the brand is working to help the environment, buying from these brands is an easy way to introduce sustainability into your collection.

ORIS Aquis New York Harbor Limited Edition (2000 Pieces) SET 01 733 7766 4187-SET

In the creation of this striking green timepiece, Oris has backed the Billion Oyster Project. This project is working to restore one billion oysters to the New York Harbor by 2035. This area was once home to 220,000 acres of oyster reefs and their loss has had a significant environmental impact. By collaborating with this worthy cause, Oris has created the perfect timepiece for the environmentally aware luxury watch collector. This model is a limited edition, increasing its desirability. The unusual green shade of the mother-of-pearl dial is inspired by the distinctive colour of the New York Harbor. This model is powered by an automatic movement, ensuring it will become a frequently worn and well-loved item in any collection.

Look After Items That You Already Own

The easiest and cheapest way to make your style more sustainable is to use what you already have. Rather than throwing old things away to make space for investment pieces or sustainable materials, it is best to look after things you already own. For watches and jewellery, this often means cleaning the pieces and storing them correctly. Watches and jewellery can be easily polished using a soft cloth. This will restore shine and make each piece look as good as new. It is important to store watches and jewellery correctly in order to maintain their longevity. Some people opt to keep the items in their original boxes, whereas others may invest in purpose-made storage options.

Making Your Style More Sustainable

WOLF Memento Mori Black Triple Watch Roll With Jewellery Capsule 493402

This WOLF watch roll is designed in a striking black colour palette. The outside of the roll is detailed with an abstract pattern for added interest. Three watches can be stored in this roll, making it an ideal storage solution for beginner watch collectors or frequent travellers. The innermost part of the roll features a capsule that can be removed in order to store jewellery. This will keep precious jewellery safe from damage. This watch roll will keep items safe between each wear so they are ready for each time they are required.

Did you learn anything from this guide on making your style more sustainable? Are you doing anything to accessories in a more eco-friendly way? Share your tips in the comments below!

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