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5 Everyday Men’s Fossil Watches

5 Everyday Men's Fossil Watches

Fossil’s distinctive retro style makes its watches and accessories perfect for daily wear. We have curated this selection of 5 everyday men’s Fossil watches to help you to find the perfect model for you. The brand was founded in 1984 and focused on shipping watches from overseas. The actual Fossil brand was created in 1990 and has produced its own timepieces and accessories since. Each item that the brand designs is incredibly stylish with an elegant sense of vintage style that makes them versatile. This allows the watches to be worn with a range of outfits for a variety of occasions. The brand’s unique aesthetic ensures an eye-catching look on the wrist. If you are searching for your next timepiece, keep reading for our 5 everyday men’s Fossil watches.

Our 5 Everyday Men’s Fossil Watches

5 Everyday Men's Fossil Watches

Fossil Men’s Neutra Chrono | Black Dial | Black Leather Strap FS5452

This chronograph model is a great companion in day-to-day life as it provides the wearer with plenty of functionality. The watch features a black dial that is adorned with three sub-dials and a date display. The dial also exhibits silver baton indices alongside silver hour, minute and second hands. The contrast between the dial and its features ensures that the time is easy to read at a glance. This model is powered by a quartz movement, making it precise and reliable. This movement is housed within the stainless steel case. The watch is secured on the wrist using a black leather strap. This completes the stylish, yet minimalistic, style of the timepiece.

Fossil Men’s Grant Automatic | Skeleton Dial | Brown Leather Strap ME3099

The skeleton dial of this model makes it a statement piece that will be an elegant accessory, no matter the occasion. The watch exhibits a white dial at just the outer edge of the face. This is decorated with black Roman numeral indices which provide a slightly vintage feel. The centre of the dial is cut out to expose the automatic movement within. This is s very desirable feature in a timepiece as it allows the wearer to truly appreciate the beauty of the mechanics that power the watch. This movement is housed within a stainless steel case that measures 44mm in diameter to create a flattering fit on the wrist. The watch is completed with a timeless and elegant brown leather strap.

5 Everyday Men's Fossil Watches

Fossil Men’s Bronson | Blue Chronograph Dial | Blue Stainless Steel Bracelet FS5916

Once a statement and now a staple, blue watches are always on trend. This hue has become a core design within men’s watchmaking and is a firm favourite of many collectors. This model features a blue dial that is adorned with three sub-dials. This feature gives the wearer much more functionality, making it a great choice for everyday wear. A blue bezel and a blue stainless steel case frame the dial. The all-blue design of this colour scheme gives the timepiece a cohesive look to create a bold and stylish look on the wrist. This model is finished with a blue stainless steel bracelet that gives this classic timepiece a modern edge. Additionally, this timepiece is water resistant up to 50 metres, making it a practical choice for frequent wear.

Fossil Men’s Townsman Automatic | Skeleton Dial | Black Leather Strap ME3210

The bold and unusual design of the dial of this timepiece makes it a brilliant statement accessory. This makes the watch perfect for those who love to stand out from the crowd. The dial is almost entirely transparent, allowing the wearer to view the automatic movement within. The dial is adorned with black Roman numeral and baton indices in a skeleton style to accentuate the transparent design. The movement is gold in colour, adding a touch of luxury to the style of this model. A gold stainless steel case framed this dial. It measures 44mm in diameter to make it stand out perfectly on the wrist. This watch is secured using a classic black leather strap that will pair with any outfit.

5 Everyday Men's Fossil Watches

Fossil Men’s Bronson | Brown Chronograph Dial | Brown Leather Strap FS5875

The brown and black colour palette of this watch makes it very versatile. It will allow the watch to be worn with either black or brown accessories, making it the perfect timepiece for everyday wear. The dial of the watch is brown and is adorned with three sub-dials and a date display, providing the wearer with all of the information they could desire. The hands and indices are large and bold to make the dial easy to read whilst on the move. A black stainless steel case frames this dial, contrasting the brown tones. This perfectly frames the dial, drawing the eye to it. This model is secured on the wrist using a timeless brown leather strap that will remain comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

What are your thoughts on these 5 everyday men’s Fossil watches? Would you add a Fossil watch to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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