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Oris Announces New York Harbor Watch

Oris Announces New York Harbor Watch

This week, Oris announces the New York Harbor watch. This model is a limited edition with only 2000 pieces worldwide. The watch is set to be a very desirable and collectable model and is worthy of a place in any watch collection. This timepiece has been released as part of Oris’s Change For The Better project. The brand has released several watches as part of this project, with each one focusing on a unique environmental issue. Oris works with charities and organisations to put these grand ideas into action, working to improve the planet one step at a time. If you are interested in this unique timepiece, keep reading for more information about Oris’s announcement of the New York Harbor watch.

The Billion Oyster Project

Oris Announces New York Harbor Watch

This new release from Oris will back the Billion Oyster Project. This project is an ambitious non-profit organisation which aims to restore one billion oysters to New York Harbor by 2035. This is an incredibly important goal as in centuries gone by, New York Harbor was home to around 220,000 acres of oyster reefs. This number is hugely depleted now, and Oris is aiming to restore it to its former glory. Oysters are vital to the health of the water and surrounding environment as they can filter as much as 50 gallons of water per day. Oysters create ecosystems for other marine life and form natural storm barriers. This project will have a hugely positive effect on the surrounding natural environment.

The Watch (01 733 7766 4187-Set)

Oris Announces New York Harbor Watch

The Oris New York Harbor watch is a limited edition timepiece with only 2000 pieces available worldwide. The design of this elegant model is based on that of the brand’s high-performance Aquis diver’s watch. The unique green colour of the watch is inspired by the famous harbour’s water. This shade makes the watch stand out from the crowd and will become a well-loved accessory. The dial is crafted using green mother-of-pearl, giving the watch a perfect shine that is reminiscent of the iridescent finish associated with oysters. The dial is adorned with silver baton indices alongside a date display. These features are protected by domed sapphire glass that has been treated with a layer of anti-glare.

The watch is powered by an automatic movement that provides the timepiece with up to 38 hours of power reserve. This movement is housed within a stainless steel case. This case measures 41.5mm, creating a comfortable and flattering look on the wrist. This timepiece is provided with two straps. One is made from stainless steel and will give the watch a classic and elegant look. The second strap is made from green rubber. This is a great choice for when the wearer is making the most of the 30-bar water resistance rating of the watch. A strap changing tool is also provided with the watch.

What are your thoughts on Oris announcing the New York Harbor watch? Would you consider adding this limited-edition timepiece to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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