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Celebrate the Jubilee Weekend with Nomination

Celebrate the Jubilee Weekend with Nomination

The Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee this coming weekend with a series of events and concerts. Many people are celebrating the occasion with street parties with neighbours and friends. Some may choose to celebrate the Jubilee Weekend with Nomination and adorn themselves in themed jewellery. These pieces of jewellery are a way to acknowledge the event and have a keepsake to wear every day to remind you of the momentous occasion and the happy memories that were made celebrating it. If you are looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery to wear for this historical event, keep reading for our recommendations of pieces to wear while you celebrate the Jubilee Weekend with Nomination.

Best Nomination Charms for the Jubilee Weekend

Nomination Composable Double Classic Steel and 925 Silver Jubilee Link 330711/09

Celebrate the Jubilee Weekend with Nomination

Nomination has produced this charm, especially for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The charm is made from stainless steel to ensure for durability, meaning that the charm can be proudly worn every day as a reminder of this occasion. A sterling silver plate is set across the top of the charm, adding a touch of luxurious precious metal to this piece. The charm is engraved with the phrase “Jubilee 1952-2022” to emphasise the longevity of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and service. The charm is also engraved with an illustration of a crown and some bunting as a nod to the many street parties that will be held to celebrate the event. This charm is a double-length charm and will make a beautiful centrepiece for any Nomination bracelet.

Nomination Composable Classic FLAGS Stainless Steel Enamel Sterling Silver Great Britain 330207/04

As hundreds of households are decorating their houses with Union Jack bunting, this charm could be a great way to remember this event. The Union Jack is the flag that combines the flags of each country in Great Britain. The celebrations of the Queen’s Jubilee span the entire country, making this symbol of unity a great way to incorporate this event into your unique Nomination bracelet. This charm is made from stainless steel with sterling silver detailing. The colours of this vibrant flag are created using coloured enamel in shades of red, white and blue.

Nomination Composable Classic PLATES Steel Enamel And 18k Gold Beer Cheers 030284/51

Celebrate the Jubilee Weekend with Nomination

For many people, the Jubilee Weekend means a long weekend. Many people will choose to spend this time outdoors whether it be at the park, at home, or in the pub garden. This momentous event will be celebrated with plenty of food and drink enjoyed with close friends and family. This charm exhibits two pints of beer held in a “cheers!” position to signify the time spend enjoying the bank holiday weekend with loved ones. The charm is made from stainless steel to fit in seamlessly with other charms on a Nomination bracelet. A bonded yellow gold plate is set at the centre of the charm. The pints of beer are engraved into this plate and are detailed with white enamel.

Nomination Composable CL SYMBOLS Steel Cubic Zirconia And Silver 925 70 330304/33

Platinum is used to celebrate the 70th anniversary. The Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, meaning that she has spent 70 years on the throne. This charm is made from stainless steel and features sterling silver detailing for an added touch of luxury. The number ’70’ is featured at the centre of the charm. The number is entirely set with sparkling cubic zirconia crystals that are fit for a queen. This charm would make a beautiful way to subtly acknowledge the Jubilee on your Nomination bracelet. It would also make a beautiful gift for anyone who is celebrating a 70th birthday or anniversary this year.

Nomination COMPOSABLE Classic ENGRAVED SIGNS In Stainless Steel With 18k Gold CUSTOME Queen 030121/49

This charm is made from a base of stainless steel with a bonded yellow gold plate set at the centre. This combination of materials creates a robust charm that does not sacrifice luxury. The gold plate is engraved with the word “queen” alongside an illustration of a crown. This charm is a fun and playful way to include a charm in a Nomination bracelet to mark the Queen’s Jubilee. It is subtle and not too heavily associated with the occasion. This charm would make a lovely gift to anyone in your life you consider to be a queen. The gold tones of the charm combine with the silver of the stainless steel to create a perfectly chic mixed metal finish.

What do you think of these Jubilee themed charms? Will you celebrate the Jubilee Weekend with Nomination? Let us know in the comments.

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