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Timex x Stranger Things Watches

timex x stranger things

Fans of the hit tv show Stranger Things have been waiting for season 4 for almost 3 years. Finally today, on the 27th of May, Netflix has released the first 7 episodes of the show! This news isn’t the only thing fans can look forward to, however. The program has teamed up with watch brand Timex on an exciting collaboration. There are 3 Timex x Stranger Things watches available. Each timepiece is part of a different collection, giving any fan an option to snag one of these fantastic watches.

A brief overview of Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an American sci-fi horror drama set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. The show premiered first in July 2016 on Netflix and quickly became a global sensation. The hit series snatched fans’ hearts with its mixture of spine-chilling Lovecraftian horror and heart-warming 80s nostalgia. The show follows a family and a young group of friends who investigate the mysterious disappearance of their son and friend Will Byers. At the same time, a peculiar girl arrives in the town fueling even further the supernatural goings-on of the town.

Stranger Things has been nominated for several Golden Globe Awards and won multiple People’s Choice Awards amongst others. The show is exclusive to Netflix. You can watch the first 7 episodes of season 4 now on the streaming platform.

The watches

The Timex pieces fit perfectly into the aesthetic of the show due to their vintage-inspired designs. Though the brand has been around since the end of the 19th century, it saw massive success during the 70s and 80s with the rise of digital watches. The models below not only sport a retro design but also bring period-specific details and elements into 2020s. Additionally, all timepieces feature hidden hair-raising details revealed through the use of an eerie INDIGLO® backlight.

Timex Atlantis x Stranger Things Digital 40mm Resin Strap Watch TW2V51000

Timex x Stranger Things Watches
atlantis in the dark

The Timex Atlantis watch has a 40 mm case and strap made of durable matt black resin. The digital dial of the watch is covered by an acrylic crystal. Surrounding the rectangular display is red and black graphics of the Upside Down. Increasing the horror factor of the watch is the aforementioned “hair-raising detail”. When the INDIGLO backlight is used on the watch an image of the Mind Flayer can be seen on the display. At 3:00 the watch’s display reveals the scary reality of the Upside Down for 20 seconds. Another feature of the watch is its alarm plays the iconic Stranger Things melody. If you don’t wish to set an alarm to hear the tune, the watch can also play it on demand.

Additional, more mundane, features of the watch include a countdown timer, a lap counter, a chronograph, month, day and date indicators as well as two timezones and 24-hour time. The model is water-resistant up to 100 meters and secures with a buckle.

Timex T80 x Stranger Things Digital 34mm Stainless Steel Watch TW2V50900

Timex x Stranger Things Watches
t80 in the dark

If you want an even more vintage-looking watch why not try the T80. This watch stands out with its classic 80s silhouette and is definitely a timepiece Hopper would be happy to wear. The watch’s case is made of resin. It measures 34mm in diameter. The digital display is surrounded by an eerie scene of the gang riding their bikes. In this model, if you activate the INDIGLO backlight, the display will reveal the Stranger Things logo. The watch also has a mineral glass crystal. This model also plays the tv show’s melody on-demand or as an alarm. Other features include a day, date and month display, and a chronograph. The watch is only splash resistant, however, and should not be submerged in water.

Timex Camper x Stranger Things 40mm Fabric Strap Watch TW2V50800

Timex x Stranger Things Watches
camper in the dark

Last but not least, if you’re a fan of lower-tech watches the Camper is for you. As if coming straight out of the Upside Down, the hour-markers of the watch are all upside down. The model has a 40 mm black resin case and a black textile strap with a buckle. The black dial of this watch hides something sinister. The blood-red indiglo backlight illuminates a Demogorgon. Above the 6 o’clock hour marker is positioned the Stranger Things logo in red. Powering the watch is a quartz movement.

What do you think of the Timex x Stranger Things watches? Let us know in the comments below.

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