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Introducing the Garmin Tactix 7

Introducing the Garmin Tactix 7

Garmin is introducing the Garmin Tactix 7. This eagerly awaited model is a tactical multisport GPS smartwatch that is precisely designed to be able to withstand incredibly challenging environments. This watch is tested to military standards and built to be durable and robust. The new models provide specialised tactical features. Classic Garmin features and smartwatch functionality provide a well-rounded timepiece for all occasions. The new Tactix 7 is available in both a standard and pro model, so there is a perfect choice for every adventurer.

The All-New Garmin Tactix 7 Models

Introducing the Garmin Tactix 7

These new watches are the latest models in the line of Garmin’s tactical timepieces. The watches are built to be incredibly durable and able to withstand even the harshest environments. These watches can be operated using button controls alongside a modern touchscreen display. This means that the watch can be easily used in all conditions. These rugged, yet rather sophisticated, watches feature an always-on 1.4″ display. This allows all of the features to be seen and accessed with ease.

The custom front bezel design combined with the black DLC coated titanium bezel gives these watches an air of elegance whilst ensuring that they are very durable. This is aided by the 51mm black fibre-reinforced polymer case, sapphire lens and black PVD coated titanium rear cover. These watches are finished with a comfortable black strap that is made from a combination of nylon and silicone. This strap is QuickFit compatible. They can be quickly and easily swapped out for any other QuickFit strap of the same size.

Tactical Features

Introducing the Garmin Tactix 7

As these models are designed to be used as tactical timepieces, they are equipped with a great number of tactical features. The watches feature a dimmable white or green LED flashlight and are night-vision compatible. This means that the dial can be read even whilst wearing night-vision goggles. The watches have preloaded tactical and aviation features and dual-position GPS formatting. Jumpmaster mode and projected waypoints will help any adventurer on their way by providing detailed information. The stealth mode and kill switch make this model the perfect tactical timepiece as they protect the wearer and their information.

Activity Features

Introducing the Garmin Tactix 7

Although these watches are equipped with useful tactical features, Garmin has still provided useful activity and fitness features in these timepieces. The watches are equipped with TopoActive and ski maps, ensuring the wearer can navigate in all kinds of areas. They also have multi-band and multi-GNSS support for a higher accuracy level. The watches are capable of training and performance tracking with preloaded workout recommendations. This ensures that every element of a workout are tracked and perfectly tailored to the wearer. An all-new HIIT activity profile combined with health and wellness monitoring will give the wearer great workouts with great insights.

Smartwatch Features

Introducing the Garmin Tactix 7

This watch is a great choice for everyday wear as well as adventuring due to the smartwatch features that are built into it. The watches are capable of displaying smart notifications to keep the wearer in touch with their contacts. The watches are also equipped with GarminPay functionality so that contactless payments can be made easily on the move. The standard version of the watch has a 28 days battery life in smartwatch mode and the pro has 37 days of battery life in the same mode. The extended battery life of the pro model is due to the power sapphire solar charging lens. This allows the watch to use solar energy to power itself. The standard model is secured on the wrist using a black silicone strap that will remain comfortable to wear in all conditions. The pro model features a nylon strap for a classic military look.

If you are interested in the Garmin Tactix 7, click here to browse the standard model (010-02704-01) and click here to browse the pro model (010-02704-11).

What are your thoughts on the Garmin Tactix 7? Which of the features catches your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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