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All-New Flik Flak Kid’s Watches

All-New Flik Flak Kid's Watches

Since Flik Flak was founded in 1987, it has become one of the world’s favourite children’s watch brands. The brand was founded in Biel, Switzerland and created the first watch to have a design dedicated to teaching children how to read the time. To this day, Flik Flak aims to create fun and playful timepieces that encourage children to learn how to read their dials. The brand has just launched its Magical Ocean and Garden Fiesta collections just in time for Spring. These timepieces will make lovely gifts for Easter, birthdays, or just because. If you are searching for a great timepiece for a child in your life, keep reading for our top picks of the all-new Flik Flak kid’s watches.

All-New Flik Flak Kid’s Watches: Top Picks

All-New Flik Flak Kid's Watches

Flik Flak Garden Fiesta FLOWER POWER Recycled PET Strap FPNP109

This bright and colourful children’s watch is sure to encourage its wearer to want to learn to read the time. The dial is set with pink and white crystals to add a touch of sparkle and glamour. To make the hands easy to differentiate, each one is a different colour. The hour hand is pink, the minute hand is purple and the second hand is blue. The dial is framed by a pale blue semi-transparent plastic case that will ensure the quartz movement within is well protected. This timepiece is secured on the wrist with a green fabric strap that is made from recycled PET. This strap exhibits a multicoloured design of flowers, making this watch a lovely choice for the spring and summer months.

Flik Flak Garden Fiesta CHERRYTASTIC Recycled PET Strap FPNP057C

The adorable combination of berries and gingham on this watch makes it a great choice for summertime. The watch features a turquoise and white dial with a pink and white gingham detail at the centre. The outer edge of the dial is set with crystals and each of the hands is a different colour. These features make the watch more appealing to look at, and therefore have the potential to help the child learn to read the time. A semi-transparent red plastic case frames the dial and creates a pleasant contrast to the green tones of the watch. The watch is finished with a turquoise strap that is patterned with pink strawberries and red cherries. The strap is made from recycled material, making this timepiece an eco-friendly choice.

All-New Flik Flak Kid's Watches

Flik Flak Garden Fiesta SPRINGICIOUS Silicone Yellow Strap FCSP114

This watch has a bold and chunky design to ensure that it will be resilient to all kinds of wear. The blue dial is decorated with large yellow numerals that will be easy for a child to read. A blue plastic bezel frames the dial. It is printed with numeric minute markers, making it easier for the child to read the dial. The quartz movement that powers this watch is housed within the blue plastic case. This watch is secured on the wrist using a yellow silicone strap. This strap is designed to look like a metal bracelet, creating a statement look. Silicone will remain comfortable to wear in all conditions.

Flik Flak Garden Fiesta HAPPY CHILLI Kid’s Watch FBNP185

The playful design of this watch is sure to make the wearer smile every time they look down at their wrist. The green fabric strap is patterned with red chillis to create a colourful look. Some of the chillis are shown to be smiling or wearing sunglasses to add a fun twist to this timepiece. The dial of the watch uses a combination of white, red and blue colours. This divides the dial into manageable chunks, making it easier to decipher. This watch uses the iconic Flik Flak hands that are designed to look like people, encouraging the child to follow their journey around the dial. Like all Flik Flak watches, this novel is both durable and chemically safe, making it suitable for even small children.

All-New Flik Flak Kid's Watches

Flik Flak Garden Fiesta CARROT PARTY Recycled PET Strap FBNP191

This watch exhibits a cut rabbit-themed design, making it a great choice for any animal lover. The dial of the watch has been precisely designed to help a child learn how to read a clock. The hour and minute hands are red and blue respectively and are shaped to look like people. The minute track is split into alternating orange and green five-minute sections to make it easy to distinguish these shorter time periods. The outer edge of the dial is printed with numerical minute markers, making the dial even more simple to read. A blue plastic case houses the quartz movement that powers the watch. The blue tone of the case has been selected to match that of the comfortable fabric strap. This strap features a pattern of rabbits and gardening themed items.

Flik Flak Magical Ocean ROCKTOPUS Watch FPSP054

This model exhibits a deep-sea theme is striking shades of blue and green. The centre of the dial is green and features a design of a blue octopus. The dial is detailed with blue numerals and white baton minute markets. The hour and minute hands are different colours, making them easy to tell apart. This watch is designed to be durable. It features a polishable plastic face to protect the dial alongside a chunky plastic bezel. The quartz movement that powers the watch is protected inside the blue plastic case. This case measures 34.75mm in diameter, ensuring a comfortable fit on a child’s wrist whilst maintaining a good dial size that is easy to read. This model is secured on the wrist using a green textile strap that is detailed with a blue octopus design.

All-New Flik Flak Kid's Watches

Flik Flak Magical Ocean FEAR KNOT Watch FPNP087

All Flik Flak watches are designed perfectly for children, and this model is no exception. From its colourful design to its strong plastic case, this watch is fun to wear and resistant to rough play. The dial of this watch is blue and features a skull and cross bone design at its centre. The hour hand is white, the minute hand is green and the second hand is yellow. This makes it easy to tell the hands apart when learning to tell the time. A robust green plastic case frames the dial and houses the quartz movement. The watch is finished with a blue textile strap that features a pirate-themed design. This strap will be comfortable for a child to wear all day, encouraging them to learn to read a clock.

Flik Flak Magical Ocean MERMALICIOUS Watch FBNP179

This watch would make a great choice for a truly “girly girl”. The watch features a dial that is separated into manageable sections. The dial uses the colours blue, green and pink to help the child to distinguish each part. The hands are made to look like people, making them fun to track and the outer edge of the dial is set with crystals. A pink plastic case frames this dial, complementing the pastel colour palette. The strap of this watch is made from fabric to ensure it is comfortable to wear. This strap is patterned with images of adorable mermaid and their fish friends, creating a fun and playful design.

What are your thoughts on the all-new Flik Flak kid’s watches? Which one of the fun designs is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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