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10 Must-Have Calvin Klein Jewellery Pieces

10 Must-Have Calvin Klein Jewellery Pieces

The Calvin Klein brand is world-famous for its minimal style and classic designs. The brand has been creating a huge range of clothing, accessories and underwear since it was founded in 1968. Calvin Klein has worked with a host of influential names to build a reputation as a fashion leader. This has led to Calvin Klein becoming one of the biggest names in international fashion. The brand’s jewellery collection consists of minimal, yet, incredibly chic and stylish, pieces. Calvin Klein creates jewellery for both men and women in clean and versatile designs. If you are searching for a new piece to add to your collection, keep reading for our 10 must-have Calvin Klein jewellery pieces.

Our 10 Must-Have Calvin Klein Jewellery Pieces

10 Must-Have Calvin Klein Jewellery Pieces

Calvin Klein Iconic ID Minimalist Brushed Stainless Steel Band Ring (Size 64) 35000190H

This simple men’s statement ring will make the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe. The chunky ring is crafted from stainless steel to provide a hard-wearing, masculine finish. The design of this ring features a wraparound appearance, giving the piece additional depth. The Calvin Klein logo is engraved into the ring to emphasise the fashion roots of the piece. The subtle design of the ring would allow it to pair well with any other items of jewellery that were already part of a collection.

Calvin Klein Men’s Silver Tone Bar Pendant Chain Necklace 35000055

A simple silver chain necklace can elevate any man’s outfit. A chain can take a t-shirt from a casual afternoon to an evening date. This men’s chain necklace is made from stainless steel for a long-lasting finish. The bold design of the chain will make it stand out, despite its minimal style. The two ends of the chain meet at the centre with a statement stainless steel clasp. This clasp creates an eye-catching centrepiece for this necklace.

10 Must-Have Calvin Klein Jewellery Pieces

Calvin Klein Ladies Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings with Three Charm Set 35700001

These playful and versatile hoop earrings are a great piece as they can be adjusted to suit whatever occasion they are worn for. The hoops are a huggie style, meaning that they will curve perfectly around the earlobe. The hoops come with three pairs of charms. One set of charms is dainty white pearls. The second pair of charms are stainless steel hearts. The final set is small, but very sparkly, round crystals. This selection will allow the wearer to express their mood through their accessory and perhaps even create a modern asymmetrical look.

Calvin Klein Ladies Bangle Gold Tone Bar Bracelet 35000018

Gold jewellery has been a huge trend in recent years. Many jewellery wearers have chosen to introduce the warm metal tone into their collection for its chic finish and almost vintage feel. This bangle is made from gold-toned stainless steel for a long-lasting look. This bangle exhibits a cylindrical bar detailing across the top. This detail gives the bangle a contemporary edge in a classic tone. The Calvin Klein logo is engraved into the bangle to further the luxury feel of the piece.

10 Must-Have Calvin Klein Jewellery Pieces

Calvin Klein Ladies Two Tone Interlocking Circle Drop Earrings 35000003

The two-tone colour palette of these beautiful earrings makes them perfect for the fashion concious woman. Two-tone jewellery is a very modern style. These earrings combine silver and rose gold tones to allow them to be paired with jewellery of any hue. The earrings exhibit two asymmetrical circle charms, one of which is rose gold and the other is silver. These charms hang from a classic fish hook fastening. These earrings will have an eye-catching movement when they are worn for an elegant look.

Calvin Klein Link Black Tone Chain Style Bracelet 35000067

The rugged dark black tone of this men’s bracelet makes it perfect for the man who is always on the go. The black tone of the stainless steel allows it to be paired with a metal of any colour. This means that it will become a well-loved, reliable and versatile accessory in any collection. The design of the bracelet has an industrial feel and is comprised of bold links. The bracelet is secured with a folding clap, much like that of a watch.

10 Must-Have Calvin Klein Jewellery Pieces

Calvin Klein Set of Three Chain Necklaces Stainless Steel 35700002

Layered necklaces are set to be a big trend as we head into the warmer months. This is a trend that has been on many fashion followers’ radars for quite some time and is just coming into its own. This set of three chain necklaces is a very easy way to introduce the concept into your jewellery collection. The three necklaces are made from stainless steel and each exhibits a slightly different design. The smallest of the three exhibits a snake chain style. The middle chain is designed in a Figaro chain style and features a Calvin Klein branded bar at the centre. The largest chain is comprised of big, oval links for an eye-catching look.

Calvin Klein Men’s Black Leather Wraparound Style Bracelet 35000093

Leather bracelets are a classic men’s accessory. This bracelet is made from a strand of braided black leather for a traditional style. The bracelet will wrap around the wrist twice for a casual and laid-back look. The bracelet is fastened using a stainless steel clasp. This clasp is the centrepiece of this bracelet. It exhibits a sleek, ridged design. The simple look of this bracelet makes it a great choice for everyday accessorising no matter your style.

10 Must-Have Calvin Klein Jewellery Pieces

Calvin Klein Ladies Rose Gold Tone Necklace with Asymmetrical Double Chain 35000082

This dainty and feminine necklace is crafted from rose gold-tone stainless steel. The stainless steel provides the necklace with a hard-wearing finish and the rose gold adds a feminine touch. The necklace is made unusual by its asymmetrical chain. One half of the chain is a single chain whilst the other is a double chain. The two halves are joined together by a teardrop-shaped pendant. The delicate design makes the necklace a great accessory for any occasion whether it be the office or date night.

Calvin Klein Ladies Gold Tone Bracelet Asymmetrical Double Chain 35000077

This bracelet exhibits the same asymmetrical design as the necklace mentioned above. However, this bracelet is designed in gold-tone stainless steel. Half of the bracelet has a single chain and the other half has a double chain. This creates a modern asymmetrical look that is sure to elevate any outfit. The teardrop pendant makes a striking, yet elegant, the centrepiece for this bracelet. This bracelet perfectly captures Calvin Klein’s essence of minimal and clean design to create a perfect everyday accessory.

What do you think of our 10 must-have Calvin Klein jewellery pieces? Are you planning on adding a Calvin Klein piece to your jewellery collection? Let us know in the comments!

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