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How to Style a Nomination Bracelet

How to Style a Nomination Bracelet

Nomination jewellery is part of the massive up and coming trend of customisable accessories. We have put together this guide on how to style a nomination bracelet to provide some ideas on how to style yours. Charm bracelets and other customisable jewellery are very on-trend at the moment and many people are enjoying being able to express themselves with their jewellery. Accessories have always been a very personal item, but being able to totally customise them adds a whole new dimension to this concept. Nomination creates bracelets, watches and charms that can all be combined to create entirely unique looks. This guide will offer some ideas on how best to style a Nomination bracelet and provide some recommendations.

Ideas for Styling a Nomination Bracelet



Nomination COMPOSABLE CLASSIC Coloured Base Bracelets Branded Rose Gold 030001/SI/011

How to Style a Nomination Bracelet

Nomination bracelets come in a range of sizes and colours, allowing for a perfectly personalised fit. Each link of a bracelet can be swapped for one of the brand’s charms. The charms are attached together using Nomination’s ingenious spring mechanism. This bracelet is crafted from rose gold ion-plated stainless steel. Rose gold has become a very popular choice in jewellery as it has a beautiful warm tone that pairs beautifully with a range of others metals and gemstones. This bracelet is the perfect base to begin curating a Nomination bracelet, making it a crucial element in this guide on how to style a Nomination bracelet.


Nomination PARIS Watch With Steel Strap RECTANGULAR WHITE Mother-of-Pearl 076030/008

Nomination watches work in the same way as the brand’s bracelets. Customisable watches are a unique concept that is not seen in many brands’ repertoires. A watch is a very personal item that is likely to be worn very regularly, so it makes sense to customise it to become your perfect everyday piece. This watch features a beautiful mother-of-pearl dial in a unique octagonal shape. This dial is adorned with silver hands and indices alongside four crystal set hour markers for an extra touch of glamour. The stainless steel octagonal case houses the quartz movement that powers this watch. This watch is secured on this wrist by a stainless steel bracelet. Each link of the bracelet can be replaced by a Nomination charm to create a perfectly curated look.


Family and Friends

Nomination Composable Classic ENGRAVED WRITINGS Steel And 9k Rose Gold Best Friend 430108/16

How to Style a Nomination Bracelet

Nomination have a huge range of charms that relate to family and friends. The charms are engraved with titles such as “grandma” or “son”, making them a perfect gift for loved ones. A charm such as these makes a lovely addition to a Nomination bracelet as every time the wearer looks at their wrist they will be reminded of the person who gifted the charm to them. This charm exhibits a stainless steel base with a bonded rose gold plate set across the centre. The two-tone look of the charm is very on-trend and allows it to be paired with a range of other metals. The plate is engraved with the words “best friend”.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Nomination Composable Classic GLITTER PLATES In Steel Enamel And 18k Gold 18 SILVER 030224/01

Significant birthdays and anniversaries are a cause for great celebration and deserve to be recognised. Nomination has a charm for almost every significant birthday and anniversary. Marking these occasions using a charm makes a lovely personal touch to a bracelet. This charm is made from stainless steel. It features a bonded gold plate at the centre. The number 18 is cut out of the gold plate. This cut out is filled with glittering silver enamel. This charm would make a beautiful gift for someone who is celebrating their 18th birthday.

Hobbies and Activities

Nomination COMPOSABLE Classic SPORTS 1 In Stainless Steel With Enamel And 18k Gold Swimmer 030259/18

How to Style a Nomination Bracelet

Hobbies help us to define who we are. What we do in our spare time is a huge part of our personalities. Jewellery is a great way to express these interests in a playful and subtle way. Nomination creates charms themed around a large variety of hobbies and activities, so there should be a charm that is appropriate for every collector. This charm is made from stainless steel and bonded rose gold. An image of a swimmer mid-stroke is positioned at the centre of the charm. The swimmer is created using bonded gold and they are swimming through water made of blue enamel.


Nomination Composable Classic SYMBOLS In St.Steel Sterling Silver And Stones March AQUAMARINE 330505/03

Birthstones are a fantastic way to add a personal touch to jewellery. Many jewellery collectors enjoy wearing their birthstones as they feel a personal connection with them. Other people like to wear their birthstone purely for the customised aspect. This charm is made from a combination of stainless steel and sterling silver. A silver oval shape is positioned at the centre of the charm to create a frame for the birthstone at the centre. This charm is set with an aquamarine gemstone which is the stone used to represent March. The charm is also engraved with the abbreviation ‘Mar’ for March to further the personalised aspect.

Special Occasions and Celebrations

Nomination Composable Classic Symbols In Stainless Steel With 9k Rose Gold And CZ Graduation Hat 430305/11

How to Style a Nomination Bracelet

Big achievements and life events such as graduations and weddings are unique to everyone. People achieve different things at different times and choose to celebrate these occasions in different ways. By including charms to mark these occasions on a bracelet, one can create a diary of their important life events. This means that the complete bracelet will be an entirely unique combination of charms that has a very sentimental meaning to the wearer. This charm features a bonded rose gold graduation cap at the centre. The cap is set with three black zirconia gemstones to add a touch of sparkle in the iconic colour of a graduation cap.


Nomination Composable Classic STONE SYMBOLS In Stainless Steel And 9k Rose Gold Flower In WHITE MOTHER OF PEARL 430510/02

Of course, not every charm in a Nomination bracelet has to represent something. It is just as important to select charms for the simple reason of liking them. Nomination has a wide range of charms with flowers, hearts and other simple shapes on them that make beautiful additions to any bracelet. This charm is made from a combination of stainless steel and sterling silver. It features a 3D white mother-of-pearl flower at the centre. The middle of the flower is detailed with a rose gold dot. The 3D effect of this charm will add a layer of texture and interest to a bracelet whilst providing an element of classic style with the mother-of-pearl.

What did you think of our guide on how to style a Nomination bracelet? What charms would you use to build your perfect bracelet? Let us know in the comments below!

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