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10 Interesting Facts About Smartwatches

10 Interesting Facts About Smartwatches

Smartwatches have quickly become everyone’s must-have accessory. These fascinating devices bridge the gap between traditional timepieces and smartphones. These 10 interesting facts about smartwatches will inform you of the most exciting features of these timepieces and show how they can be very useful devices. A huge portion of the world’s population wears a smartwatch every day. These devices have become a more common and popular choice than traditional analogue watches. However, classic timepieces are still favoured by many for their timeless elegance and style. Different smartwatches offer a different range of features that can assist the wearer in many aspects of their life. If you are interested in investing in a smartwatch, keep reading for our 10 interesting facts about smartwatches.

10 Interesting Facts About Smartwatches

1. Smartwatches are inspired by science fiction.

In the 1950s, the concept of smartwatches was only found in science fiction novels. Many authors at this time were giving their characters wrist-based computers to aid them in their endeavours and adventures. The idea of smartwatches seemed so unfeasible that fiction was the only place that they could exist. However, this is obviously no longer the case. Many brands are producing smartwatches in the modern-day. The progression from fiction to real-life technology has been quick and incredibly impressive. It is said by many people that the science fiction writers of the 1950s paved the way for this technology to exist in the modern day.

2. These watches provide personal health statistics.

10 Interesting Facts About Smartwatches

Smartwatches are often equipped with a wealth of body sensor technology. Different brands include different sensors in watches depending on the main function of the watch. These sensors can measure a huge range of things from heart rate to running speed and swimming. It is advised that someone who is interested in purchasing a smartwatch should assess their own needs and requirements and find a smartwatch with sensors that can fulfil them. Some smartwatches are designed for specific sports and have sensors to track this. By using these sensors, the watch can provide a huge amount of personal health statistics to help the wearer track and adjust their workouts for optimal performance.

3. Smartwatches have become increasingly fashionable.

At one point, traditional timepieces were the only acceptable option to wear for smart and formal occasions. This has totally changed with the rise of smartwatches within the industry. Now, many people do not think twice about wearing their smartwatches to work, formal occasions, or even weddings. For many, the opportunity to track their movement and activity greatly outweigh any doubts about how it looks. Additionally, in recent years watch brands have made a conscious effort to make their smartwatches more chic and fashionable so that they can become the perfect everyday accessory.

4. A smartwatch can be used to locate a phone.

One of the most common problems in modern society is misplacing a mobile phone. Losing a phone always happens that the most inconvenient times and can make the owner late for the occasion they are attending. Most smartwatches are equipped with a ‘find my phone’ feature that will allow the wearer to track their phone. Some watches can make the phone emit a loud noise, making it easier to locate. This feature can be incredibly useful whether you are on the move or simply at home.

5. Smartwatches are often used as fitness trackers.

Due to the incredible technology that is built into smartwatches, they can also be used as fitness trackers. Even the most basic smartwatches tend to come with a step tracker feature for very simple activity tracking. However, more advanced models have a huge range of sensors that allow them to track running, cycling, swimming and a wide variety of sports. This means that anyone, whether they are a professional sportsperson or just someone trying to improve their fitness, can keep track of their activity and workout sessions.

6. Smart notifications make these watches a good choice for every day.

10 Interesting Facts About Smartwatches

Many people rely on their smartphones to keep in touch with their contacts and the rest of the world. Smartphone technology allows people to stay in touch with people on the other side of the world. This technology has also been incorporated into the designs of smartwatches. These timepieces are capable of smart notifications, meaning that calls and messages will appear on the watch’s face so that the wearer does not need to constantly check their phone. Some watches can also host phone calls, so the wearer can make hands free calls on the go. Smartwatches can also display notifications for apps and social media.

7. Wearing a smartwatch can encourage mindfulness.

Many smartwatches have mindfulness reminders to urge the wearer to take a small amount of time during the day for themselves. These reminders often come with the option to participate in a brief meditation or breathing exercise to take a moment of peace in a busy day. Taking short pauses like this can be very beneficial for both productivity and mental health, making a huge impact on daily routine. Mindfulness is often forgotten about in the business of modern living, so a little encouragement from a smartwatch can make all the difference.

8. Smartwatches can track sleep.

Smartwatches can be a valuable addition for those who struggle with their sleep. A smartwatch can be worn through the night to track sleep time and quality. This will allow the wearer to assess how they sleep best and adjust their habits to encourage good sleep patterns. Sleep is also a very important factor in fitness training. It is vital to get plenty of rest when training heavily. This feature is valuable to all kinds of people. Most smartwatches with this feature are designed to be comfortable to wear throughout the night.

9. GPS tracking will increase the accuracy of smartwatches.

Many smartwatches are equipped with GPS trackers. This means that the watch can be used as a navigational tool. Many brands maximise this feature by having a ‘maps’ function on the watch, or by including a ‘track back’ feature that will help the wearer to find their start point. GPS also means that the fitness tracking features of a watch will have a greater level of accuracy. This is because activities such as running and cycling can be recorded with much more precision. GPS functionality tends to be included in slightly more advanced smartwatches but is a very valuable addition.

10. Smartwatches were only popularised around 2010.

Although smartwatches dominate the watch market today, they have not actually been around for that long. The smartwatch was first popularised around the year 2010. Interestingly, they were first popularised by a small start-up company named Pebble. The brand did exceptionally well but has since been overtaken by technology brands like Apple and Samsung. Smartwatches continue to be developed and improved upon by the brands that create them. It does not look as though these timepieces will be going out of style any time soon. With constant improvements in technology, it is fascinating to consider what these smartwatches could be like in 50 years’ time.

Smartwatch Recommendations

10 Interesting Facts About Smartwatches

Reflex Active Series 3 Smart Watch | Stainless Steel Mesh Strap RA03-4037

This smartwatch is a fairly simple and minimal model. This makes it a great choice for someone who is still deciding whether they would like a fully equipped smartwatch. The watch features a black dial that is patterned with flowers and butterflies in soft shades of pink and rose gold. This patterned design gives the watch a dainty and feminine look. The dial features a digital display at its centre which will inform the wearer of the time, notifications, calorie and step count, sleep information and distance tracking. This model also comes with pre-loaded sports apps to help the wearer in tracking their activity. A fun feature that the wearer can show off to their friends is that the watch can be used as a remote selfie button. This watch is finished with a rose gold stainless steel case and a stainless steel mesh bracelet.

10 Interesting Facts About Smartwatches

Garmin fenix 7X Sapphire Solar | Carbon Grey Titanium | Carbon Grey DLC Vented Titanium Bracelet 010-02541-27

The Garmin fenix 7X is one of the most well-regarded smartwatches on the market at the moment. The release of this watch was eagerly awaited by fans of the brand and smartwatch enthusiasts. The fenix 7X is one of the most well-equipped smartwatches on the market. Unlike previous fenix models, the 7 has a touchscreen display alongside buttons that can be used to navigate the watch.

The watch comes equipped with a huge range of preloaded sports apps that make it a great choice for every kind of sportsperson. The watch is designed to be resilient and durable so that it is able to withstand the toughest conditions. This watch has a variety of sensors and GPS navigation to ensure that the maps and tracking features of this watch are as precise as possible. This model also has a solar-powered movement that means that the battery can be topped up using solar power. This model is secured on the wrist using a carbon grey titanium bracelet.

Withings Scanwatch 38mm Rose Gold Blue Dial Hybrid Smartwatch With ECG HWA09-MODEL 6-ALL-INT

The Withings Scanwatch is best known for the fact that it can provide ECG readings and can record medical-grade electrocardiograms. This means that the watch can detect signs of atrial fibrillation. The watch also uses a medical-grade SpO2 sensor to perform blood oxygen readings within 30 seconds. Additionally, a respiratory scanner will monitor oxygen saturation, heart rate, breathing frequency and movement. The watch has a workout mode with over 30 sports so that workouts can be tracked with a good level of accuracy. A standout feature of this model is that at first glance, it does not look like a smartwatch. The watch has been designed to look like a traditional analogue watch with a blue dial and rose gold hands. A rose gold coloured case frames the dial and a blue silicone strap secures the watch on the wrist.

What do you think of our 10 interesting facts about smartwatches? Do you know any more good facts? Let us know in the comments!

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