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Up and Coming Watch Trends For 2022

Up and Coming 2022 Watch Trends

As we enter the new year, many watch enthusiasts are looking to the up and coming watch trends for 2022 to stay ahead of the curve. Fortunately, style gurus are already beginning to predict the biggest trends of the year. These predictions are not set in stone and are based off of what was increasing in popularity towards the end of 2021. If you are interested in getting ahead of the fashion for the upcoming year, keep reading for the up and coming watch trends for 2022.

5 Up and Coming Watch Trends For 2022

Unusual Case Shapes

Up and Coming 2022 Watch Trends

Watch experts are predicting that unusual case shapes are going to be a big trend in the upcoming year. It is said that unique shapes are going to be favoured over the more traditional circle, square and rectangular case shapes. Watches that are designed with this trend in mind are sure to stand out from to crowd as most watch manufacturers do not tend to play with case shape as much as they do other elements of a timepiece. A unique case shape makes a statement, so this trend is perfect for people who like their accessories to stand out.

Hamilton Men’s Ventura Quartz Black Leather Strap Black Dial H24411732

This Hamilton model exhibits a unique triangular shape case that is a defining feature of the brand’s Ventura collection. The triangular case frames a black triangular dial. The dial is adorned with silver hands and indices. The dial is protected by mineral glass. This watch is secured on the wrist using a classic black leather strap that will ensure that the timepiece will not go out of style. The timepiece has a distinct vintage flair which represent that 1950s rock and roll history behind the collection. Additionally, this watch is water resistant up to 50 metres.

Green Watches

Up and Coming 2022 Watch Trends

Green watches has arguably been the biggest trend of 2021. Countless watch brands have jumped on this trend, releasing at least one green watch. The colour green has been seen on catwalks and in high street fashion stores, so it only made sense that the watch industry would get involved. However, experts have predicted that this trend has not yet run its course. The green watch trend is set to continue with the fresh hues being popular well into 2022. This is great news for those who invested in a green timepiece during 2021.

EBEL Wave Women’s Dual-Tone Diamond Set Green Mother Of Pearl 1216440

This stunning women’s EBEL watch features a vibrant green dial that is sure to turn heads. The dial is made from green mother of pearl, meaning that is will catch the light beautifully. The hours are denoted by gold baton indices and diamonds, with eight diamonds set in the dial in total. The green dial is framed by an 18 carat yellow gold bezel and a stainless steel case. The bracelet of the watch is designed to perfectly match this colour scheme. It is made form stainless steel with an eye-catching gold wave design. The two tone palette of the watch ensures that the green dial is the star of the show, making this the perfect timepiece for the green watch trend of 2022.

Cartoon and Character Watches

Up and Coming 2022 Watch Trends

In the later months of 2021, there was a wave of watch brands launching new models with iconic cartoon characters adorning the dials and straps. This trend was well received by the public with many collectors enjoying being able to wear some of their favourite nostalgic and classic characters on their wrist. There is a prediction that cartoon and character watches will continue to be released throughout 2022. This is fantastic news for lovers of the trend as there is hope that more characters may be adding to the existing range of cartoon and character watches available on the market. This trend is a great way to incorporate a bit of fun and colour into everyday styling.

Swatch SMAK! Swatch x Peanuts Watch SO29Z108

The Swatch brand has recently launched a collection in collaboration with Peanuts. The watches each exhibit a bold design with some of the cartoons iconic characters on each model. This watch is one of the most colourful in the collection. It exhibits a multicoloured comic strip design that extends across the dial and all along the silicone strap. The bold dial is framed by a blue case that is made from bio-sourced material. This case houses one of Swatch’s iconic quartz movements.


Up and Coming 2022 Watch Trends

The watch industry constantly flits between minimalism and maximalism. Maximalism has reigned throughout 2021 with brands releasing bold, colourful and crystal set timepiece that totally stand out. However, it is predicted that 2022 is minimalism’s time to shine again. Minimalist watches tend to have simple dials with a plain leather or metal strap. They will fit seamlessly into any watch collection and will pair perfectly with anything in a wardrobe. Minimalist watches are elegant and traditional, making them a great investment piece. If you have been searching for your next investment watch, perhaps this is the up and coming 2022 watch trend for you.

Timex Men’s Automatic Brown Leather Strap Silver Dial TW2T22700

This Timex model features a simple silver dial. The dial is adorned with black baton indices and black hour, minute and second hands. The only additional features on the minimalistic dial of this watch is a date aperture that is positioned at 3 o’clock. A stainless steel case frames the dial. This case measures 40mm in diameter to ensure that it can be read easily at a glance. The timepiece is secured on the wrist using a brown leather strap. This strap choice is simple and timeless, meaning that this watch will be a key element in any watch collection for years to come.

Eco-Friendly Timepieces

Up and Coming 2022 Watch Trends

Society as a whole is becoming more environmentally conscious as the years go by. Brands are aiming to achieve a carbon neutral status and manufacturers are trying to work with as many sustainable materials as possible. Every year, this simple improves more and more. Therefore, it makes sense that eco-friendly watches will be a big trend as we head into 2022. Environmentally friendly timepieces are a great choice if you are searching for small ways to be more eco-friendly.

Certina Men’s DS Action Divers Powermatic 80 Sea Turtle Conservancy C0324071105110

This striking Certina model is a fantastic eco-friendly choice as the brand partnered with the Sea Turtle Conservancy in 1959. This partnership helps to fun research into sea turtle migratory patterns and aids in the removal of rubbish from the Caribbean ocean. The watch features a black dial with luminous hands and indices. The dial is framed by a black bezel and surrounded by a stainless steel case. The watch is finished with a stainless steel bracelet, providing the timepiece with a classic and hard wearing finish. The watch is powered by an automatic movement that provides up to 80 hours of power reserve. Additionally, this divers watch is water resistant up to 300 metres. This means that it is suitable for most water sports.

What are your thoughts on these up and coming watch trends for 2022? Do you have any other predictions? Let us know in the comments!

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