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Top 5 Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Top 5 Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut gemstones are often admired and lusted after. We have curated a list of our top 5 princess cut engagement rings to help you to decide if this is the right cut for you. The unusual sharp edges makes a pleasant contrast to the often used round brilliant or oval cut gemstones. Many people search for something slightly different in their engagement ring as it is a staple piece of jewellery that will be worn everyday. The princess cut was first popularised in the 1970s. Prior to this, several gem cutters had introduced square cut gemstones will different numbers of facets and different depths. However, nothing was quite as successful as the 126 facet princess cut gemstone that is well loved today.

A princess cut gemstone appears square from the top, with straight edges and sharp corners. When viewed from the side, a princess cut gemstone is pyramid shaped. The elegance and drama of these gemstones makes them a beautiful choice for an engagement ring. If you are interested in this stunning gemstone cut, keep reading for our top 5 princess cut engagement rings.

Our Top 5 Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Top 5 Princess Cut Engagement Rings

James Moore 18k White gold 0.35ct Solitaire Ring JM2631

This stunning engagement ring is designed in a classic solitaire style with a single diamond at the centre of a delicate band. The band of the ring is crafted from 18 carat white gold. White gold has become more and more popular in recent years for its modern appearance and polished finish. It makes a fantastic contemporary alternative to the classic yellow gold. A princess cut diamond is set at the centre of this simple white gold band. It is held in place securely by a four claw setting. The diamond weighs 0.35 carat to ensure for an eye-catching and sparkling finish.

James Moore TH 9k White Gold Sapphire Square Diamond Cluster Ring RD413WS

An engagement ring does not always need a diamond as its centrepiece. This ring features a princess cut sapphire at the centre to provide a bold pop of colour that will ensure that this ring stands out. The square sapphire is framed by a halo of sparkling diamonds that are placed within a square setting to emphasise the unique shape of the centre stone. The diamonds spill out onto the band of the ring, ensuring that this ring will catch the light beautifully. The band of this ring is made from 9 carat white gold, meaning that it will be a long lasting and treasured piece of jewellery.

Top 5 Princess Cut Engagement Rings

James Moore 9k Yellow Gold Ruby Diamond 0.35pt Ring JM6166

This ring is crafted from 9 carat yellow gold. Yellow gold is a very classic look in engagement ring design and has been used in these treasured pieces of jewellery for centuries. The warm shine of this metal perfectly complements any colour of gemstone that it is paired with. This ring features both a ruby and diamonds to create an eye-catching three stone setting. The princess cut ruby is places at the centre of the gold band to create a vibrant centrepiece. A square cut diamond is positioned on either side of the ruby to give the ring the look of a classic engagement ring. By using diamonds to frame the ruby, the designer of this ring has guaranteed that it always stand out.

James Moore 18k White Gold 0.72ct 3 Stone Diamond Ring JM8945

This ring uses the traditional three stone silhouette in the most classic way. Each of the thee stones are diamonds. The three diamonds all exhibits a princess cut. This provides them will an elegant and contemporary edge that makes a change from the softness of round or oval cut gemstones. The central diamond is the largest of the three, with the two framing diamonds being a slightly smaller size. The diamonds weigh a total of 0.72 carats. These beautiful gemstones are set on an 18 carat white gold ring. White gold provides this ring with a touch of modernity, making this classic design suitable for daily wear.

Top 5 Princess Cut Engagement Rings

James Moore TH 9k Yellow Gold Emerald Diamond Cushion Ring RD411E

The contrast between the vibrant green, gold and white shades in this ring ensure that it will stand out from the crowd. A princess cut emerald is set at the centre of the delicate yellow gold band. The band of this ring is crafted from 9 carat yellow gold to provide the ring with a classic and timeless appearance. The emerald is held securely in place using a four claw setting. A halo of diamonds is positioned around the emerald to accentuate its unusual shape and provide the ring with an eye-catching sparkle. The halo of diamonds is also designed in a square shape. This ring will make a bold and beautiful choice for an engagement ring.

What are your thoughts on our top 5 princess cut engagement rings? Would you choose a princess cut ring? Let us know in the comments!

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