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The Secret to a Long Lasting Timepiece

The Secret to a Long Lasting Timepiece

When buying a new wristwatch, we desire reassurance that it will last for a long time. However, not all watch brands can offer this reassurance as some timepieces are built for fashion over practicality. The secret to a long lasting timepiece is to do plenty of research into a watch and the brand that makes it before purchasing. There are many factors that can affect a watch’s longevity. Therefore, it is important to check that all of the specifications of a watch match your requirements. Additionally, to truly ensure that a watch lasts for a long time, it is vital that the timepiece is properly taken care of. This guide to the secret to a long lasting timepiece will offer advice to help you to make sure your new watch lasts for decades to come.

What is the Secret to a Long Lasting Timepiece?

It is important to clean a watch.

Watches tend to be worn on a daily basis and are exposed to a wide range of environments and substances. It is inevitable that your favourite timepiece will begin to get dirty over time. To keep your watch looking its best and to ensure that nothing is impairing its performance, it is advised that you clean your timepiece on a regular basis.

A watch can be cleaned using a soft cloth. The soft cloth can be gently rubbed over the surface of the watch and its strap. This will remove any dirt and polish the watch. If the watch has a reasonable water resistance rating, a damp cloth could be used. However, it is always best to double check with the manufacturer. It is especially important to clean watch after it has come into contact with salt water. Salt can be corrosive to some materials. Keeping a watch nice and clean will mean that it always looks its best. Cleaning a watch is perhaps the most simple secret to a long lasting timepiece.

The Secret to a Long Lasting Timepiece

Tissot Men’s V8 Swissmatic Stainless Steel Watch T1064071103101

This model from Tissot is powered by an automatic movement. This means that if it is properly maintained the watch should last for decades. Additionally, the design of this timepiece is inspired by race cars from the 1960s. The classic and perhaps slightly vintage style ensures that the design of this timepiece is timeless. The watch features a white textured dial that is adorned with silver baton indices, silver hour, minute and second hands and a date aperture. A stainless steel case and bracelet makes this watch hardwearing and durable, but also stylish for everyday wear.

A watch should be serviced regularly.

Much like a car, a good watch should be regularly service. This process will check for any imperfections and changes within the watch so that they may be mended before they become a problem. A service will ensure that the movement is running to its optimal level and check that the water resistance rating of the timepiece has not been compromised. It is important that a watch is taken to an authorised service person to ensure that each element of the service is completed properly. This is especially true if the case of the watch needs to be opened during the service. Opening the case can compromise the water resistance of a watch, so the person who does this must be able to return the seal to its original state.

Longines Conquest 39mm Case Sapphire Glass L37764586

This Longines watch is made using high quality materials to make the watch as durable as possible. The dial is protected by scratch resistant sapphire glass to ensure that the watch is resilient to knocks and bumps. Additionally, this glass is treated with an anti-reflective layer to ensure that the dial can be read in bright light conditions. The case and bracelet of this watch are made from robust stainless steel. The watch features a black polished dial with silver Arabic and baton indices. A date aperture is positioned at 3 o’clock to ensure that the wearer can keep perfect time. This watch is powered by an automatic movement that provides the watch with up to 72 hours of power reserve. This timepiece is water resistant up to 300 metres making it suitable for most water based activities.

It is vital to know the limitations of a watch.

Every watch has a specific water resistance rating. It is incredibly important that a watch wearer takes note of the water resistance rating of their timepiece and does not exceed this limit. Watches are often rigorously tested to ensure that they will continue to function after being exposed to a certain amount of water and pressure. Going beyond these recommendations may cause the watch to stop working. Some watches also come with temperature limitations. It is not advisable to expose a timepiece to temperatures that are too high or too low and this will have a negative effect on the movement. Additionally, mechanical watches should not be exposed to magnets as magnets can affect the movement. When you first purchase a new watch, it is important to make yourself aware of the limitations of the watch.

The Secret to a Long Lasting Timepiece

Raymond Weil Men’s Tango 300 Black and Rose Gold Watch 8570-R51-20001

This model is built to be resilient and to be water resistant up to 300 metres. This means that the watch is more than suitable for everyday wear. This watch features a matte black dial with luminous baton indices and rose gold hour, minute and second hands that are each filled with a luminous substance. The dial also exhibits a date aperture and three sub dials. A tachymeter bezel frames the dial and a stainless steel case surrounds it. This case also houses the reliable quartz movement that powers the watch. This timepiece is secured on the wrist using a black rubber strap that will ensure for comfortable wear, even when wet.

Watches should be stored properly.

The way a watch is stored can affect its longevity and performance. A watch should never be stored with the dial facing downwards. This may cause scratches on the lens, making the dial difficult and unpleasant to read. Similarly, a watch should not be stored on its crown as this can cause stress to the internal mechanisms of the watch. Many watch collectors choose to store their watch in dedicated watch boxes. This will ensure that they are kept amongst soft surfaces and are protected from dust and moisture. If an automatic watch is not worn very often, it may be recommended that it is stored in a watch winder. These devices replicate the natural movement of the wrist to keep the movement wound. This prevents the movement from seizing and will ensure that it is always ready to wear.

RADO True Square S Women’s Quartz Green Dial Silver Ceramic Bracelet R27079312

This women’s RADO watch boasts an eye-catching colour scheme that is muted enough to be suitable for daily wear. The watch exhibits a square green dial with silver baton indices and matching silver hour, minute and second hands. The dial is protected by sapphire crystal and framed by a square monobloc case. This case is made from RADO’s famous high tech ceramic in a stunning grey shade. This material is favoured in watches for its strength and durability. The bracelet of this watch is also made from high tech ceramic to make the timepiece as durable as possible.

A watch is an investment.

The best way to ensure that a watch is long lasting is to properly invest in your timepiece. High quality watches tend to be more expensive, so it’s a good idea to set a fair budget aside when searching for your perfect timepiece. It is best to fully assess your own needs and wants for a watch before purchasing it to ensure that it can fulfil every requirement. This list can then be used when searching for a watch to ensure that it is the perfect model. Some features and materials come at a higher cost, so be prepared to spend some money. However, different watches are suitable for different people and lifestyles, so the watch you have been lusting after might not come at such a high cost. The more time, money, care and research you invest in a watch, the longer it should last.

Luminox Navy SEAL Foundation Dive Watch XS.3503.NSF

The Secret to a Long Lasting Timepiece

Luminox watches are precisely designed to be able to withstand extreme conditions. This model features a blue dial with a date aperture at 3 o’clock. The details on the dial are equipped with the brand’s famed gas tube illumination. This will light the dial for up to 25 years. The dial is framed by a black bezel and surrounded by a black Carbonox case. This material ensures that the watch is lightweight without compromising on durability. The case measures 45mm in diameter to ensure that the dial can be read easily whilst on the move. This watch is secured on the wrist using a black rubber strap that will remain comfortable, even when making use of the watch’s 200 metre water resistance.

Did you know the secret to a long lasting timepiece? Have you learnt any new tips, or have you got any of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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