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Record-Breaking Pilot Inspires New Hamilton Khaki Chronograph

Record-Breaking Pilot Inspires Hamilton Watch

From an early age, Dario Costa discovered his passion for flying. He had his first solo flight as young as 16. Over the course of his piloting career, Costa has made history many times. Amongst his many accomplishments are becoming the first aeroplane pilot to ever fly in synchro with a freestyle skier and the first aeroplane pilot to ever fly low-level racing manoeuvres over the Namib Desert. On the 4th of September 2021, Dario Costa attempted and succeeded in another stunt. The daredevil pilot flew 1,730 meters through two tunnels on the Northern Marmara Motorway in Istanbul. Costa went on to set four Guinness World Records with this feat. The risky manoeuvre inspired Hamilton to create the Khaki Aviation Takeoff Automatic Chronograph watch.

Khaki Aviation Takeoff Automatic Chronograph

The dangerous stunt allowed for very little error. Dario Costa has managed to steadily maintain the necessary 70 to 100 cm distance from the asphalt, execute a complicated in-tunnel takeoff and reach the impressive speed of 245 km/h. Costa used a specially modified Zivko Edge 540 race plane. As Daniel Costa is an ambassador of Hamilton, the brand was the Official Timing Partner. The brand also released a limited edition of the 2014 Khaki Aviation Takeoff Automatic Chronograph watch. The model is limited to 100 pieces as a reference to the maximum flying height of 100 cm.

The original watch was inspired by the needs of pilots. Hamilton understands the need for ultimate precision when flying. In the cockpit, often a split-second can be the difference between success and failure. To ensure that every valuable moment is taken advantage of the case is removable and can be mounted onto the dashboard. The limited-edition timepiece features elements highlighting Daniel Costa’s achievement.

Design Elements and Features of the Khaki Aviation Takeoff Watch

Record-Breaking Pilot Inspires New Hamilton Khaki Chronograph

The watch has a 46 mm black stainless steel case. The watch is secured by a black leather strap with yellow detailing. The yellow details can also be seen on the dial and the bezel. The bi-directional bezel is ridged. A unique feature of this model is the crown and pushers placed at the 12 o’clock position. Protecting the complicated dial is a sapphire crystal. Accented on the watch are all seconds up to 43, as that was the length of Costa’s flight. The watch also features additional luminescence on the second hand and second indicators up to 43.

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