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5 Up and Coming Jewellery Trends

5 Up and Coming Jewellery Trends

Jewellery is a great way of keeping on top of current trends. Items of jewellery can be easily swapped and changed for each season and occasion without the need to switch out an entire wardrobe. Pieces can be mixed and matched to create new looks in order to repurpose each jewellery item. This allows each individual piece to be worn for any occasion. However, it is always a good idea to invest in a statement piece for each season. This statement item can be added to any outfit for any occasion to add a modern and stylish twist. We have curated a list of 5 up and coming jewellery trends to help you to find the perfect statement piece for the upcoming season.

5 Up and Coming Jewellery Trends and Some Recommendations


Charms have been a huge jewellery trend for over a decade. The versatility and option for personalisation that they provide makes them very appealing to many jewellery collectors. Often, people collect charms to put onto charm bracelets. However, the most recent charm trend is to have them on other pieces of jewellery. Charms are being worn on necklaces and rings as well as bracelets to create a unique and new look with a pre-existing trend. This makes the trend far more accessible to more people, making it an easy addition to any collection.

Thomas Sabo Charm Club | Sterling Silver | Padlock Ring TR2371-051-14-54

5 Up and Coming Jewellery Trends

This modern-looking ring is made from sterling silver for a high quality and long lasting finish. The band of the ring is simple and elegant with a series of sparkling crystals set into it. This little detail provides the ring with a touch of glamour, making it suitable to be dressed up or down. A charm hangs at the centre of the ring. The charm is in the shape of a padlock. It is designed to look as though the padlock is holding the ring together. A small, sparkling crystal is set where the keyhole of a padlock would normally be. This ring has a classic sense of style with a contemporary edge, ensuring it will fit seamlessly into any jewellery collection.

Bold Dangling Earrings

Statement earrings are the look of the season, especially as we head towards Christmas party dressing. Long, dangling earrings have been seen on many catwalks in recent weeks, inspiring the trend amongst jewellery and fashion brands. Fringed style earrings are an especially big trend at the moment, but this look may not appeal to every collector. Statement earrings, both large and small will stand out when they are worn for any occasion. This is an easy way to add a current trend into daily styling.

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver ‘Stars’ Dangly Earrings H2084-051-14

These stunning earrings would make a beautiful addition to any collection. The celestial theme of the earrings ensures that they are on trend and will be a great accessory for the festive season. The earrings are made from sterling silver for a luxurious finish. A large star is positioned at the top of each earring. They are set with sparkling crystals. Two delicate silver chains hang from these stars. The shorter of the two chains features a star shaped crystal at the end. The longer chain features one crystal halfway down and another at the end. The earrings measures 5.5cm in length, making them large enough to make a subtle statement.

Large Statement Rings

Bold, vibrant rings have been creeping into jewellery fashion recently. It is easy to incorporate this trend into daily styling. Statement rings can be found at all price points, making this trend very accessible. Some statement rings are vibrant and bright in colour, others are simply large. Some examples of this trend are set with big gemstones and others are solid metal. The trend for large statement rings is incredibly versatile and can be adapted and interpreted in many ways to fit into any individual’s fashion taste.

Elements Gold 9ct White Gold Diamond Irregular Green Fluorite Ring GR574G56

5 Up and Coming Jewellery Trends

This ring combines contemporary fashion and luxury by using high quality materials to create a bold, statement ring. The delicate and minimalistic band of the ring is made from 9ct white gold. This will ensure that the ring is durable and long lasting, allowing it to be a key part of a jewellery collection for decades to come. A large green fluorite stone is set at the centre of the ring, creating an attractive focal point. The stone is irregular in shape to make it feel incredibly unique. This stone is surrounded by a halo of small diamonds for a touch of classic luxury and glamour. The soft green tone of the ring makes it a perfect statement piece that is subtle enough to be paired with any other jewellery.

Chunky Chains

Chains have been making many appearances in current fashion and jewellery edits, and are set to be a key item this season. Chunky chains are favoured by many designers and jewellery creators. A chain is an easy way to add a contemporary edge to any outfit in a classy and elegant manner. A good statement chain can elevate any outfit no matter the metal, making it a versatile and accessible trend. Chains popularly come in the form of necklaces and bracelets, but have recently been used in the designs of rings and earrings too. The simplicity of this trend makes it the easiest of these 5 up and coming jewellery trends to incorporate into a collection.

BOSS Jewellery Tessa Carnation Gold IP Link Necklace 1580200

This bold chain from BOSS would make an eye-catching addition to any jewellery collection. The chain is made from rose gold plated stainless steel to provide the watch with a durable finish. Rose gold is a very on-trend colour, making this necklace an ultimately fashionable item. The chain is comprised of long, large rose gold coloured links. The links are bold to ensure that the design of the chain is the key feature of this necklace. The link at the centre of the necklace is engraved with the Hugo Boss logo to remind its wearer of its high fashion roots. This necklace measures 46cm in length to ensure it is versatile.

Cute and Colourful Jewellery

Bright jewellery was a significant trend this summer, and it seems to be continuing into the autumn and winter seasons. Kitsch style has come to the forefront of fashion trends in recent years, and this trend for cute and colourful jewellery has stemmed from these trends. Bright jewellery is a great way to add a pop of colour to any outfit without being too overt or bold. This makes it a good choice for someone who is beginning to experiment with their wardrobe and personal style.

Thomas Sabo Gold Plated Zirconia Multicoloured Fruits Bracelet A2026-488-7-L19V

5 Up and Coming Jewellery Trends

This adorable and bright bracelet is made from gold plated sterling silver. This luxurious combination of metals will ensure that the bracelet will become a treasured item in any jewellery collection. A delicate gold chain will encircle the wrist. It features five charms. Three of the charms are in the shapes of fruit and the other two are small crystals. The fruit charms are in the shape of a bunch of grapes, a pineapple and an apple. They are set with crystals in shades of the fruits. One of the single crystal charms is red whilst the other is blue. The bracelet can be secured at 16cm, 17.5cm or 19cm to ensure it will fit a range of wrist sizes.

What are your thoughts on these 5 up and coming jewellery trends? Which one caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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