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3 Mistakes Every New Watch Collector Makes

3 Mistakes Every New Watch Collector Makes

When first starting out in any new hobby or interest, it is inevitable that everyone will make some mistakes. However, mistakes in watch collecting can end up being very expensive. We have put together our list of the 3 mistakes every new watch collector makes to help you avoid them. The horological world can be very overwhelming for newcomers. This is due to the incredibly high number of watch brands and watch types that are available. Despite the ever growing number of watches available, it is vital a collector takes their time choosing a timepiece.

It is important that a new collector has a good idea of what they like in a watch. They ought to assess what kinds of movement and styles would work best for their lifestyle. It is also advisable that a collector, old or new, see a watch in person and try it on before purchasing it. This will allow them to get a true feel for the timepiece. It is also nice to see what a watch looks like on the wrist to ensure that the size is flattering. If you are a new collector searching for your first timepiece, keep reading for our list of 3 mistakes every new watch collector makes.

The Top 3 Mistakes Every New Watch Collector Makes

1. Building a Collection Too Quickly.

3 Mistakes Every New Watch Collector Makes

Many new collectors are guilty of having bought too many watches too quickly in an attempt to validate their status as a watch collector. Whilst this may achieve the goal of filling a watch box or having a varied social media feed, it will not be beneficial in the long run. Building a collection too quickly will mean that the collector does not take their time with selecting each timepiece and rushes into purchases that they may regret in the future. To ensure that every watch purchased becomes a treasured and valued asset in a collection, it is vital to thoroughly research it and evaluate what it will bring to the collection. It is far better to have fewer watches and truly enjoy and admire every one of them.

2. Price Does Not Equal Quality.

3 Mistakes Every New Watch Collector Makes

A lot of people assume that when buying a watch, a higher price means higher quality. However, this is not always the case. Although many high end, and more expensive, watch brands do produce incredibly high quality watches, many more affordable brands produce timepieces of an equally high quality. It might be tempting to jump straight for the most expensive luxury timepiece when first starting a collection, but it is more important that the watch meets the wearers needs and desires. Rather than focusing on price, a collector ought to assess a watch’s attributes to see if they match what they are searching for. Many collectors find that a lower priced watch meets all of their requirements and is perfectly suited to their personal style.

3. Buying Trend Led Watches.

3 Mistakes Every New Watch Collector Makes

As with any fashion and styling item, trend based watches will be a short lived and fleeting addition to a collection. Although trend based watches can be a fun and subtle nod to current fashions, they do not always make worthwhile investments. A new collector would be better to spend their money on a classic timepiece that is versatile enough to complement a variety of outfits. It is more important for a watch to work with the wearer’s own styles and tastes than for it to be a current trend. When selecting a watch, a collector ought to assess what they desire and require from it and use these characteristics to find their perfect timepiece. A collector can select a watch with the movement, materials and strap to suit their own needs and unique style.

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What did you think of our list of 3 mistakes every new watch collector makes? Can you think of any other mistakes that ought to be avoided? Let us know in the comments below!

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