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Chain Themed Jewellery for 2021

Chain Themed Jewelley for 2021

Chains and chain themed jewellery has become one of the most popular trends of 2021. Though popular in certain circles, chains and chain-inspired pieces have not been trending for years. Below we have compiled a list of pieces that would be perfect if you’re thinking of exploring this trend. Many of the brands inspired by this trend have decided to incorporate the chain in a more subtle way in order to keep the modern, feminine look. Many pieces are set with crystals or only feature chain link elements.

Chain Themed Jewellery for 2021

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s ID Stainless Steel 2790345

The trend isn’t exclusive to women’s jewellery. In fact, the trend became popularized by men and due to the recent rise in androgynous fashion, its become more widespread with women. This bracelet has a distinct masculine aesthetic. The chain is made of stainless steel. In the centre, the bracelet features a thick bar with the Tommy Hilfiger name etched on top.

swarovski time bracelet

Swarovski Time | Mixed Metal Bracelet | White 5566003

Swarovski’s whole Time collection is inspired by chains. The collection takes the simple concept of such a practical item and elevates it. Through the use of precious materials and high-end crystals, the refinement of the chain-inspired bracelet is highlighted. The metal used for the bracelet is yellow-gold plated. One of the links, the largest, is set with crystals. The bracelet secures with a lobster clasp.

chlobo earth

ChloBo Link Chain Air Bracelet | Sterling Silver SBLC3108

ChloBo is another brand inspired by this trend. This chainlink bracelet is made of sterling silver. The silver links of the chain bracelet are large, yet slender and not too big, keeping the feminine silhouette. The bracelet is secured with a lobster clasp. This piece is part of the brand’s Earth collection. The bracelet also features a charm representing the air element.

Chain Themed Jewellery for 2021

Swarovski Time Pendant | Necklace | White | Mixed Metal Finish 5560715

This is another piece, part of the Swarovski Time collection. The design of this necklace however is a lot more subtle. Upon the thin rose-gold plated chain is hung a chain-inspired pendant. The large ball which holds up the pendant is set with crystals and so is the pendant.

Chain Themed Jewellery for 2021

BOSS Jewellery Rosette Rose Gold PVD Steel Earrings 1580084

These Boss earrings are subtle yet elegant. They are made of rose-gold plated stainless steel. The design is that of two chains tied up in a knot at the top, with the chain ends dangling. At the bottom of each chain is a solid bar.

What do you think of the chain themed jewellery trend? Let us know in the comments below.

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