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Introducing the Alsta Motoscaphe

Introducing the Alsta Motoscaphe

Today, we are introducing the Alsta Motoscaphe. Alsta recently released a brand new watch that has been precisely designed for motorcyclists. The watch uses the diver’s watch concept that Alsta fans will recognise. The traditional Alsta watch appearance is combined with new features that have been incorporated to create the perfect watch for avid motorcyclists. Every element of this new watch has been carefully built and pieced together to make it the perfect riding companion.

This watch was designed in a collaboration between Alsta and Allen Farmelo. Farmelo is an avid motorcyclist, veteran watch journalist and co-founder of Beyond The Dial, making him an expert on what a motorcycling watch would require. Farmelo gained the attention of Alsta CEO, Angus MacFadyen, when be began posting images of his watch and motorcycle pairings on Instagram. Once MayFadyen had contacted Farmelo, the watch was in the works within the week. If you are interested in this fascinating and unique riding watch, keep reading for our post introducing the Alsta Motoscaphe.

Special Features of the Alsta Motoscaphe

Introducing the Alsta Motoscaphe

As this watch has been precisely engineered for motorcycle riding, it has been given many unique features that make it the perfect riding companion. The watch still retains many of the iconic features that are well-known and loved in Alsta watches. These features give it all of the durability of a diver’s watch with the additional utility of unique motorcycling details. The bidirectional rotating ratchet bezel has been hand tuned by an Italian watchmaker. This ensures that it is easy and enjoyable to use even when wearing riding gloves. The crown of the watch is positioned on the left hand side of the watch. When worn on the left hand, it will not dig in when the wrist is bent to drive a motorbike.

This watch has a unique 12-hour GMT timing scale. This allows for the riders to track elapsed hours, minutes (by multiplying by 5), and a second time zone whilst travelling. This makes the watch the perfect companion for cross-continent road trips. Even with this extra function, the dial of the watch is minimal in design. This ensures that it will be easy to read at a glance whilst on the move. There is no date aperture to maintain this simplicity.

The Dial and Case

Introducing the Alsta Motoscaphe

The black dial of this unique watch exhibits custom designed hour markers. The hour and minute markers are white. The contrast against the dark backdrop ensures that the dial is easy to read. The markers are treated with a blue Superluminova to ensure that the dial can be read in the dark. Every care has been taken to ensure that this watch is the perfect riding companion. The dial is protected by anti-reflective domed sapphire glass. The sapphire glass ensures that the watch is robust and durable. The anti-reflective coating is only used on the interior so that it cannot scratch. It will allow the dial to be read clearly even in bright sunlight. An equation for speed is featured in the place where a water resistance rating would normally. It is featured as a fun nod to the motorcycling background of this timepiece.

A black bezel surrounds the dial. It is bidirectional and exhibits a 12-hour scale in white on the aluminium insert. The dial is framed by a classic stainless steel case. It measures 40mm in diameter and is decorated with a circular brushed pattern. As this watch is such a unique timepiece, the case back has been adorned with Beyond The Dial’s ethos and victory wreath.

The Movement and Finishing Touches

Introducing the Alsta Motoscaphe

The Alsta Motoscaphe is powered by an automatic Seiko NH35 movement. This mechanical movement is powered by the natural movement of the wearer’s wrist, making it a great every day companion. The watch is finished with a black perforated leather strap. The strap is thick to ensure that it is comfortable to wear. It is perforated to give the watch the appearance of traditional motorcycling clothing. The perforation also allows addition airflow to the skin, making it a cool and comfortable strap design.

If you are interested in Alsta watches, click here to browse the brand’s timepieces on our website.

What are your thoughts on our post introducing the Alsta Motoscaphe? Would you consider adding one to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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