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The Festina Chrono Bike 2021 Connected Special Editions

The Festina Chrono Bike 2021 Connected Special Editions

Festina has undoubtedly surprised everyone with the release of its newest hybrid models. Just in time for summer, the Festina Chrono Bike 2021 Connected special editions combine a sporty design with innovative technologies. The brand has given us timepieces that are true to their roots yet not afraid to boldly look into the future.

The new watches are hybrids. For those not familiar with the term, a hybrid watch is a timepiece that looks like a traditional analogue wristwatch, however, still has smart functionalities. The base model used in these special editions is Festina’s beloved Chrono Bike models. The Chrono Bike watches are well known for their sportier timeless aesthetic. They have deservedly found their place amongst the most popular lines by the brand. The Chrono Bike watches have large cases with screw detailing which appears to secure the lugs to the bezel.

Functions on the Chrono Bike Connected Collection

The new hybrid models have retained the base collection’s tone and rugged aesthetic, while subtly including the new smart features. That makes the Chrono Bike Connected Collection a sight to behold. By connecting the watch to your smartphone via the designated app, you can start living your life not overly relying on your phone.

The Festina Chrono Bike 2021 Connected Special Editions

Although the hybrid watches feature an analogue dial, the smart features can be controlled via the pushers on the side of the case. You can use them to remote control your camera in order to take the perfect family photo. The pushers can also be used to control the music or to remember a place you’ve travelled to for later. The “Walk me Home” safety feature can also be activated from the pushers. It allows a trusted contact to track your location to ensure you’re safe. The watches also feature the innovative “If this then That” function which allows you to build and connect actions based on your routines. For example, after you turn off your morning alarm, you can set your phone to start playing music for a start to your morning routine.

Other smart features on the watch include automatic adjustment of the timezone and a find my watch function to go with the find my phone feature. A silent alarm can also be set to wake you up gently. One of the most impressive features of this watch is the filtered notifications. Through the setting on the phone application, you can choose which notifications you want to be alerted of, freeing your day and mind of the unimportant things. This also means you will never again miss something truly important in the flurry of everyday notifications. The watch also comes with a chronometer, a date and a step counter.


The Festina Chrono Bike 2021 Connected special editions are available in four distinctive styles. Overall the watches share many similarities with the Chrono Bike line. The 45.5 mm case and the bracelet on the watches are made of stainless steel. The bezels on all of the models feature large minute scales. Only two subdials are featured on the watch. A sapphire crystal protects the dials and increases the overall durability of the watch. They are also water-resistant up to 100 meters or 10 bars.

Their difference comes from the colour schemes of each watch. The most unique one is the Black and Grey Camo (F20545/1) watch. Its bracelet, bezel and case are plated in black and feature a camouflage pattern in grey and white. The pattern highlights the watch’s incredible stand-out style.

The next model is Black and Rose Gold (F20548/1). Its understated sleek style makes this watch perfect for everyday wear. The bracelet and bezel are plated in black, while the case is plated in rose-gold. The bezel features a brushed finish which compliments the sunray finish of the black dial. Rose-gold luminescent hands and indices tie in the design.

The Blue and Yellow-Gold watch (F20547/1) and the Blue and Rose Gold watch (F20549/1) are similar in almost all aspects. The only difference lays in the colour of the case, hour-markers and indices of the watches.

What do you think of the Festina Chrono Bike 2021 Connected special editions? Let us know in the comments below.

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