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The Longines Spirit Green Watches

The Longines Spirit Green

Longines launched its Spirit collection in 2020. The line pays homage to pioneers in the field of aviation and exploration. With the luxury brand itself being a leader in watchmaking since its foundation in 1832, Longines wants to uplift the stories of those who forged ‘the beaten path’. The Longines Spirit Green watches were introduced in early 2021 and offered another take on a contemporary classic design.

The Longines Spirit Collection


The Longines Spirit collection presents a perfect balance between history and modernity. The watches within the line have the classic high-end silhouette customary for Longines. The design of the watches is subtle with nods to historic timepieces to honour the men and women who wore them and the watches themselves. As the pieces celebrate historical figures like Amelia Earhart who wore a Longines chronograph watch both times she crossed the Atlantic ocean, the watches have distinctive features seen on pilot watches from the past. An oversized crown and a large easily readable dial are only some of the elements incorporated.

Another feature of the models in the Spirit collection is the incredible accuracy of the pieces. Extreme precision was needed during expeditions to ensure the safe return of the pilots. Spirit models are COSC certified. An exclusive movement with an included silicon hairspring powers the watches.

The Longines Spirit Green Watches

The Longines Spirit Green watches

The new Spirit Green watches come in two variations, with a bracelet and with a leather strap. Each variation also comes in two sizes, a 40 mm case and a 42 mm case. All of the newly released models share one stand-out feature, a green dial. As with previous Spirit models, the Longines Spirit Green watches have an oversized crown. The crown is embossed with the Longines logo. All models are COSC certified and have an automatic movement with a 72-hour power reserve. The models feature hours, minutes, seconds and a date aperture placed at the 3 o’clock position.

The model secured with a light brown leather strap is more suitable for those who are after a timepiece with a more vintage appeal. The white topstitching on the strap highlights the timepiece’s design. The case of the watch is made of high-quality stainless steel. Encasing it is an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Luminescent hands and Arabic numeral hour-markers ensure maximum readability. Click here for the 40 mm version (L38104032) and here for the 42 mm version (L38114032).

The version with the stainless steel bracelet is ideal for those after a more classic versatile option. Perfect for both everyday wear and formal occasions the Longines Spirit is durable and reliable. Its case is stainless steel and features a scratch-resistant anti-reflective crystal. The hands and hour-markers contrasting the dial are luminescent. For the 40 mm version (L38104036) follow the link here and for the 42 mm version (L38114036) – here.

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