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Introducing the Polar Ignite 2

Introducing the Polar Ignite 2

You should never be too busy to take care of your mental and physical well-being. For a lot of us, however, taking care of ourselves and thinking about our health every day isn’t a habit. Unfortunately, a lot of the time health takes a backseat and we focus on the mundane stresses of everyday life and we only start paying attention to our bodies once it’s already too late. With its newest model, the Polar Ignite 2, the brand is aiming to help us bring balance back to our lifestyles and re-centre our lives around self-care.

polar lifestyle

The new Polar watch is designed to help you express yourself and walk through the world with confidence. Its functions are centred around keeping you motivated and on track with your daily and monthly health goals. The perfect lifestyle companion, the Ignite 2 smartwatch will be there for you as you’re trying to build healthier routines.

The long battery life of the model, up to 5 days in watch mode, guarantees you’ll always be able to rely on it. The timepiece features integrated GPS as well as a daily weather forecast. Smart notifications allow you to stay connected with your friends and family on the go, while the Serene breathing programme helps you learn to manage your stress and disconnect for a few minutes every day.

The watch is equipped with over 130 different sports profiles to help you on your fitness journey. It also comes with a running programme, swimming metrics and Polar’s FitSpark feature. When it comes to health, the Ignite 2 shows you data on how your body utilises energy as well as information on your sleep and how well you recover during the night. Another useful feature added to the watch is the weekly summary which gives you information on your training stats and history.

The watch is available in several different designs. This variety of styles ensures anyone can find an Ignite 2 that is perfect for them and their everyday life.

Introducing the Polar Ignite 2

Polar Ignite 2 | Pink & Rose | Activity and HR Tracker | Pink Fabric Strap | S/M 90085186

The watch case of this model measures 43 mm in diameter. The pink case is made of glass fibre-reinforced polymer. Surrounding the digital display is a textured rose-gold bezel. Securing the watch is a recycled PET yarn strap.

gold and champaign watch

Polar Ignite 2 | Gold & Champagne | Activity and HR Tracker | Champagne Silicone | S/L 90085185

For those looking for a more muted, yet modern look, this gold and champaign model is perfect. The 43 mm case is a champaign colour that matches that of the silicone strap. Adding depth to the design is the yellow gold bezel.

Introducing the Polar Ignite 2

Polar Ignite 2 | Black Pearl | Activity and HR Tracker | Black Silicone Strap | S/L 90085182

The monochrome colour palette of this watch highlights its sleek design. The black case and silicone strap beautifully complement the black stainless steel bezel.

What do you think of the Polar Ignite 2? Let us know in the comments.

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