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All New Thomas Sabo Watches and Jewellery

All New Thomas Sabo Watches and Jewellery

Thomas Sabo is a German watch and jewellery brand founded in 1984. The brand is well known for its unique fashionable designs and colourful palettes. Thomas Sabo creates designs for both men and women in both their jewellery and watches. A lot of their designs are heavily inspired by nature and feature many boho-chic motifs. With so many vibrant and vivid designs it’s understandable if you don’t know where to start looking. Below we have compiled a list of our favourite all-new Thomas Sabo watches and jewellery to help guide you in finding the perfect Thomas Sabo piece.

Thomas Sabo Watches

Thomas Sabo Rebel At Heart | Men’s Gold Tone Bracelet | Black Dial

All New Thomas Sabo Watches and Jewellery

The Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart watch is more subdued and understated than the brand’s usual work. Inspired by vintage chronograph designs, this timepiece is functional yet fashionable. Its retro silhouette is contrasted by a timeless polished finish, making the watch a perfect fit in any everyday wardrobe. The beads-of-rice bracelet and the 40 mm case are made of stainless steel with a yellow gold-coloured plating. The black dial features gold-coloured elements in order to tie the design together. The gold minute scale is contrasted subtly by silver-coloured hands and hour-markers. Amongst the functions of the watch is a chronograph, a date aperture and a tachymetric scale, placed at the outer edge of the dial. The movement of this timepiece is quartz. The design also comes in stainless steel.

Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul | Women’s Steel Mesh Bracelet | Gemstone Dragonfly Dial

turquoise dial

This timepiece is part of the brand’s Glam & Soul collection. The dial and bracelet feature intricate designs which have been elevated through the use of colourful crystals as accents. The design of this particular model is inspired by kaleidoscopes and all the amazing colours and patterns one can see when using them. The turquoise dial features an underlying almost indetectable pattern in white. Parts of the pattern have been coloured a slightly darker shade of turquoise in order to add depth to the overall design of the piece. Orange, green, blue and red crystals cut in various shapes are set into the dial in order to achieve the desired kaleidoscopic effect. At the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions are applied dragonfly motifs. The case and Milanese mesh bracelet are made of stainless steel. The bezel of the watch is embossed with the Thomas Sabo name. A more boho-chic tone is added to the watch through the special embossed design on the bracelet.

The timepiece is also available with gold-coloured plating and a forest green dial. The change in colour of this design subtly shifts the watch’s design, invoking the image of a warm tropical paradise.

Thomas Sabo Jewellery

Thomas Sabo Little Secrets | Pink Nylon Cloverleaf Bracelet

little secrets clover

Thomas Sabo has released several new additions to their Little Secrets collection. The line consists of delicate feminine bracelets with simple charms with a lot of meaning behind each design. This Little Secrets bracelet has a cloverleaf charm to represent luck and good fortune. The adjustable bracelet itself is made out of hand knotted pink cord.

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Bracelet | White Flowers & Butterfly Charms

All New Thomas Sabo Watches and Jewellery

Drawing a large part of their inspiration from nature, the design of this Thomas Sabo bracelet is light and whimsical. The rolo-style chain on which the charms are hung is made of 925 sterling silver. Charms are a big part of the brand’s identity as it means each piece can be customized to match the individual and create a cohesive personal aesthetic. The pendants chosen for this bracelet are a butterfly to represent hope, a flower for beauty and a dragonfly for positive change. Each charm is set with white cubic zirconia stones.

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Vintage Necklace | Shimmering Pink Opal Effect

vintage imitation pink opal

This delicate necklace is vintage-inspired. Though the combination of its charms creates a more modern silhouette, the individual pieces have a distinctly retro tone. Imitation rose opals are hanging on either end of the necklace followed by a cubic zirconia crystal for added glamour. In the centre, a larger imitation opal is hung, set in the middle of a zirconia cluster. The way the central opal is set with crystals surrounding it gives the appearance of a small delicate sun.

Thomas Sabo Gold Plated Vintage White Stones Ring | Size 54 (UK N)

All New Thomas Sabo Watches and Jewellery

Also inspired by vintage designs from the turn of the 20th century. The brand of the ring is made of sterling silver and has been plated in yellow gold. Though the cut of the zirconia crystals is vintage-inspired, they are set with a distance between them which adds more contemporary appeal to the design. This ring can be worn on its own for a more glamourous formal look or worn as the centrepiece in a stack.

What do you think of the all-new Thomas Sabo watches and jewellery? Let us know in the comments below.

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