U-Boat’s New Colourful Watches

U-Boat's New Darkmoon Collection

Are you feeling blue? Maybe you’re green with envy or you’re turning red with rage? We don’t tend to consider the root of many of the common phrases we use in day to day life. We as a society have almost instinctually learned that colours hold different meanings. Colour psychology suggests that colours have a deeper effect on the human psyche than we would like to admit. Years of research have shown that people tend to not only associate different colours with their mood but that specific colours influence our mental state. U-Boat has taken this concept and applied it to their newest models. U-Boat’s new colourful watches have been inspired by the idea that colours can not only signify but affect our daily moods.

U-Boat's New Colourful Watches

There are 15 models in total, 13 with a case diameter of 44 mm and 2 with a diameter of 38 mm. The models feature the innovative “oil immersion technique”. The dial and the movement are both fully submerged in oil. First implemented in the Capsoil range, the oil creates the illusion of a missing glass and increases the legibility of the timepiece as it puts emphasis on the dial. Each watch also features an air bubble on the dial. The bubble helps with compensating for the temperature variations the watch may experience.

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The watches come in 5 distinct colours allowing you to choose based on your mood or your favourite colour. The dial comes in green, red, black, blue or brown. The dials feature either a sunray finish or a radial satin finish. The finishes paired with the domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and the oil accentuate the optical illusion characteristic of the Darkmoon collection. Truly a line to fit any taste, U-Boat’s new colourful watches come with a stainless steel case with either IPB treatment or an IP bronze case. An innovative locking ring system with quick battery replacement has been developed by Italo Fontana and included on the watches.

Allowing for even more versatility, almost all Darkmoon models feature a black vulcanized rubber strap, embossed with the brand logo. The model with an IP Bronze case secures with a hand-finished and laser-cut leather strap. The two 38 mm timepieces close with a mesh bracelet.

The movement of the timepiece is a Swiss Ronda quartz movement. The watches are water-resistant up to 5 bars or 50 meters.

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