The Elliot Brown and Land Rover Collaboration

Elliot Brown and Land Rover Collaboration

Elliot Brown and Land Rover both have a reputation for creating extremely resilient and reliable products, so a collaboration between the two brands seems natural. The product of the collaboration is the Holton Professional Watch. The watch takes its name from Holton Heath in Dorset, paying homage to Elliot Brown’s Dorset roots. The watch is precisely engineered to be fit-for-purpose and perfect for daily duty.

The Brands

Elliot Brown is known for building incredibly tough watches that are able to withstand very tough conditions. The brand’s goal since its founding in 2013 has been to produce the most affordable, wearable and tough watches on the market. Their watches are used and trusted by organisations like Mountain Rescue and units of the UK Armed Forces. Members of these organisations require the most precise and enduring timepieces in order to successfully complete their jobs, so an endorsement from them guarantees the robustness of Elliot Brown’s products.

Much like Elliot Brown’s watches, Land Rover’s cars thrive in the most extreme outdoor conditions. Land Rover has been building their iconic vehicles since 1948 and have plenty of experience in designing a product that is robust and capable. The Holton Professional Watch has similar qualities to the New Defender, with its carefully considered design cues, reductionist approach and breadth of capability. The watch embodies everything it means to be a product of Elliot Brown and Land Rover.

The Holton Professional Watch

The Holton Professional watch has a sleek and simple black, red, and white colour scheme. The black dial features both the Elliot Brown and Land Rover logo to emphasise the seamless collaborative work that occurred to create the watch. The use of both logos allows the wearer to proudly display a piece of both brand’s history on their wrist. The indices of the watch are luminous to ensure perfect readability, even in the dark. The minute and second-hand feature red detailing to ensure that it is simple to keep track of shorter time periods.

Elliot Brown and Land Rover Collaboration

To embody the robustness of both brands, the case of the watch is made of marine-grade 316L stainless steel and measures 43mm. The larger size makes the dial clear and easy to read. For extra sturdiness, the dial is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The Holton Professional is tough and shock-resistant, able to survive the impact of a 3kg stainless steel mallet. The watch is triple-sealed for water protection and has been tested in water to 200m (20 bar). The watch has been pushed to the limits throughout testing to ensure that it will be able to withstand harsh and vigorous wear.

The watch features the additional utility of a unidirectional rotating bezel. The bezel can be used for timing, making the watch even more valuable on outdoor adventures. The bezel is hardened to make it equally as resilient as the other exterior components of the watch. It is easy to grip, ensuring that it is usable even with a gloved hand. Every effort has been made by Elliot Brown and Land Rover to make the Holton Professional Watch an optimal adventure timepiece.

In order to make the watch especially versatile, it includes two straps. One strap is made of EPDM rubber which is hypoallergenic and resistant to seawater, UV rays, and cold temperatures. This is the ideal watch strap for extreme adventures where resilience and robustness are the top priority. The watch also comes with a webbing strap which is extremely lightweight. This strap is infinitely adjustable and will not fray.

Elliot Brown and Land Rover have encapsulated both of their brand’s values in the Holton Professional Watch. They have made every effort to ensure it is robust, reliable, and resilient. This would be the perfect addition to the collection of any outdoor adventurer or Land Rover enthusiast.

What do you think of the new Elliot Brown and Land Rover Collaboration? Will you be adding the Holton Professional Watch to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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